08 Aug

Licx Cream Lube

Licx Cream lube is my second review for Licx; following on from my review of the Closer Intimate Wipes.

Packaged in a contemporary silver grey box is your 100ml tube of Licx Cream Lube. The box contains a similarly liveried squeezy tube with a flip lid.  Pretty standard stuff it seems.

Licx Cream lube (1)

First impressions are pretty positive; one has to unscrew the cap to remove a hygiene seal – these small details can make all the difference.  Continuing on, the Licx Cream Lube is a thick, silky and shiny white creamy lube.  To my man-nose, it has no discernible aroma, or at least one so mild to as not be immediately obvious.

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Squeezing some out and rubbing it between my fingers, it feels nice – non oily, soft and silky.  It also takes an absolute age to be absorbed by my skin, and I end up wiping it off with a tissue.  This is a good indicator as regards longevity.  Afterwards, my fingers do feel moisturised, and also not especially sticky.  Promising stuff so far.


During intended use, I can report that the lube is long lasting – very long lasing, there was very little evaporation, and it does seem to take a while to be absorbed too, so I suspect the 100ml tube will last for some considerable time.  I have not noticed any undue stickiness or smelliness afterwards either; this is seemingly a very decent lube indeed.

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Lube is, of course, one of those things which can make a perfectly reasonable sexual encounter into an awesome one, so choosing the right lube is more important than you might think, and in my years of sexual experience, I have tried many.  I started out, almost shamefully with the ubiquitous KY, but have since been enlightened to the existence of such very many types of lube, that KY shall never grace my skin again.


With this vast experience, where do I put Licx Cream Lube in the grand scheme of lubes?  Well, before I get there, those eagle eyed readers may have noticed an elephant in the room.

Licx Cream lube (2)

Parabens!  Parabens are a chemical which are primarily used as a preservative, to keep your lube (and many many many other cosmetics & consumables) in tip-top condition.  However, they mimic the behaviour of hormones, in this case oestrogen, and for some people that can cause hormone disruption.  The potential impact of this will vary from individual to individual, and in all honesty, you are likely to know whether these will impact badly upon you.


So, back to that question, where do I place it? Well, it’s an entirely decent lube, but if parabens are a concern for you, then probably best you avoid it.


Licx Cream lube (7)


Ingredient Purpose Health Information
Aqua Moisture (it’s water!) -
Isopropyl myristate Skin conditioning solvent -
Propylene glycol Skin conditioning alcohol Irritant for dermatitis sufferers
Polyethylene oxide Binding, lubricant -
Sodium Polyacrylate Skin conditioning stabilising emulsifier Widely used
Sodium methylparaben Preservative May cause hormone disruption
Trideceth-6 Surfactant/Emulsifier -
Sodium propylparaben Preservative/Aroma May cause hormone disruption
Hydrogenated polydecene Fragrant skin conditioner -
Chlorhexidine digluconate Antimicrobial Can be a skin irritant

This information is based on subsmissives own research, is provided in good faith and intended as a guide only. It is not endorsed by any healthcare professionals nor by Licx. If you are concerned about any of the ingredients, then please talk to a pharmacist, your doctor, or contact Licx

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