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Estim Clamps – ElectraStim Uni-Polar ElectraClamps

It’s an interesting development that what started as one of my kinks has swiftly become one of Mistress’.  This suits me just fine since it means it happens all the more often.  I am of course referring to a spot of cock and ball play.


It all started with the fact I like a tight grip during masturbation.  I don’t just mean tight like you’d hold on to the last piece of pizza, but the knuckle whitening death grip of a first time roller coaster rider.  This naturally led to experimenting with different sensations including electrastim.


Mistress loves it because she’s the kind of person who likes detail; she’s good at the small things – at least that’s the comparison she’s made.  She does like to have me in a predicament and spend time playing with my cock and ball area.  Sometimes this might be teasing me until I’m hard and dripping precum before just walking away, other times it might be seeing what reaction various things illicit from me.


It is this latter that she (and I) so love Electrastim for.


One of the pieces of kit we have is the Estim clamps.


The Estim Clamps are large metal devices, well made and stiff to operate, they ooze class and reliability.  The wires to the control unit fix in to the arm of each clamp, which operate just like a peg.  Each clamp has a screw which can be used to adjust the pressure from the clamp.  This is great since it not only opens the clamp up to beginners and experts alike but makes it much tolerable for certain sensitive parts should you need that.  I really like the styling of these clamps too; they are both contemporary and retro at the same time.


Here comes the science bit.  In order for estim to work, you need a circuit. This means you’ll need to use either both clamps, or one of the clamps and a pad, or a cock ring – it’s great for experimenting! You can even have either end of the circuit on different people do the circuit doesn’t complete until they touch! There’s a lot of potential here.


Mistress especially likes clamping these onto my ball sack; she says this is the positioning of maximum effect.


A couple of weeks ago now, I returned from putting the children to bed, to find the Electrastim Flick control unit on charge; a well-known tactic that Mistress uses to pique my interest and get the grey matter whirring.  There were no other pieces of kit out so my imagination did indeed kick in.  Perhaps she’d bought the electro spanking paddle we so often talk about getting, or maybe the magic pinwheel, and I’m in for a spot of electrified tickling.

She invited me to the bedroom, I followed, walking on a soft cloud of anticipation.  She lay on the bed and beckoned me to follow suit.  I did.  She leaned in for a smooch, but instead tugged hard at my trousers, indicating to pull them off, I did.  The same with my underwear.


She cupped my balls in her hands, squeezing hard she whispered “these feel… large”

I gasped at her firm grip, and nodded, “no emptying without your permission, Mistress”

She tugged downwards on them; “what shall we do with these tonight?”

“Uhhh” I managed, my throat becoming tickly dry.  I coughed to try to moisten my airways, this only served to yank on my balls and a jolt of something arched across my back.  It was only fleeting, but nonetheless I recognised it as the sensation of her digging her nails into my sack.


“hmmmmm” she muttered, as learned over towards the drawer and produced the Estim Clamps.  “Hold this out of the way” She gestured towards my semi erect cock.  I did.  She attached one clamp to my ballsack near my perineum and the other at the base of my cock.


I could feel my heartbeat fasten, realised I was holding my breath, so let it out, and began short shallow breathing; there really is nothing like the anticipation this thing produces.


The thing is you see, the Elctrastim Flick is like a little box of kinky genius.  It is incredibly soothing and sexy tingling but has a real bite when you want to take things from sexy to sadist.


Mistress turned on the control unit, and I felt a low level tingle in my balls.  It’s nice at this stage, around 1/8th of full power, the tingles are not dissimilar to a vibrator, only they’re deeper, and unrelenting.  Whilst with a vibrator you can instantly change the firmness with which you are pressing, no such relief with the Estim; this becomes even more noticeable as you ramp up the power.


Mistress sat next to me, Flick in one hand, her other pressing on my lower abdomen.  The tingling in my balls was beginning to take effect on my cock which was getting harder and more swollen with every passing second.  I let out a gasp as she increased the power.  It’s subtle at first, but then it suddenly hits you that actually these sensations, they’re becoming ever more intense.


By around a quarter power I am fully erect and throbbing.

“I want you to slowly stroke that” Mistress flicks my cock with the hand holding the control unit; a flick which sends a spike in power to the clamps, and which causes me to notably flinch.  This what she loves, with my flinch she giggles.


