28 Mar

food mind-fuck #1

I love food.


Actually I absolutely adore it, but there are some exceptions to this.  For example, marmite is a hard limit.  There is no way on earth I will ever let that vile stuff anywhere near me.


Mistress knows this love of food only too well, and it often forms part of the power She has over me.


Let me tell you about one particular day’s meals…


Mistress instructed me to cook sufficient bacon for two bacon rolls, and pour 2 glasses of fresh orange juice.


I did as told, and then had to watch as She devoured all the bacon in one roll.  She then prepared my breakfast, which was a bowl of cornflakes in milk decorated with pimento stuffed olives.  I was halfway through eating it when the second glass of orange juice that I had prepared was added to the bowl.


I hate olives, plus the briny oily liquid soured the milk.




I’m a fan of burgers, especially cheese burgers.  Mistress sent me to McDonalds to buy her a Quarter pounder with cheese meal plus chocolate milkshake, with further instructions to follow when I arrived at McDonalds.


When I arrived at McDonalds, I text Mistress to let Her know I had arrived.  She replied with “you must order a plain hamburger happy meal with the words Because I’m a naughty boy“.

I did as instructed, and suffered 5 minutes of weird looks as they prepared my plain hamburger.  Why don’t they make all hamburgers plain, and just add ketchup to those that want it?




My instructions were to prepare a romantic 2 course meal.


I made a chicken and chorizo paella which was served with sparkling wine, followed by chocolate fondant.


Mistress enjoyed Hers by candle light, with soft muzak playing, whilst I was made to sit on the floor and watch Her eat, whilst my food went cold on the plate, and only once She had finished eating did She pass my plate down to me on the floor to eat with my fingers.


6 thoughts on “food mind-fuck #1

  1. Why? While I get sexual submissiveness (or at least some reasons one might have for desiring it), I’m trying to understand why someone would want to accept this kind of treatment on an everyday basis in a relationship that should be about mutual respect and love. Thank you, should you choose to answer with honesty and depth.

    • I can only speak for myself, and it’s worth noting that this isn’t a way of life for us, but is instead recreational.
      I suppose a healthy relationship does carry mutual respect and love, and we do these things for those very reasons. I love M, and I show that by giving myself to her in my entirety, she respects and loves me by sticking within pre-agreed boundaries (soft/hard limits more commonly known as). I want to experiment with my feelings, my thoughts, the way I process sensation, the way my body and mind responds to different stimuli, and because M loves me, she helps me in this journey. Nothing we do is in anyway against my wishes – everything carries my consent, and her consent, and we have agreed ways to end a play if either of us feel uncomfortable.
      I get a shiver, nervous energy, excitement from being treated in a degrading manner by M; and it’s only by her, if someone else tried this, I’d be the toppermost topping top you could possibly imagine. The love, trust and respect allow us to do these things. The flip side is then that the good, the redemption, the pleasure, the nice sensations are so incredibly amplified when they come that it again just blows your mind.
      Pretty much everyone who knows me would describe me as reasonably intelligent, and my mind never bloody shuts up, BDSM, degradation and redemption gives me respite from that – it just lets me be free. See my recent post about How Mistress brought me to my senses for more on this.

      • Thank you for your answer, it did help me understand – partially that is. You say it is not a way of life for you, but recreational. What I’m trying to understand is the boundaries that exceed the “play time” then. Such as that bowl of cornflakes with olives and orange juice. That actually seems over the top to me, unless of course it was during a pre-established play time and not an extension she has unilaterally decided upon. I have known you to be quite intelligent and witty and not at all the sub type in your other interactions and that is exactly why I wish to understand. What I’m struggling with on a personal level, are these boundaries. Where does the en par relationship end, and become a sub/Dom one in a loving relationship? How do you respect your partner one minute, and wish him well, and how do you turn on him/her the next inflicting torture (be it physical or psychological) and degradation? Especially if these things transfer outside the sexual aspects of your relationship too.

        • I’ve spoken with M about your questions on previous occasions, and sometimes she really does struggle with being nasty. As much as I need to access the part of me which is capable of withstanding such treatment, so she needs to access the part of her which is capable of such treatment. As we have done this more she has found it easier, but it isn’t something she can just switch on and off. She knows that this is what I want in our relationship; and the fact that she is willing to leave behind her usual self and do this for me is a sign of the strength of our relationship. We have agreed methods of both announcing/starting and of ending/exiting D/s play.
          In my regular life which I project on the world I am someone who takes the lead; partly because society expects me to, and partly because tardiness frustrates me, but again, giving up that control to M is part of the thrill. It wasn’t easy telling her that this is what I wanted, and it took me a long time to tell her, even once I had realised myself.

          Everything we do is consensual; she knows where the boundaries of “acceptable” lie for me, and those too are a joint set of criteria. As with everything in a relationship, communication and honesty make it work.

  2. Ok, so this will be a tad more personal, as always, feel free to dodge my questions at any point.
    How far into the relationship did these needs of yours came up? Were you both entirely vanilla before that? How long from realization to confession? Did she have any reserves to consent to trying it your way?
    I can assure you, my next question is not me being judgmental, quite the opposite, and is not coming in bad faith either. If your children were to find out (no idea what their age is, just know they exist), do you think they should be able to understand the relationship their parents are having or would you feel you’ve lost some degree of the reverence all children are thought to have for their parents? So basically what I’m asking is, do you think the broader society should be more accepting toward these tendencies currently labeled as “deviant” or even “insane” (in the strictest meaning of this word)? And I don’t just mean by breaking the taboo that surrounds kink in general, but accepting them as “normal”?

    • Depends on your definition of vanilla. I would hardly describe any of my sexual life including masturbation as vanilla; try this http://subsmissives.com/mystory/exploringmyself/ and the two recent “senses” posts. My sexual relationship with M was never straightly vanilla either, indeed it was she he first wanted to try to find my P-spot. M has given me the self-validity I needed to express my “needs”, although they aren’t really needs, they’re desires, and they’ve always been there, but it’s taken time both to realise what they are, explore them and develop them. I was quite happy making others happy (mainly M), but she has made me realise it’s OK for me to say and get what I want too.
      The kids, I consider myself quite a scrupled man, and i’m doing my best to raise my kids to be the best person they can be; for me that includes being non-judgemental, liberal and loving. My kids continually astound me at just how accepting of others they are, sure the have questions, but never (yet) have they said anything that I would consider either judgemental or in bad taste. For no I am protecting them against the more violent side of BDSM, but many aspects of it are commensurate with a dad who loves mum, so some parts aren’t a problem. I’d love society to be more accepting of someones choice to be whatever they want to be. However, the reality is it’s not, and we get forcefed judgement from an early age, sadly that means I want to maintain as much anonymity as I can. I don’t care much for the word normal, and again would love it people would just stop worrying about how others perceive them and worry more about their own happiness.

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