01 Dec

Kinky Desires – How to Break the Ice

Once upon a time, my kinky desires were ne’er spoken, just a distant day dream.  Trapped in my own mind, afraid to seek the light of day.  In fact, I didn’t even really know what my kinky desires were – I knew they were there, and I knew I needed to tell M about it.

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29 Nov

System JO Gelato Flavoured Water Based Lube


My love of Pizza is well known, but perhaps what is not quite so well publicised is my adoration of another Italian delicacy – gelato.  So when System JO released a gelato inspired range of lubes, I just had to have some, and fortunately, they said yes to sending me some in exchange for review.
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17 Nov

EZ2Fuck Silicone Lubricant from MEO


First there was Fuckslut, then there was Mancunt, and now I present to you EZ2Fuck.  The chaps over at MEO certainly have a knack when it comes to developing names for lubricants.


The nature of the names isn’t the only consistent factor as regards MEO lubes – they all also come in a rather smart black bottle, and yep, EZ2Fuck is no exception.  One thing that is also for sure is that, thanks to MEO, I’m sorted for lube for a good while yet. Read More

13 Nov

Testicular Cancer Information & Advice


Testicular Cancer – why’s it matter?

Did you know…?  If you’re a chap aged 25-49, then of all the cancers, you are most likely to get testicular cancer.  2,300 Men were diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2013 – that’s more than 6 every single day.  Around half of all diagnoses are for gentleman under 35, and have doubled in the last 50 years.  Suddenly it all seems more real, right?

The Movember foundation want to raise the profile of Men’s Health, and help you realise that testicular cancer is a highly treatable disease that doesn’t have to end in sadness.

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09 Nov

Prostate Cancer Information & Advice

You may have caught my recent posts on Mental Health & Suicide as part of the 2016 Movember campaign.  Well, now it’s the turn of that word that no-one wants to hear – cancer, specifically prostate cancer.

An illness that attacks without prejudice; regardless of age, sex, race or creed, most of us will know someone in every demograph that has suffered from its seemingly endless reach.


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08 Nov

Gaia Eco vibrator from Blush Novelties


The Blush Gaia Eco vibrator is like nothing I’ve seen before, but at the same time all too familiar.  This is awesome, since, as regular readers will know, I love a juxtaposition.


What’s new is that Blush claim the Gaia Eco to be the worlds first biodegradable vibrator.  Now, I dunno about you, but there’s something innately weird about a biodegradable sextoy.  You can almost imagine stories of it turning into compost mid-use.  Blush further claim that the material the Gaia Eco is made from is non-porous.  Whuuuut?  Read More

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