17 May

Blush OHM Tantra G

Do you remember when all toys came in either pink or fuchsia?  How the world has changed, via purple and black I now find myself holding a cool mint Blush Novelties OHM Tantra G.


This toy is relatively small, measuring just 5in from tip to screw cap, and is pretty slim too, with the exception of the bulbous G-spot stimulating head.   The green is pale and minty in complection; and made from a firm yet smooth silicone.  The toy takes 2 AAA batteries which slot inside the vibrator underneath a white plastic cap.  The cap screws on to give a pretty tight water resistant seal.  The controls are a simple press button on the side of the cap.

Blush vibe (1)

Now, it’s been some time since we tried a AAA-battery powered G spot vibe, and if I’m completely frank, our expectations weren’t especially high.


The first indication that the OHM Tantra G might be different to other battery powered G-spot vibes we’ve tried in the past was upon pressing that little control button.  I associate battery powered toys with a bit of a rattle and a mid-range buzz, but this actually springs into life with much more gusto, and pressing the button again and again reveals 5 levels of constant power.  5 is pretty special; I’ve kind of become accustomed to 4, and am always disappointed at 3, so 5 is really laying down the gauntlet.  Pressing the button beyond the 5 power level produces an array of various patterns of vibrations – there’s something in there for everyone.

Blush vibe (4)

So later that evening, mid-way through some foreplay, I whipped the OHM Tantra G from the lovely white storage pouch it comes with, and applied some water based lube and took it task on M’s clit.  The control button is easy to find in use, and owing to the large head and the angle of the head, it leans towards clit use pretty well.  It soon had M making the right noises, encouraging me to try it for the purpose intended.


I had to apply more lube at this point, the head produced a slight arching of the back as it slipped inside, but entry was otherwise easy and smooth.  I had a play around with the angle, communicating with M until we had it in the right area, and I turned the vibrations up.  M generally likes max power, continual vibrations, but we had a scroll through just to see if anything else caught her fancy; it didn’t.


In the position we found the OHM Tantra G in at this time, there was only the cap and a very small amount of the vibrator left external.  It was at this point that I realised the cap to the vibrator we were sent didn’t align directly with the vibrator.  The control button is off centre by about 30 degrees; this makes it difficult, as a third party, to know whether the bulbous head is facing the right way or not.  Still, it’s not a massive problem, as it’s all part of the fun and games of using the toy on someone else.  More of a problem is the amount of vibrator left to grip in order to actually do anything!

Blush vibe (3)

M likes her G-spot vibrators to be angled upwards, and with small but definite back-and-forth thrusts.  This proved a little tricky with this vibrator.  Getting the angle was easy enough, using her pubic bone as a fulcrum, pushing towards her bottom creates the right angle on the G-spot.  It’s the thrusts that are problematic.  There was enough room for me to grip with two fingers, which ordinarily might be sufficient, but the existence of lube just makes it impossible to get a decent grip.  We’ve found the vibe to be fairly thirsty, so we’ve been using quite a bit of lube with it, but then as the cap is plastic, the lube hangs around longer, and well grip is tricky.   The saving grace to this is that there is a little ledge where the cap joins the vibrator.  It’s small but just enough for me to get my well-trimmed nails on and find enough purchase for those much needed thrusts.


I was able to get M most of the way to orgasm with this, but we needed a little clit stim just to tip her over the edge; we started with the We Vibe Tango, a couple of orgasms later switched to the Doxy wand and ended up shaking on the bed.


So here we have it, a compact battery powered G-Spot vibe, made from smooth silicone delivering some decent vibrations from a less than noisy motor.  For the price, it seems like a good package.


I’d like to thank Blush Novelties for supplying the OHM Tantra G vibrator for my honest & impartial review.

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