28 Mar

Mistress’ most sadistic moment

Mistress has me locked up.

I had been instructed to buy a CB6000 chastity device, which I duly did.

She locked me up at 9 o’clock on Friday and immediately turned into a sadistic Goddess.

This particular moment of sadism happened the following Sunday…

Using an under-bed restraint system, Mistress had me spread-eagled, face up on the bed spreader bar also between my ankles.  I was naked save for the chastity device, nipple clamps and a blindfold.  I had been lying as such for at least 15 minutes, with Coldplay’s Mylo Xyloto playing loudly from the tablet beside the bed, I knew not what Mistress was doing, she could have been stood next to me or could have gone out for all I knew.

Every Teardrop is a Waterfall started to play from the tablet, which is one of my favourite tracks from the album.  I began humming along to the intro, waiting for the guitar solo which I think is the hallmark of this song, which itself leads into the drums.

I was feeling quite relaxed as the solo began, looking forward to the drums which mark the start of the song proper, and I was readying my left hand to tap along to the drumbeat, when instead of drums there was a loud THHHHWACK, followed by involuntary knee jerk on my part and a warming sensation on my left thigh.  Each beat of the bass drum was accompanied by the same THHHHWACK as she alternated strikes between my left and right thighs.  I recognised the sound as that of our broad paddle; the noisiest and least harsh of Mistress’ hitting and striking implements.   She knows that paddle pisses me off because it falls just short of the kind of impact I long for.  This continued for the duration of the song, and by the end of it my thighs were actually feeling quite tingly.

As the tablet moved onto Major Minus the volume dropped, and I felt the bed move as Mistress sat on it.  Next, I felt her hair trail over my chest onto my chin, before tickling my nose and feeling her warm breath on my ear.  Goosebumps started to break out on the small of my back, before spreading down my legs and up towards my shoulders as she breathed into my ear.  She tugged on the chain between the nipple clamps, making my body shudder in surprise.

“Not a sound” she breathed into my ear.

I felt the bed move slightly again, telling me she had stood up.  The volume of the tablet went back up a little, and there I was waiting again…

Not for long this time though, as I felt something press intensely into my foot.  This intense sensation moved up over the cuff around my ankle, slowly over the side of lower leg, tracking over my knee.  I realised it was the pinwheel and it was digging hard into my skin making me writhe under the sharp sensation of the pins as the wheel made its way over my goose-bumped skin. I bit down on my lip to prevent any gasps as it continued up my thigh, and onto my groin.

She traced my pubic bone with the pinwheel before dragging it heavily down my right leg.   By this point my perception was on overload, my nipples were stinging from the clamps, my thighs were slightly tingly from the paddle, I had goosebumps rippling all over, and my whole lower body was reeling from the pinwheels achingly slow journey.

The next thing I heard was the mains powered wand switch on, the noise from this almost drained out U.F.O which was playing on the tablet now.  I knew the plug socket was more or less below where my left hand was, so I stretched to reach as far as I could against the restraints which were pinning my hands to the bed.  Nothing.

I tried again, rotating my wrist as much as I could, to see if I could feel what Mistress was doing with the wand.  “NO”, she shouted as she struck my palm with her cane.  My arm jerked away, lifting the mattress up slightly as it did so.

The next thing I felt was the wand against the chastity device, sending deep rumbles through the device into my cock and balls, instantly making it stand to attention.  Only it couldn’t, as the blood flooded in, it swelled, compressed by the device, and forced to point at my feet.  I felt an ache where the ring of the device crossed my penis, an ache I was becoming all too familiar with from nearly 3 whole days of torment at the hands of a sexually sated Mistress.

As Princess of China began to play, so Mistress turned the power of the wand up, the head of my penis, wet with pre-cum was straining against the inside of the cage.  As the cage bit into my swollen penis, the sensations were intensifying and I was nearing the release I so desired.  My breathing sharpened, my body tensed, my hips lifted my buttocks from the bed.

Then the noise of the wand died, as did the vibrations, my buttocks returned to the bed and the cum just trickled out from my cock. “FUUUUCK” I shouted as I could be quiet no longer “you bit..” was swiped from my lips as her open hand smacked across my face. “QUIET”

The cum ran down between my legs, and spread around my arse, as it pooled on the PVC sheet.

“Lets look at the punishment book“; she slapped the book down on my chest as the track changed to Up in Flames.

“84?!?!” she exclaimed, “oh you have been a bad sub”.  She undid the clips on the underbed system.  “Get on your hands and knees NOW”.

I did as instructed, fighting the spreader bar to turn my body over and kneel.

I felt Mistress rubbing my cum into my bumhole, and she quickly rammed a plug inside me.  This left me panting in pain as it was too large for how quickly she had rammed it in.  “What’s up sub” she snarled, “got a pain in your bum?”.  I nodded.  “That’s nothing” she said with an alarming chuckle.

She turned the music down, “Count them” she instructed, “all 84”.

With the music turned down, I could hear the cane swish through the air before it struck my bumcheek, sending cum spattering over my leg and foot.  “One” I counted.

Then another swish “Two” I counted as she struck me in the same place again, the pain from my cum-soaked arse sending a white flash across my vision.   The blows came fast and hard again, and again.

She dealt 42 strokes to the exact same spot on my left buttock, before peppering the other 42 all over my bum and top of my legs.

“eighty four-hur-hur” I cried with relief as the last strike hit me across both cheeks and the base of the plug.

By the end of the punishment I was no longer on all fours, but was instead a panting, dribbling heap on the bed, the nipple clamps digging into my chest under my weight.  She undid the ankle-cuffs on the spreader-bar, and I drew my knees up to my chest.

After a few seconds, she poked me in the back with the tip of the cane.  “I’m thirsty and my arm is tired.  Get me a drink and massage my shoulders.”.  As I swung off the bed, she pinged the nipple clamps off of me, causing another shudder of pain.  I limped downstairs to make her a drink of squash, before returning to give her a massage.  She made me sit behind her on the bed, my bumcheeks so sore that I could feel the heat radiating down my legs.

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  1. Ouch! She’s deliciously strict hey? What cream do you use after spanking/ whipping? Or is that a reward you have to earn?

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