28 Mar

buttplug challenge #1

Several months ago I bought a Diogol Anni from Pabo.com – they had a good deal on Groupon, and it gave me a way of acquiring a metal butt plug at very little cost

Diogol Anni

I’m not sure why I spent so long swooning over owning a jewelled plug, part of it I think is the humiliation of being a male wearing a jewelled plug, and I think the other part is the weight, and the challenge that represents.

The plug arrives in a minimalist small white plastic box, featuring a clear lid so you can view it in all its beauty.

This plug is tiny, I think it is possibly the smallest butt plug I own, but boy is it fun!

Mistress set me to cleaning the bathroom with this in my bum, the rules were the bathroom had to be spotlessly clean and under no circumstance was the plug to leave my body without her permission.  She made me take off all my clothes so that she could oversee me whilst I applied lube and then inserted the plug into my bumhole, before striking my behind whilst issuing the instruction to “get on with it then“.  I had to remain naked so she could fully enjoy seeing me clean the bathroom as she sat on the closed toilet seat to read a book.

One of the things I love the most about metal in my bum is the feeling as it goes in, the coldness on the muscle as it slides in is just divine, and then feeling the coldness inside just heightens the sensation further.  Now this plug is so small, that once it is in you can’t actually feel the coldness against anything much unless you’re bending over, but that said, the shaft is very cold between your bum cheeks.

Mistress directed me to the shower, and I began cleaning the ceiling and walls, as I stretched up, I could feel the plug pressing down on my bumhole, trying to befriend gravity.  I clenched my bum cheeks to stop it from doing so, and felt the plug move as the coldness of the plug rubbed against my cheeks.  Mistress demanded to know why the plug had moved in my bottom without her express consent.   I stopped cleaning the shower and kneeled at her feet, such are the rules when talking to her, and explained that I was nervous the plug would fall out and I didn’t want to accrue marks in my punishment book.

She tutted and told me I had 3 marks – one for the plug moving, one for stopping cleaning without permission and a third for talking without permission.  I was directed back to the shower as she left the room.

Whilst Mistress was out of the room I resolved to keep my buttocks clenched so that the plug would neither move nor fall out.  She soon returned with her crop, which she lay on the edge of the bath as she sat back down and took up her book.  I continued hurriedly cleaning the shower, finding it continually more difficult to maintain my clenched buttocks.  I figured if I let them unclench slowly she probably wouldn’t notice.  This is what I did, slowly, or at least I think it was slowly, I let my muscles relax, I felt more comfortable doing this as I had nearly finished the shower.  It seemed to work as Mistress said nothing, and I was allowed to move onto clean the bath.

I had to reach past Mistress to grab the cream cleaner, and as I did, she grabbed my ear and pulled it towards her luscious lips, “Don’t think I don’t know what you were doing in there with your bumcheeks, five more marks” she spat into my ear, and pushed me away towards the bath.

I leaned over the bath, turned on the taps and squirted the cream cleaner round the sides, just as I was rising to reach for the cloth I felt a sting as the crop hit my cheeks, just catching the plug.  This caused me to flinch and I felt the plug move in my butt, I clenched my muscles, but it was too late, all this clench did was speed up the ejection as the plug fell to the floor with a heavy clunk.   I couldn’t help but let an expletive escape from my mouth, and even before it left I felt the crop hit me again.  I knew I would keep being hit until I had pushed the plug back into my arse.  I felt the crop hit my back as I turned round to grab the plug, and then it strike me on the arm as I closed my fingers round the plug.  I quickly had the tip of the plug against my bumhole as the crop hit my hand this time, nearly causing me to drop the plug.  I was able to cling on to it and fumble inside me before any more stings from the crop were delivered.  “Three more” scolded Mistress, and again pushed me towards the bath.

I found the cloth and started scrubbing the bath, with each movement I could feel the plug trying to wriggle it’s way to freedom, and it felt as if it was going to be much more difficult to keep it in.  I presume this was because of my position, bottom up, leaning over the bath, a position Mistress clearly enjoyed as she told me I looked pretty with the sparkly plug in my bottom.   The plug fell out twice more whilst I was cleaning the bath, and each time I found myself cowering from the stings of the crop whilst I fumbled around to get the plug back in place, each time Mistress awarding one more mark than the previous time.

I next moved on to cleaning the toilet, which meant asking Mistress to move, as this is where she was sat, reading and observing.  I moved to the position at her feet, clenching my bumcheeks to retain the plug, and waited for her to acknowledge me.  After a few minutes she closed her book and placed it on my head, “Speak”.  I asked her if I could clean the toilet, and would she mind moving so that I could do so.

Disgruntled does not even get close, this request really displeased Mistress, who slapped my face, dislodging the book, stood up and marched out of the room, slamming the door behind her.  I quickly finished cleaning the toilet, the hand basin and scrubbed the floor, noting that the bloody plug was quite happy to stay exactly where it was  during my period of not being observed, falling out just once more as I stood up on completion of the floor, making a loud thump as it hit the floor.  I picked it up and placed it back in my bottom.

I now had the quandary as whether to wait for Mistress or to go find her.

I decided to wait, I knelt on the bathroom floor to wait for her to return.  A minute or two passed, which must have made it ten since she stormed out.


I waited for what I think must have been five minutes, and then decided to venture out into the hallway outside the bathroom.  All the doors were shut, but I could hear a noise coming from Mistress’ room.

It was a noise I thought I recognised, one that piqued my interest further, one that I new meant only one thing.  The deep throbbing noise accompanied by panting breaths became even more obvious as I approached her bedroom door.   I now had another choice to make, do I open the door and see, or do I wait (and listen).

I so wanted to see Mistress’ naked body enjoy the vibrations of the magic wand, I could hear her panting and wanted to see her curvacious form enjoying the rhythms of ecstasy.

But I knew I was already in trouble, having accrued 17 marks for the punishment book already, without whatever the punishment would be for making her storm out, and without my efforts in the bathroom being graded, so I knelt on the floor and waited for her.  In retrospect, this was very silly since she didn’t know I was there, I should have returned to the bathroom to wait.

Enough time passed for me to become both uncomfortable kneeling on the carpet, and for the plug to become cumbersome, and also for me to be aware that Mistress had had several climaxes.  Eventually I became so stiff I decided to lie down.


The crop hit my back, it appears I may have fallen asleep and snorted which alerted Mistress to my presence, she grabbed my arm and I struggled to stand up, as she pushed me into the bedroom, where the punishment book lay open, “MARK IT” she said.  I drew 17 marks and paused, looked sheepishly at Mistress. “AND THE REST”.

I drew 10 more.  “KEEP GOING”, I drew five more, “UNTIL I SAY STOP”.

I drew mark after mark, waiting to hear the word, but it didn’t come.  I made around 50 further marks, when she swatted the pen from my hand, grabbed my arm and led me to the corner, where I stood for some time…


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