28 Mar

first experience of subspace

I’ve heard of this thing called subspace.  I’ve read about it online, and to be honest it sounds like a load of bollocks.

How on earth is it possible to be so “out of it”, that you are not aware of what is going on, and that your Domme needs to be careful of what she does?

Only, now I’ve experienced subspace and my opinion has changed.

I had bought Mistress a new cane, and she wanted to try it out, she made me undress and put spreader bars and cuffs on, before she blindfolded and gagged me, and forced me to kneel with the instructions not to make a sound nor to move

Usually when I am spanked, I flinch with each strike, and release groans to help dissipate the pain.

This time, being forbade to do either of those, I found myself just relaxing and my thoughts centered upon Mistress and myself, and the moment we were in, and with each strike the image in my mind just became paler.   Eventually all I was left with was nothing, just an empty space.  I couldn’t hear the strikes, I was aware that I was being hit, but I didn’t feel pain, I felt heat.

Mistress was able to hit me harder, for longer and with more intensity than at any other time previously.  After the caning finished, I was left floating, that really is the only way to describe it.  This is the exact description I thought was bollocks, but that’s what it is.  I was left in this place for a while whilst Mistress tended to her desires as I was in no fit state to do anything

Be warned though, experiencing it once leads to desire for more; such is the tranquillity, peace and calm of subspace.


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