04 Jun

Mistress brings me to my senses – the history

The story of how Mistress brought me to my senses; the history


What’s the greatest feeling in life?

What’s the thing you crave?

What is it that gets your mind whirring?

Do you know yourself well enough to be able to answer these questions?



I’ve had a pretty usual life, there’s one or two aggravating factors here and there but everyone has a story to tell don’t they; their own personal history; you’ll be relieved to read that this isn’t where I share mine.


Well, not all of it, I need to share some to convey to you, my dearest reader, the message I am trying to tell.


The Lady that society would have me call ‘my wife’ is, as I freely admit, a truly wonderful Woman, and it is much fairer to say that I am Her husband than She is my wife.


All through my life I’ve been a giver; bending to the needs of others; considering the outcomes of all my actions on all possible parties; working unseen so that other’s lives might be made smoother.


The trouble when you behave like this is that whilst you have many friends, the friendship is rarely balanced.  You’ll also be relieved to read that this isn’t going to turn into a self-worth post either.  Bear with me…


The love of this incredible Woman has enabled me to focus. She has given me validity in myself to consider my own needs and wants.  A freedom of sorts.


When we first met, this Woman, M, was more sexually experienced than myself, yet I was soon introducing vibrators, roleplay ideas, naughty nights away.  Her love had unlocked my desires.  The reciprocation of my ideals and principles had given me security.  The journey had begun.



There was a long way to travel before I found what I truly craved.  There were periods of lots of sex, periods of less sex, as is the case with all relationships.  We were young, we had fun.

But something was missing for me.  I didn’t really know what it was.


It was some years before I had a moment of clarity, it dawned upon me, my past behaviour, my need to help others, an emptiness – I needed to serve.


And thus began our journey into Mistress & sub.  Of Bondage, submission, servitude of sorts, and eventually a realisation.  A realisation of what it was that I actually needed, of what I yearned for, that which I craved.  The thing that gets my mind whirring, and the path that leads to my personal nirvana.


This post has turned into something it was never intended to be, so I have decided to split it; part 1 was the history, click to go to part 2 the craving.



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