28 Mar

pinned onto the floor

I have a real thing for all things surrounding the ankle.

Toes, feet, calves, heels, shoes, you name it, it just fascinates me.  This is a fact Mistress is only too aware of.

Mistress has many shoes, which pleases me greatly (shhh!), but of course I love the stilettos the most, and there is one particular teeteringly high pair of matt black stilettos with a red sole that She has that just do incredible things to Her legs.

One of the very first experiences we had in the Mistress/sub roles involved these very shoes.

Mistress is wearing those shoes, and nothing else, I am similarly attired less the shoes, plus ankle spreader.

I am knelt down, aware of a stinging, hot sensation radiating down both my arms, since the punishment for the weekend’s misdemeanours has just been meted out.

“Time for redemption” Mistress says calmly, “lie on your back, arms out”.

I do as instructed, and lay on my back with my arms above my head.  She walks over to me, hips swinging sexily, sinews in Her legs stretching and relaxing as She places her foot down.  She picks the crop up from the floor, and reaches onto the sideboard to move the rabbit vibrator.

Using the toe of Her left foot She kicks my arms until I reposition them so that one is curled above my head and the other is by my side, slightly outstretched.

She steps over me, so that my left wrist is under the bridge of the stiletto on Her right foot, and then puts Her left foot so the bridge is over my right wrist.  Pinned down.

My field of view now comprises Her legs, which point upwards away from me towards her smooth vulva.

She looks down on me, I look up at Her.  My gaze meets Her stare between Her nipples, and She smiles at me.  She puts Her finger to Her luscious red lips, and makes the shush gesture.   She then slowly puts Her lips round the finger, and sucks on it, all the time holding my gaze with Her deep brown eyes.

She slowly withdraws the finger from between Her lips, and Her hands makes a curved meandering path over Her breasts and stomach, until the moistened finger finds Her labia which She deftly parts to reveal Her clit, swollen and rosy pink.  As She does so, it glistens with Her moistness.  I watch intently as She flicks over it with Her middle finger.

She puts Her arm on the sideboard as Her knees start to bend, bringing Her clit closer to my face, when She is about a foot above my head, She pauses.  I hear Her clear Her throat, and my eyes move away from what Her hand is doing and back to Her eyes, I am aware that in my peripheral vision Her hand is still working at Her clit, and I can see that Her breathing has become shallower.

Suddenly I become aware that my wrists are hurting, and realise that I am straining against her shoes, my involuntary reaction to reach out and touch Mistress, thwarted by being pinned down.  She must have noticed this too, since She slightly twists her left foot, narrowing the hole my wrist is through and pinning my arm back to the floor.

My attention moves back to Mistress as I notice She has hunched over slightly more, which means only one thing, and I look quickly to check, yes, She now has Her finger inside her.

“Look at My face” she barks.

My eyes reattach themselves to Her face, which moves in time with Her body’s undulations at the pleasure Her two fingers are creating.  After a couple of minutes, the arm She has been resting on the sideboard moves, and I notice the rabbit in Her hand.

As She manoeuvres the rabbit to take over from Her fingers, She stands up straighter.  I use the opportunity to wriggle my wrists slightly, which have very little room to move at all under the sole of Her feet; still pinned to the floor.

She slides the rabbit inside of Her, and switches it on.  Holding the base of the toy with Her right hand, Her left resting again on the sideboard.   She gleefully peers down at me, prone beneath Her heels.  I notice that She has started to thrust with the rabbit, and I glance sideways and notice the tendons in Her lower legs stretching as She moves in a light rhythm with the thrusts.   A sharp pain in my pinned down wrist reminds me to look back at Her face, so I reluctantly tear my eyes away from Her legs.

She continues to thrust with the rabbit, I can tell from the noise that the ears are on maximum vibration and as She thrusts She grinds down to meet the shaft.  She looks at me the entire time, and I gaze back, my mind only too aware of what is going on just outside my direct line of sight.  Every time my eyes flick away from Her face, they are brought straight back by a quick twist of Mistress’ foot against my pinned down wrist.

I notice the thrusts speed up, and Mistress’ breathing deepens, She closes Her eyes, and I don’t know where to look first, my mind unable to decide whether to look between Her legs, at her ankles, Her calves or still at Her face in case it is a trap.

I take a quick glance at her calves, and notice the muscles fluttering, and that Her leg is slightly more bent than it has been.  I look back at Her face, eyes still closed, She is biting Her lip, I know what this means, I have seen it many times.  And sure enough, She lets out a loud groan as She brings herself to climax.   I watch as Her knees and legs twitch under the pleasure, and as She slowly switches off and withdraws the rabbit.

After a few minutes spent bent over the sideboard panting, She steps off of my right hand, and passes me the rabbit, “you do it”, She says as She reaches for the crop.

I reach up with my right arm, but it’s not quite long enough, so I rotate my body a little so I’m lying on my side now; my right shoulder off the floor, but both feet still restrained in the spreader bar means I am in a twisted position.  Mistress helps guide the rabbit back inside her and switches on the setting she wants.

I notice a red line down the side of my wrist, where Her heels had been cutting into my skin, and also see the skin of my bicep is red from the earlier punishment.  This distracts me from the task at hand, and I feel the sharp sting of the crop on my hip.  “I will strike you until I cum” Mistress says “For each minute that passes, the strikes will get harder”.

I’ve never manipulated a sex toy from beneath Mistress like this before, and I struggle at first to get any sort of rhythm going; something which does not go unnoticed by Mistress, as she continually swoops the crop down on the delicate skin on the inside of my thigh until she is happy with what I am doing.  The strikes continue across my backside now.

I notice that she is extremely wet from her own turn with the rabbit, as her juices begin to make my hand moist and slightly sticky.  My rhythm falters slightly as these thoughts run through my head, and I again feel the sharp sting on the inside of my thigh.  “Concentrate” she snarls at me.

I do as instructed, and try my best to resume the previous rhythm, deep in concentration, my eyes close, i focus on her breathing, matching my own to it, hoping to use her sounds to guide my hands.  So deep in concentration am I that the warm sensation from the crop is barely noticeable, and although there is no skin-on-skin contact, I feel as if we are breathing as one.  As her breaths quicken again, her hips start to jerk, and I find it difficult to maintain the fluid motion with my eyes close, so I open them again.  She is bearing down on the rabbit, I can feel it in my still sore arms; that I am now supporting some of her weight, again her feet twist, causing a sharp pain in my left wrist, and I let out a small yelp.  This makes us both realise that the crop is motionless, and she hasn’t struck me for some time.  “Thrust”.  She throws the crop in my face and braces herself on the sideboard with both arms, and lets out a loud cry as she reaches climax again.  The cry diminishes into more panting, and she collapses on top of me, her foot sliding out of her left shoe, so the shoe still sits across my wrist.   Her bottom faces my head, as she lies crumpled diagonally across me, I raise my hips in the hope she might afford me some pleasure, since all that has gone before has had a noticeable effect on my cock, and it too is a little damp and sticky.

We lay there for a short while, I occasionally raise my hips in hope.  My whole body jumps as she suddenly grabs it and squeezes it hard, I raise my hips again, hopeful, eager, anticipating what is to come.  She pushes it away, almost in disgust, “I’m not going anywhere near that“.  She swings herself round, kneeling so my head is between her knees, still pinned to the floor.  As she towers above me, she reaches again to the sideboard, and produces her tango, which she switches on and heads towards my nose


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