03 Oct

Orgasm and Orgasm and Orgasm

Multiple orgasms are for some the holy grail of sexual activity.  Over the years, I feel like I’ve become almost expert in helping Mistress to achieve minutes of orgasm at a time.  Of course, the genius isn’t all my own, because without a Doxy or the Tango, or the Satisfyer, I’d be pretty useless.


Useless is a fact that Mistress likes to rub in my face often.  She knows that once I’ve had an orgasm, I’m pretty much good for nothing.  This is where tease and denial and edge play come in, and for some extra kinky shenanigans, ruined orgasm.


But, is all that about to change?

The Orgasm is a rare visitor for me – I don’t mind; self-control I think of it as.  In fact, just the other night, I was lounging on the bed, in my birthday suit when Mistress flicked my balls.  “These are looking rather full” she smirked.

“well it’s been a while” I sheepishly replied.


She sat on the edge of the bed next to me, and continued to flick and flop and bounce my balls. It’s perhaps inevitable that the twinge this creates led to a small amount of arousal.  Unexpectedly, she took my cock in her hand and gave it a lengthy, firm squeeze.  She knows me so well, this turned my semi into a full-on raging erection.


“Mmm, getting a little excited are you”? she playfully asked.


“It’s the effect you have on me…” I replied.


“Let’s see what other effects I have” she said as she pushed my back onto the bed.  Taking my cock into her hand again, she slowly retracted the foreskin as far as it would go.  The glistening head of my cock bent slightly towards my torso as the foreskin reached its limit. She let go of it and swiped at it with the back of her hand, she really was pulling out all the tricks I like.  I wondered what would be next.


She deftly straddled me, my alert penis poking at her panties, and then slid off of me onto the other side of the bed.  Sidling up next to me, she again grabbed my cock, and again pulled the foreskin back, slowly & firmly.  When again it was its maximum retraction, she bit my nipple.  WHOUCH.


I love a bit of nipple play, I love the feeling of them being bitten, pulled, clamped, and everything else.  My body seems to mirror the sensation in the nipple with a pulsating between my balls and my penis.  In fact, I love it so much that M knows she can satisfy a horny me just by having a good chomp on my man-nipple.


I have the left one pierced, and the right one is currently unpierced. For whatever reason, it’s usually the unpierced one that gets most attention, but on this occasion Mistress was having a chew on the pierced one.


She held my hard manhood at the base, ensuring the foreskin was pulled tightly back, whilst her teeth bit my nipple.  She lifted her head, pulling my nipple away from my body.  Usually when she does this with my unpierced nipple, she reaches a critical point where my skin won’t stretch anymore and it pings out of her clenched jaw.  The piercing, however, acted like a lock – giving something more tangible for her to grip.


As she lifted her head, I felt my nipple becoming warm, the warmth becoming a tingle.  The tingle morphed into an ache, and the ache became a sharp flick of pain.  I turned my head, tensed my body, wiggled my legs, trying to cope with the pain.  I arched my back in an effort to lessen the pull.

So. Much. Sensation.


And she let go.

I panted with relief, my body’s movement calming from the almost panicked state it was in.  When the heat in my nipple subsided, I became aware that my cock was absolutely throbbing.  Mistress was still holding it firmly at the base.  As my panting eased, and my muscles relaxed a bit more, she tightened her grip.  Propping herself up on her elbow, she looked down at me “you seemed to like that”.

“It was… WOW” I replied.



She smiled, as the smile formed, her hand moved up my cock, so it was holding the very tip.  Her thumb and little finger formed a ring around the lip of the glans, whilst her other fingers caressed and massaged my ample juices into the reddened and swollen head.  The juxtaposition of this pleasure against the still dwindling heat of pain caused me to let out a massive sigh.  Accompanying this sigh was a small posset of pre-ejaculate fluid


“Whoa” she said, shaking the pre-cum over my chest, “those balls really are fit to burst”.


She wiped her hand clean on my chest hair, and traced a path back towards my erection.  As her hand reached it, she leant in and took my nipple in her mouth again.

Still slightly tender from the biting of a minute before, this stimulus on my nipple caused me to involuntarily flinch, which of course only intensified this new sensation.


