01 May

Chicago Town 4 Cheese Melt

I love a bit of pizza, I mean, who doesn’t?  So I thought I’d turn my hand to a pot of pizza reviewing.  What Pizza gets the accolade for pizza review no1?  Chicago Town 4 Cheese Melt!

Well, to give it its full name it is Chicago Town The Takeaway Four Cheese Melt Classic Crust.


Ordinarily, I stop reading about food after a couple of words, but ice cream and pizza hold a special place in my heart, which means that I am quite willing to invest minutes of my time reading their names.  I mean, this is an important decision, which pizza should I have.


That said, this one was a no-brainer, it was a fiver for this pizza, a tub of Ben And Jerry’s and a bag of McCain ovenchips in a well-known UK supermarket.


Anyway, enough waffle sub, tell us about the pizza!


On taking the pizza out of the box I was pleased to see that it had a good covering of cheese, as one would expect from a 4 cheese pizza.  Being a frozen pizza, I had to wait 13-17 minutes on 200 degrees.


I’ve cooked several pizzas in my oven so I knew it would be the 13 end of the time range, and I also knew to turn it mid way through cooking.


I was so pleased when on opening the oven door, I was met with a lovely smell of melted cheese, warm tomato sauce and yummy dough.  Mmmm, my mouth’s watering just thinking about it.


I sliced the pizza up with my trusty pizza wheel and reluctantly called the family, after they had taken their share I found myself left with 3 skinny slices.


It wasn’t enough!  This pizza is simply delicious; the dough has a lovely crisp to it, isn’t overly chewy and is pretty light.  The main taste is that of a tart cheddar cheese, it’s not a stinky mature one, but one that leaves a lovely tangy aftertaste in your mouth; the cheese has that lovely stringy quality that is the hallmark of a great pizza.  The tomato sauce is mild and lightly herbed.  the crust is thick but again, not chewy, and is a delight to eat.

Overall a well-balanced flavour that the whole family enjoyed; exactly what you’d expect from a 4 cheese melt.


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