Meet M

Enigmatic, inventive, loving and kind.  There are so many reasons that M has taken my heart that I cannot possibly list them all here.


The relationship M and I have spans pretty much the entire 21st Century, and in that time we both have changed a huge amount.  We met over a packet of wine gums, we married over a bridge, and we live over the way.  In our daily relationship we are very much equals, taking joint responsibility for everything from slicing pizza to putting the dishwasher on.  Life has been both cruel and kind to us, consequently we feel as if our relationship is the strongest you will find.


M is not a naturally dominant person, but she is extremely resourceful, imaginative and inventive, and it is these parts she accesses to make the journey from M to Mistress.


Mistress is playful, teasing and has a wicked smile.