29 Mar

hosiery school

One my most favourite things in the whole entire world is hosiery.


I love the feel of nylon over skin, and I think this all stems back to an experience I had as a frustrated teenager.  I must have been 14 I think, and it was Christmas at school, and it was carol concert day.

What happened at my school was that only a limited number of kids could go to the carol concert, and the rest would stay in school and do something the teachers thought that the kids would think was fun, but in actual fact was basically more learning.

So on this one occasion, I was in the staying at school group, and we were in a science lab, watching a video on something I can’t remember, possibly cell reproduction.   I was sat on a stool, at the back of the room, next to a young blonde voluptuous fellow pupil, who had a crazily short skirt on.


So, with the lights off so we could watch the video, she grabbed my right hand and placed it on her left thigh, just above her knee and slightly on the inner side!   I really couldn’t believe it, and I just didn’t now what to do.  I froze with my hand there for what seemed like hours, but must in fact have been only a minute or two.   When my mind finally came back to me, and I realised what was going on, I was able to instruct my arm to move up her leg a little, which thankfully it did.  I ran my hand up and down her leg, which was crossed over the other, several times, feeling the material of her tights beneath my touch, imagining what might lay beneath.  Each time I ran my hand back up her thigh, I tried to get slightly higher, and each time I did, she remained, unmoved.  This continued for a couple more minutes, when she put her hand on mine as if to tell me to stop moving, which I duly did, and we sat there in silent stillness for the rest of the video.


Now there was nothing special about the hosiery she was wearing – just standard schoolgirl tights at about a thousand denier, but this is my earliest recollection of something sexual with hosiery, and I am equally as thrilled today as I was then when Mistress wears hosiery, and allows me to feel her luscious legs through the material.


My favourite type of hosiery is stockings, but more on that another time


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