08 Dec

secret santa subsmass

If you have absolutely any dealings with anyone at this time of year you are bound to come across the ubiquitous secret santa.

For those that don’t know, in the name of Christmas spirit, everyone puts their name in a hat, and pulls out someone else’s name to buy a present for.  Secret santa is a simple premise designed to spread cheer and save money by needing to buy all and sundry a gift.  A workplace godsend.

That’s the theory, in reality, you end up buying someone you don’t know very well something they may or may not use.  As time goes on, secret santa rules get ever trickier in the name of making things more interesting.  For example, in my office this year, We have to pull out a name from the hat, and a number.  The number indicates a letter in that person’s name, the gift must then start with that letter.  To make things even more complicated exciting, the present must then be wrapped up in the newspaper from that person’s birthday, and presented to them by the allocated santa doing a onehanded cartwheel.  Or something like that.


Anyway, having done such a good job of selling secret santa to you, I want to share an idea I have had.


You know sometimes you have an idea, and you spend so long thinking about it that it seems like the greatest idea in the whole entire world.  Until, that is, you share it with someone, when all of a sudden it dawns on you what a stupidly stupid stupid fool you are.


Well here goes.  I was thinking, I could arrange a secret santa for readers of my blog.

I know stupid right?  But is it?  Well, it is because people will need to entrust me with their name & address and extend that trust to the person whose name I pick from the hat for them.  But then I can mitigate that by saying this is only open to people who have interacted with me regularly, and whom I have at least a sense of them being real & genuine.  It’s stupid because sex toys are expensive, yeah but I think the rule should be anything but sextoys.  What about shipping costs?  Make it UK only.   This could really work, but honestly, will people really want to give their details to you.

Ahk, I dunno, there’s a little insight to my brain, dearest reader.

You see, these thoughts just keep going round in my head and I’ve convinced myself that I’ve had the greatest stupid idea ever.  I mean, I just want to spread some christmas cheer.

So, Merry Christmas.  Love to you all.  In the mean time, maybe enter my competition…


4 thoughts on “secret santa subsmass

    • It’d all be a bit last minute now – maybe next year, when I’ve more time to sort bits out…!
      Merry Christmas

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