13 Oct

Anal Stretcher – Aluminium Alloy from MEO


I recently received a package from MEO for testing & reviewing for your reading pleasure.  The box was really heavy, which is proper exciting, it had my mind racing as to what delights might be inside.  Cracking it open, I was perhaps a little surprised to find a piece of black metal gleaming at me in the dimly lit hallway.  Taking it out of the box I was confronted by the MEO Anal Stretcher.


Regular readers of subsmissives will know that I am no stranger to the odd bit of anal play, and whilst I knew such things existed, I’d never Read More

09 Oct

Orgasm Control with Electrastim


Dearest reader, I want to introduce you to one of Mistress’ best friends.

It’s a sextoy like no other, but one which has featured in several places on the blog already.  Mistress likes it so much since it has an effect on me like nothing else.  It produces reactions that I just have no control over, and the sadistic streak in her likes the fact that she, ultimately, has caused that reaction.

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03 Oct

Orgasm and Orgasm and Orgasm

Multiple orgasms are for some the holy grail of sexual activity.  Over the years, I feel like I’ve become almost expert in helping Mistress to achieve minutes of orgasm at a time.  Of course, the genius isn’t all my own, because without a Doxy or the Tango, or the Satisfyer, I’d be pretty useless.


Useless is a fact that Mistress likes to rub in my face often.  She knows that once I’ve had an orgasm, I’m pretty much good for nothing.  This is where tease and denial and edge play come in, and for some extra kinky shenanigans, ruined orgasm.


But, is all that about to change?

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29 Sep

House of Eros Medium Weight Flogger

HOE Medium Flogger (3)

I can be a little obsessive, I don’t know about yourself, but no matter how hard I try, some things I just get fixated on. My phone for example, although owing to a freak accident my current phone is a crock of steaming poop, it goes everywhere with me.  In an effort to be cool over the existence of my blog, I have not synced anything subsmissives related with my phone.  The House of Eros Medium Weight Flogger however, is the result of an email that is making me reconsider that.


You see, I was on a short break, as seems to the fashion in the month of August, despite the frankly daylight  Read More

26 Sep

ManCunt Hybrid Lube from MEO

I find myself in the awkward position of needing to type a word I wouldn’t usually use, but here goes. This is my review of the MEO ManCunt Hybrid lube.  There, I said it, and the world’s still turning so it’s not all bad.


I’m in two places simultaneously with this lube – which means I like it, what with my love of the word juxtaposition.  The first Read More

23 Sep

OVO J2 Rabbit Vibrator

J2 Ovo Lifestyle toys (6)

The J2 Rabbit Vibrator from OVO Lifestyle Toys is one of those new style rabbits that seem to becoming ever more popular.  I remember back in days of yore, when a rabbit was this noisy contraption that sounded like a cement mixer with the shakes.  The new phase of rabbits includes vibrators with clit arms, and that is what this, the J2 from OVO is.


So, what to expect?  Well, there’s no rotation from the rabbits of old, and there’s no fancy clit ears.  What you get is a sleek and rather Read More

21 Sep

An exciting development – An introduction to a submissive

Exciting News

Dearest reader, I have some super exciting news to share with you. It turns out I have at least one person who likes my writing.

The story goes like this; a little while ago I happened upon a really quite unique UK-based sexuality themed venture, and the wonderful red-haired woman running it. We had a few twitter exchanges, a few DMs and a few emails…

I am of course referring to Ruby, and her KnickerRockerGlory (KRG) website.


It’s great, because although I love the writing, and being creative and all that jazz, getting some positive feedback is so empowering!  Careful – sub with power, topping from the bottom alert!  I try to give the air of not caring, but y’know, I do take the occasional look at my stats.

What is super-awesomely-mega exciting is that she has asked me to write an article or two for her website, and I only went and said “ohhh go on then!”.  Deep breath, cos here goes…

An Introduction to a submissive


Quite possibly the most difficult thing in the entire world is writing about oneself, at least it is for me.  You see, when you’re talking, it’s dead easy to be whatever you want to be. You have tone, body language, facial expression click here to continue reading on KRG


Knicker RockerGlory (3)


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