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Tantus Rumble Featherlight Vibrator

Have Tantus made the most eagerly anticipated sex toy of 2016? I certainly know many people who were really keen to get their hands on a Tantus Rumble, and some who even bought into the crowd funded toy up front.  If cash was in more surplus supply here, then I may well have done so myself. Fortunately for M and I, we were chosen, as part of the Lovehoney sextoy tester scheme to test and review the Tantus Rumble.

What category of sex toy is the Tantus Rumble? It has most of the hallmarks of a wand, in terms of basic design and functionality, but Tantus themselves describe it on their website as vibrator.  The classification isn’t really important to be honest, what’s more interesting is Tantus’ claim that this a vibrator for every body.  Note the gap in the word, I’ve spent a while reasoning why they decided to include the gap, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

Tantus Rumble (8)Before I start my review proper, I also want to discuss the name; Tantus Rumble.  Spend a few minutes researching sex toys, especially clit vibes, and you’ll soon discover the buzz v rumble debate.  The hedonists that are sex toy enthusiasts are all about the rumble – a vibration that delves deep, past the dermis, deep into muscle tissue and shakes your body.  Buzzes on the other hand are just that – buzzy and annoying.  So, in giving this toy the name RUMBLE, Tantus are setting the expectation bar waaaay high!

Tantus Rumble (12)

It is immediately obvious that much thought has been put into the Tantus Rumble; whilst the design is much like a wand, it is uniquely different.  Instead of having a large rounded body, the Rumble is flatter, squarer and significantly smaller.  It’s more like a TV remote in this respect than a vibrator or wand.  Ok, well it’s not exactly a TV remote since if you point it at your telly and press the controls, you’re not going to be changing channels.  There’s also that silicone head which should alert you to this not being a remote and save you making this potentially embarrassing mistake.

Tantus Rumble (2)

That silicone head is also a major difference between the Tantus Rumble and other wands of this type and price point.  It is much smaller, altogether more discreet; the Rumble is appearing to be more nuanced than the in-your-face brash design of most wands.  This continues when you take it out of the box, and you realise that Tantus’ claim that the Rumble is featherweight is absolutely spot on.  It is so incredibly light that you have to double check you are actually holding it.  190g it weighs, my Sky controller weighs 205g; honestly the lightness of the Tantus Rumble is absolutely incredible.

Tantus Rumble (9)

The body of the Rumble is made from hard plastic, a nice shiny metallic blue upper with a matt black underbelly.  The controls are simple and located on an elongated infinity sign shaped silicone strip. This is great, since they are really easy to find when in use.  The head is covered in a removable silicone sheath, great for cleaning.  It is broader than most wands, but shallower, it isn’t ostentatious and is in keeping with the design.  Power is supplied to the rechargeable battery via a micro-USB port in the base.


So far the Tantus Rumble is a nuanced featherlight toy, with easy to find controls and an unusual but easy to clean head.  But what of those rumbles?

Tantus Rumble (11)

Let’s get ready to…

Pressing the power button, unsurprisingly, turns on the Rumble.  It always comes on at the lowest constant speed; pressing the + button gives you 2 further levels of constant vibrations; further presses will take you through 4 different patterns of vibrations.  I’m going to say at the outset, there’s nothing in here that will blow your mind.  Sticking to its nuanced nature, the Tantus Rumble is quite decidedly mid-range in the power stakes.  Sure, it’s quiet, all of the constant speeds are whisper quiet, two of the patterns produce a bit more noise, and I actually think that at the high end of the pattern is more power than the high constant setting.

Tantus Rumble (3)

What is absolutely great about this though is that there is no drop in power when you apply to your body; no matter how firmly you press, the motor gives a constant and predictable level of performance.  Tantus make no secret of the fact that this is a mid-range power unit; which leads one to wonder why call it the Rumble, surely this is setting it up to fail.  But just as the there is a gap in Every Body, I’m convinced that the choice of the word Rumble is a carefully chosen marketing ploy, but more of that in a minute.


I make no secrets that M and I are both a little power crazy; all of our favourite toys pack a punch in the power department, so you might think the Tantus Rumble is destined to be relegated to the never to be used again bin.  Not so!  Whilst it is true that it doesn’t deliver a quick orgasm for either of us, we’ve already established that this is a nuanced toy.  So, whilst many wands are just there to extract an orgasm, this is more about your body, and your mind, its vibrations are relaxing and sensual, rather than aggressive and immediate.  It will take you to orgasm if you want it, but treat it like a lover rather than a quickie.  The Rumble wants to get to know your body, to caress every inch, until you succumb to its tender touch.

Tantus Rumble (4)

This type of use takes time; and this is something that the Tantus Rumble has covered; with a battery life of over 3 hours, and being featherlight, there is no awkward wrist aching.  The connection between body and head of the vibrator is super-flexible, and the buttons are perfectly situated for altering control in use.  The Tantus Rumble is a masterclass in ergonomic design which delivers a simply sublime sensual massage sensation.


And it’s this ergonomic design that brings the whole Tantus Rumble together.  What we have here is a game-changing vibrator.

It changes the expectations of what a wand vibrator can do – proving room for gentle sensuality.

The Rumble opens the possibility of sex toys to a much wider audience – you no longer need the forearms of an athlete.

It is discreet and bijoux, a move away from the large brash wand vibrators we are familiar with.

Tantus are certainly setting rumbles through the sextoy world; I look forward to what comes next.



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