28 Mar


Mistress continually surprises me with her inventiveness, and new ways of ensuring I remain a good sub.

The latest of these is a simple hairband.

This serves several purposes, firstly when I am wearing it, it helps to remind me that I am sub, much like a collar, but more subtle.  Secondly, whenever I displease Mistress, she is able to Ping it in order to correct my behaviour.

This sits on my wrist, and it digs in the whole time, so I am always aware of where I stand in relation to Mistress.  When I move it, I am left with a pressure mark around my wrist that reminds me of the will of Mistress.


It is also versatile as a correction tool.  Mistress has the choice of whether to pull at it hard so the Ping really hurts, or softly so the Ping is more gentle.  She also has the choice whether to Ping with the band or the metal clip. The first few Pings don’t really hurt that much, but three hard Pings in a row really sting, and really do make me want to do better.

The other facet that this introduces is the ability for Mistress to punish me remotely.  I was at homebase, buying some skirting, and received a text from Mistress which said simply “Ping Ping PING”.  I had to give myself three pings.  That is such a difficult thing to do, when you know that third ping is going to sting so much.

Another thing that this adds is the ability for Mistress to punish me discreetly in public.

We also used this as a way to record punishments for the punishmeny book, where I had to remember all the Pings to record in the book


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