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how to use a douche

Ever wondered how to use a douche?  Never fear, subsmissives is here to try an answer those questions you may have.

What is it?

Anal or rectal douching is a way to clean your butt.  It basically involves squirting some water into your rectum to wash out any lingering poop.  Your body then discards that water in the usual butt method.


Why do it?

The health benefits of douching are extremely limited, and that’s something you need to be aware of.  The only possible benefit is that it may help to soften things up there.  The main reason I’m interested in it, and think that you may be too, is that it will reduce the incidence of unwanted poo in kink and sex activities.  A nice clean bum just helps with the relaxation ahead of such things for me.


What do I need?

The joyous answer here is that you need surprisingly little, and what you do need is proper inexpensive.  It’s likely you’ve already got lube, so all you need is a douche.  Happy days.  The question then becomes which douche?  If you look too much into this, you’re going to start seeing a variety of kit designed for those with a more hardcore interest.  I’m going to keep this simple, and suggest you purchase a bulb douche. I have these ones, which you can buy through these affiliate links.

Lovehoney Basics Douche

Lovehoney Douche


How do I use it?

How to use a douche – it’s the title of the article so here’s the lengthy bit.

Your bulb douche will consist of 2 primary parts – a bulb and a nozzle.  The bulb will most likely be a rubber material, and the nozzle a firm plastic of some type.  The general principle is that you fill the bulb with water, attach the nozzle, lube up insert and squirt, and then expel into the loo.


I’m just going to cover that in a little more detail though!


First things first – filling the bulb.

You’re going to need some water.  Now, for infrequent use, tap water (if safe where you live) is going to be fine, you’re going to want it to be lukewarm and free of any soap or any cosmetic product of any variety at all.  The inside of your butt is pretty delicate, and the skin isn’t used to the abrasions of every day, so be kind and use plain lukewarm water.  If you want to get slightly more anal about douching, then you could use a saline solution, and probably should if this is something you’re planning on doing with high frequency.

Make sure you fill the bulb up to the brim – air is not something you want excess of in your butt – it produces enough of it’s own!


So once you’ve filled your bulb up, you need to attach your nozzle. That’s pretty simple, just make sure it’s clean – soap and warm water is good but be sure to rinse the soap off after!  If you’ve not filled it to the brim, then prior to inserting the nozzle, you’ll need to prime it by partially squeezing the bulb to expel the air, and keep it primed during the insertion process – which is a whole lot of hassle, so fill it to the brim!


Then you’ll want some lube, this stuff is good.  Apply it to the nozzle and also your butt.  I guess it’s time to insert now.


Here’s what you need to know.  The nozzle on these douches is usually made from a firm plastic with no bend, so go slowly and use plenty of lube.  The entranceway to your butt involves penetrating 2 rings of muscle.   The outer muscle is one you can try and relax yourself, but the inner muscle will only relax when pressed against.  Now, it may be that you want to use a finger ahead of the nozzle to find the inner muscle, maybe apply lube directly to it, and maybe help it open up by pushing against it with that finger.

Personally, I find that gentle persistent pushing with the nozzle is enough for the inner muscle to relax.


Ok, we’re nearly there on how to use a douche.  One this nozzle is inserted, you simple squeeze the lukewarm water out.  It’s kinda liberating, I really like the sensation.  What next?  Do you jump around to get the water sloshing about?  Well I suppose you could if you wanted to, but actually no need – you just sit on the loo and expel the water.  Most of it will come out straight away, but it’s probably best to not go out for a short while afterwards as you may get the need to expel some more.


Pretty simple right?  I always do this twice, it just helps me feel more clean, but I think the second bulb full is more my desire than any requirement for effectiveness – so yeah once should be enough.


What else do I need to know?

I couldn’t possibly publish this article without letting you know there are some risks here.  The risk is all about health – your butt is a delicate haven, and your body benefits from millennia of evolution developing a balance of electrolytes and bacteria that keep your butt in tip top condition.  So, douching will wash some of that away, which is bad.  Your body is also awesome in replenishing those super quick, which is good.  But the advice here really has to be to douche sparingly.  My own frequency is I would describe at most once a month, and I suffer no ill health from it, but everyone is different, and you’ll need to find a way that works for you, but be kind do those butt electrolytes.


What next?

Now you know how to use a douche – go forth and enjoy your anal play, and if you’ve shopped from any of my affiliate links in this article, I thank you most profusely.



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