She pulled back the foreskin, again as far as it would go, whilst sucking my nipple into her mouth.  I could feel her playing her tongue over the tip of it – a minor sensation that soon disappeared as she lifted her head back up again.


I took a deep breath and concentrated, not on the pain, but on everything else.  The heat that emanated from my areola over my pectoral muscle and into my shoulders.  The tingle that was running through my chest into my spine and down my back.  The twinges in my balls, and at the base of my cock.


Ohh, those twinges.  They were different.  Nipple play usually gives me a tightening sensation, but this was much more like direct stimulation.  I focussed in on this.


Mistress was pulling my nipple harder and harder, the heat of pain wasn’t just in the nipple, but all round.  Heat, hotness, searing sensations.  And then she started to bite harder too.  I couldn’t help myself, I let out a cry that was half pained and half euphoric but that I’m pretty sure the neighbours thought was a banshee.


She tugged a bit more on my nipple, such intense pain, and I think a panicked look must have shot across my face since she instantly relented a little.  She held my nipple there, the skin almost forming a cone shape from my chest to her mouth.  After a sort while I was able to ride the waves of sensation this caused, and the sporadic bites just added to the undulating wave of sensation after sensation.


Her hand was still firmly around the base of my cock, unmoving.  My cock was absolutely throbbing – the waves of sensation from my nipple were flooding down my chest and my spine into my groin, I could feel the pressure building.  Eventually the swell rose and the wave broke all over my stomach and legs as I had a spontaneous orgasm.


I let out the banshee again as the release came.  Nothing like this I had ever experienced before. An actual ejaculatory orgasm from little to no direct stimulation of the penis.  It was pretty special if I’m honest.


Next comes the uselessness.  Mistress has this thing where, when she makes me orgasm, she likes to continue to stimulate me.  I find it rather uncomfortable. After orgasm, I become extremely sensitive, and my penis tries to run and hide between its two orb-like cousins.

Realising I had had some form of orgasm, true to form, Mistress released her grip at the base of my penis, and began to stimulate the head.


Much to my surprise, she was not greeted by floppy mcflopface, but instead by a continued raging hard-on.  She seized on the shaft and began to stroke vigourously. It’s not often I get this kind of attention, so I relaxed and enjoyed my moment of legend.


She lay next to me, left hand around my hardness; her breasts knocking against my side through her thin t-shirt.  My nipple still alive in post biting recovery.


There was plenty of moisture from the previous ejaculation, and it soon foamed up to form a sensual if sticky lubrication.  Mistress was stroking my cock with real purpose; Her whole body was heaving against mine, or was it my body jerking in response to her stimulatory strokes?


I was really enjoying this, in my post orgasmic bliss, with my nipple still giving me many waves of sensation, I seemed to be far more resilient to her expert touch.  And so it was it got to the point where Mistress was plain fed up of the sticky goo from my ejaculate.  She reached over to her bedside table and chucked me the wipes.  “Clean up” she said.  A little disappointed that proceedings had stopped, I did so.


Mistress continued to rattle about in her drawer.  She pulled out a dildo, the tango and a bottle of lube.  She applied lube to the tango, turned it on, and much to surprise grabbed my still erect cock with the same hand.

Aligning the tango with the underside of my penis, cupped in her hand she resumed stroking.  The rumble from the tango caused me to flinch again, momentarily making Mistress lose grip.  “You want me to finish this?” she enquired in her playful tone.

“Of course” I managed to choke out, my throat dry from all the heavy breathing and panting from before.


With the tango rumbling, Mistress gripping and stroking, it wasn’t long before I felt the need to lock my legs out and raise my hips.  The urge was rising.  I could feel the rumble from the vibrator coursing up and down and round every millimetre of my erection.  The occasional small scratch from the base of the tango just added to the sensations.  The vibrations were working their way into my balls, which I could feel contract slightly.   My turned to gasps; holding my breath and then expelling it in forceful puffs.


I am overcome with sensation, my cock buzzing, my balls zinging, the intensity radiating outwards down my legs and upwards through my buttocks into my back.  I can hold on no more, and my whole body stiffens in preparation.   In preparation for…

Mistress to stop.

I suppose I should have foreseen this happening.  My hips fall to the bed, and my breathing begins to normalise.  My genitals though, are still twitching and enjoying the lingering memory of the buzz.


