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six geese a-laying – the sixth day of christmas

The sixth in an unrelated series of stories, inspired by the 12 days of Christmas; Day 6: Six Geese A-laying

On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, six geese a-laying.

It’s Christmas, the time I am allowed to revert back to my childhood and get all excited for the week. A time to eat, drink and open presents.

Beneath the tree today, wrapped as I have become accustomed to in lustrous red paper with a gold bow was a small package which I guessed would be a wallet.


Tearing into the paper which my true love had so carefully wrapped, I revealed a small black box.  Flipping the lid, I discover that he has given me not a wallet, but something deep rose in colour and silky.  I pull the soft delicate material out of the box, it’s long; like a scarf, but thin.  Holding it before me, longer than my arm span, a length of plain deep pink silk.


I look at my true love, slightly puzzled.  He takes my arm and leads me to the easy chair by the fire.  His hand slides down my arm to my hand, he gently removes the silk from my loose grasp.  Squeezing my bum, his fingers straying into my crack, I sense something different is coming.

He wraps the silk around my wrist several times, and then does the same with the other wrist.

“Bend over the chair” he instructs in a purposeful but playful tone.

As I lean over the chair, he kneels beside me, passes the silk beneath the chair, and around my ankle.  He guides my ankle forwards and binds it to the chair leg, before repeating with the other ankle.

The soft smooth silk caresses my skin, as he tightens the bindings.  The delicate nature of the material remaining comfortable despite the tightness he is applying.


Next, I feel his hand on my bottom.  He’s squeezing it.  His thumb pressing in against the outer side of my right cheek. Cupping under the small bump of my rear, his fingers splayed out, I feel them tighten over my taut bum.  As he squeezes, his ring finger pushes onto my anus.  Caching me by surprise, I draw a breath in.  this seems to spur him on, and he squeezed harder.  The pressure of his grip pushed at my anus – if it weren’t for my jeans, his finger would have penetrated me without doubt.


He let go, and yanked at my trousers, pulling at them until they fell to the floor.  My butt now sticking out in just my briefs, he again grabbed my arse.  The intensity of his grip immediately causing a ripple of sensations from my bumcheeks.  His finger pressed against my hole again – the thinner material of my underwear only offering little protection. I could feel my muscle beginning to yield to the force of his grip.  My prostrate posture giving me little chance to resist.


But then he lets go.  I felt myself relax.  I didn’t even realise I had tensed up so much.  I felt my shoulders drop slightly, my torso slumped and my thighs loosened.


The respite was short lived as he again grabbed my arse, his hand rotated this time, and I could feel his thumb pressing against my sphincter.  He squeezed harder; my body tensed, my previously relaxed legs locking out, and pulling against the silk ties.  I felt the cotton of my underwear trying to find its way inside me. My bum cheeks beginning to burn from the intensity of his grip, I wriggle a little to try to free from his grip.

It seems to work as he relents.  But a second later he yanks at my briefs, and they join my trousers midway down my lower leg.  My bum is now out in the open, unprotected, I await a slap.  It never comes, instead he takes another handful of my arse.  His tight grip again causing burning sensations to ripple across my butt, I try to wriggle again, but his grip is too firm.  His thumb is again pushing at my anus.  I feel the muscle beginning to give way, a waft of air causing me to shudder and gasp.

The muscle is stretching further, yielding to his strength.  Just as I think his thumb is about to penetrate, he relinquishes his grip.  The sharp heat of his kneading slowly dissipating, the sensations waning, I again relax.


The lack of warmth from his hand replaced by a stark coldness, made all the more noticeable by the retreating heat of encasement.  A shiver emanated from my coccyx and radiated up my back, leaving in its wake a ripple of goosebumps beneath my shirt.


There was a longer pause this time before he planted his bear grip on my behind again. His finger landed squarely on the wrinkled skin of my bumhole, moist and cold this time, he rubbed rather than pressed.  Massaging the moisture into my skin, the initial chill soon warming up.


When he did resume his grip, his finger pressed on my moist anus, and slid in without any real resistance.  The intrusion, although not unexpected this point still took me a little by surprise, causing me to jerk against the chair I was restrained to. A little squeal escaped my lips; I wasn’t entirely sure if it was surprise or excitement.


He frigged my arse with his finger for a short while, starting slowly, with small movements, before getting a bit more rigorous.


The force of his thrusts was beginning to make me rock against the chair.  I could feel his finger curling round towards my prostate as he thrust inwards.  The motion now making my balls wobble too, slapping against the side of my leg.


He abruptly stops, drawing out his finger, and giving a teasing slap on the top of my thighs.  I hear a rustle and then the clink of his belt buckle.  A moment later, I feel his hand on my rump again.  Gripping firmly but not with the brute force of before, he holds me arse steady.  I feel the warmth from his body as he moves in closer, the tip of his cock brushing against my bum.  It’s warm and moist with excitement.


He positions his hardness against my anus, I can feel the throbbing excitement in his cock before he even enters me.  As he pushes firmly into me, I try to push back on him, wanting to take his full length.

The bulging head of his cock stretches at my hole; this initial penetration is always tight, but I love feeling his girth, feeling the pulsating burying into me.

His glans inside me, I again try to push back on him, desperate to feel full; but the restraints stop me, the soft silk still tight around my limbs.  Sensing my eagerness, he pauses, not penetrating any further.  He begins to withdraw, the bulge of his corona tugging at me as he pops out.


The feeling of him withdrawing is almost as satisfying as the penetration, and causes another gasp to escape my lips.

Before I even have a chance to fully enjoy the contraction of my sphincter he is inside me again, Hard and fast this time, his hands on my hips, pulling me back on to him, he finally gives me his full length, his balls banging against mine as he buries his cock into me.  He withdraws slightly and thrusts deep again.  Gripping my hips firmly he builds up a decent cadence, stroking deep and firmly, our balls continue to slap each other.


With each thrust he lets out a small grunt to match my own discreet gasp.  I really want to reach between my legs and tug at my own cock, which I can feel is equally as hard as his, but the silk tie prevents me.


His rhythm now becoming more frantic, the thud of his pelvis against my lower spine speeding up, the thrusts quicker but with less movement. His cock pulsing within me.  He lets out a loud groan as he reaches his climax, his thrusting turning into an erratic buck as he spurts his cum in my ass.

He slows, and withdraws again.  He walks away from me, I watch as he cleans his half-erect cock with some wipes, as his cum begins to seep from my still gaping ass and run over my perineum towards my cock.

On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, Six Geese A-Laying, Five Gold Rings, Four Colly Birds, Three French Hens, Two Turtle Doves & A Partridge in a Pear Tree

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  1. Oh that was rather delicious – for at least half of it I was fooled into thinking the tied person was female. Great depiction of the feels that restraint and helplessness brings.

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