Male, opinionated, father, submissive.  There are many words that I might use to describe myself, and probably more still that others would use to describe me.  Writing an about me section for subsmissives is wayyy out of my comfort zone.  The trouble here is that how I feel now and how I’d describe myself will be completely different to 5 minutes from now, let alone at some undefined point in the future when you are reading this.



Having reached my late middle 30s, I’ve had plenty of life to find out what I do and don’t love.   There’s not a lot on the love list, but let me share them with you.

I love writing, I also love numbers, which I think makes me a bit of an oddball, but that juxtaposition reveals more about me than any list of adjectives.

I love language; and consequently grammar and spelling are relatively important to me, but then so is the ability to express oneself.  The English language has an amazing flexibility which I love experimenting with, swapping out suffixes and prefixes, creating plays on words but here I go waffling again.

I love modesty and honesty, but put a pizza or an ice cream in front of me, and modesty goes flying out the window as I will honestly eat the lot.

Music plays a big part in my life, always has, and hopefully will continue to forever more.


My life has somehow led me to be the husband of the most wonderful woman, who throughout this blog will mostly be referred to as Mistress or M.  My main love is my family and, specifically Her happiness.

Our relationship is pretty typical; we work, we do family stuff, we’re concerned over whether the kids are eating OK, we worry about money.

It’s true to say that She is my reason for being, and I seek to repay this Somehow this led to sex toys, and ultimately to this blog, via writing many, many reviews for Lovehoney as part of their sex toy tester scheme.

I am forging out a niche as sum sub, a lovely multifaceted play on words, known for being grumpy, so welcome to my blog, also a play on words, subsmissives.

Herein you will find Experiences – first person write ups of scenarios and snippets of sexy stories that M and I have played out.  You will find sex toy reviews; in the pursuit of the ultimate orgasm for M, I share with you the good and the bad.  You will also find bondage advice, shared from own personal experience.

If you can help me on my quest to find the ultimate O for M, please get in touch, if you have some bondage kit you need feedback on, we can help you there too.  Or, if you just wanna show your love for subsmissives, please feel free to do so using the contact form or comments section.

Want to find out more about M…?

Thanks for visiting subsmissives, I hope you enjoy your stay


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One thought on “About

  1. I enjoyed reading this. It’s an engaging and informative surface introduction to Who You Are, and I found myself nodding along to many of the things you stated.

    People who have equal aptitude in spatial and linguistic intelligences tend to be musical and ambidextrous. (I am one of those people myself.) So the bit about math, language, and music all made me go *nodnodnod*.

    I look forward to exploring more. 🙂

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