I place my right hand around my cock and as instructed slowly stroke it, there’s no need for lube, I’m adequately self-lubricated.  The intense throbbing in my balls becomes ever more intense as She again turns up the power, causing my again to gasp, flinch and momentarily stop stroking.  She flicks her wrist and another spike in power causes me not to flinch but to jolt.  “bitch” I can’t help myself.


“WHAT?!” I can hear the disbelief in her voice. She pushes me over on to my side, leaps off the bed, chucking the Flick on the mattress, producing a minor increase in intensity.  She strides to the cupboard and fetches the crop.  She returns, picks up the Flick, and with it in the same hand as the crop delivers several short sharp strikes against my hip.  Each strikes causes the familiar searing heat on my hip, joined by a jolt in my balls, my whole midriff is just in a state of overwhelmed confusion, my body doesn’t know how to react.  The resultant effect must be some kind of funky new dance move, since it seems to please Mistress greatly, smiling and laughing as she is.


She lets me calm down, ad return to relative stillness.

“Carry on” she says, pointing to my still erect cock with the crop.  I do.


I squeeze and stroke my penis gentle, enjoying the feel of it accompanied by the buzzy tingly sensation between my legs, inside my legs, inside me; deep down – at my core.

I am aware that Mistress is steadily increasing the power, I can feel the sensations from the clamps spreading wider than my balls – to the top of my legs, through my cock, I know I’m reaching the point where it stops being pleasurable and starts being sensory overload.


The second she tips the power over to too much, my cock just becomes ultra-sensitive, not touchable, it refuses to play games, and generally shies away from any and everything.  I try and hint that she is getting ever closer to that point by gasping louder and purposefully, and generally writhing around a bit more.


It seems to work s I’m aware of a very subtle decrease in the intensity of the vibrations.  I relax a little and enjoy fondling myself.

“whhuuaa” I almost shout as the intensity spikes again, a warm laugh from Mistress tells me she has used the flick function again. I look at her and she begins shaking the Flick hard and fast.

I wriggle, gasp, pant, thrash…

“what’s up” she asks with mock concern.

“Flick – too much” I manage to gasp


“oh, I am sorry” and she stops shaking the Flick.

I start stroking again, semi relaxed, semi on edge.

Before too long, I feel the familiar feeling of an impending orgasm.  The point where you’d say “Oh I’m gonna cum” if that’s your kind of thing.  Mistress must realise this – I don’t exactly know how, but after over 15 years together, she knows me very well, and sets off flicking her wrist again.  Again I pant, flinch, gasp, hold in a You bitch, as I am overwhelmed by sensation intensity and the orgasm retreats back inside.


She points at my cock again, “Carry on”.

So I again begin stroking, caressing my cock towards climax again, but again, as I almost reach the point of no return, she electrocutes the enjoyment out of it.


“Again” she gestures towards my cock, and again she takes me to the edge before buzzing me out.  My frustration levels are getting higher, the tenseness in my bum and the top of my thighs and hamstrings is becoming an ache.  We go through the cycle again, and again.


Each time, I feel myself get to that point, and each time she literally Flicks it away.  I am becoming a red faced panting grumpy aching mess.  My proverbial lip is swollen and sore from biting back the screams of “youuu biiiitch”.  The Estim clamps though, reliable, infallibly still attached to my balls.


Each time her eyes are alight with enjoyment, she chuckles and laughs and grins as my body twitches and flinches involuntarily to the little box of tricks she holds in her hand.


For what felt like the 100th but was probably the 7th or 8th time; she said “again”.  So again, I stroked my cock, retracting the foreskin, and massing the glans between my thumb and fingers, running my finger along the frenulum, before stroking the full length of the shaft and squeezing, and repeating.  Concentrating on the tingling inside me.  I soon reach that point again.  This time though, no escalation.  I glance at Mistress, she whispers “carry on”, looking down at me, a look of… something across her face.  I don’t have time to think about what the look is. As. Here. Comes. The. Orgasm.


And suddenly I almost involuntarily fling myself across the room as Mistress turns the unit up to full power, the tingles increase immediately feeling like sparks within my groin, the pleasure evaporates, replaced by, not pain, but just too much.  I’m rolling around in way too much sensation for my body and brain to cope with, covered in a sticky white substance.


The Estim clamps and Electrastim in general adds another dimension to all levels of play; it’s not just a BDSM tool.

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