The buzz started to ebb.  A feeling I am used to through much exploration of edge play and tease and denial.


But then she grabbed my still erect cock again and began to stroke with even more purpose than before.  My body instantly tensed, legs again straight out, hips raised.  My breath shortened, I held it, let it out, held it again.  I couldn’t help but let out a massive groan of pleasure.  It was just so incredibly good.


Again she stopped, my heart almost stopped too, Ahh she’s such a tease. But this time she started again almost instantly.


With her hand still stroking my cock she repositioned herself so she was kneeling over me.  Her left hand still held the tango and my cock.  With her right hand she removed her t-shirt, and let her breasts out into the open.  She slid the T-shirt down her arm, briefly stopping what she was doing, again.  Her breasts swung and undulated with the rhythm of her stroking.  Her nipples were enjoying the show too. “Wait until you see me take off my shorts” she whispered. This was the final straw for my highly aroused state.


As my second load of ejaculate erupted into the air, I was overwhelmed by the flood of sensations; it was as if my whole body was in orgasm-shock.  I rocked on the bed, still stiff, still puffing out my held breath.  The cum spattered up Mistress’ chest, and started to slowly run down as she continued to massage the last remaining juices out of my cock.


Again, we reach the point where the uselessness usually kicks in.  But, still I stayed hard.  Mistress had clearly had enough though, since she stopped massaging me, and instead turned her attention to the mess I’d left on her boobs.  “What are you going to do about this?”.

“I’ll get a towel” I replied, as I moved to get up.

“Don’t” she quickly interjected, and placed her hand on my chest, again forcing me down on the bed. She leant forward until her breasts were directly over my head.  She paused.  Then I watched as she slowly continued to lean forward and rub the cum off of her breasts and into my face.  I felt a further twinge in my groin as she rubbed her breasts up and down, smearing cum all over my face and in my hair.

After a moment she sat back upright, and finished cleaning with a wet wipe.  Noticing my continued erection and my likely less than subtle body language that I’d like her to continue, she grabbed my hand and directed it to my cock.  “You carry on”.

Being the obedient person that I am, I did exactly that.  Stroking my shaft with my middle, ring and little fingers whilst squeezing the glans between my thumb and forefinger.   Ohhhh boyyy.  This felt so good.  Whilst I calmly and steadily masturbated, Mistress did as she had promised and removed her shorts.


Well, that’s not quite true.  She turned her back on me and seductively, slowly pulled them down over the lovely curves of her hips and buttocks.  Her bum virtually in my face, which I had actually forgotten was a bit of a mess.  She leaned forward as the shorts slipped further down, and I could see that she was extremely wet herself.  Still crouched, she grabbed the dildo, and with no need for lube rubbed it over her vulva, separating her labia, over the entrance to her vagina, soaking it in the moistness of her excitement.


My eyes were fixated, I could not tear them away from her beguiling sexuality.  My hand still rubbing my cock, my nipple ache fading but still present.  She waved the dildo in my direction, headed for my face.  “Lick it”.

I stuck my tongue out and moved slightly towards the dildo, before I could get to it, she took it away and started to rub it over her clit.  Then she slowly began to insert it into her vagina.

Again this was all too much for me, and I had my third orgasm.  The volume of cum was much reduced this time, but the pleasure seemed to continue for ages.  My body wracked in pleasure, I almost cricked my neck straining to keep my gaze on what Mistress was doing.  Finally my penis hung limp.


Seemingly pleased with her work, Mistress adopted an altogether more comfortable posture of lying down on the bed.  She had her legs open, one foot flat on the bed with her knee angled, the other straighter, flatter, with her foot pressing down on my chest.  My field of view was perfect – I could see every curve of her vulva, and I could see the dildo stretching her vagina as she masturbated with it.


She reached over for the tango, which was still buzzing away on the bed, and lube which was lying nearby.  I knew what was coming.  I tried to revive my penis, flapping it, clenching my pelvic floor, but nothing.  It was numb.  I pulled at the foreskin and nearly hit the ceiling such was my sensitivity.


Mistress had now added lube to the tango, dildo and herself and was ready to begin on her own orgasm.


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