07 Jul

Mistress Feels a Little Horse

Life is full of clichés. At the end of the day, when all is said and done, it is what it is.  Horse play or animal play of any type, for that matter, has never been on my hard limits, but nor has it been on my must try list.  The same may be true for you, however don’t look a gift horse in the mouth; don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.


The session is going much like any other. The curtains are closed; some low level music playing on the Bluetooth speaker. I am Read More

05 Jun

Mistress brings me to my senses – the craving

The story of how Mistress brought me to my senses; the craving

If you made it through the waffle of part 1, I sincerely thank you for sticking with me, and welcome to part 2; the craving.



I suppose for many people, spanking is part-and-parcel of BDSM or submission, or whatever you fancy calling it.  It doesn’t have to be, but that’s an individual choice.  For a while, I thought spanking was what I craved, and when we were playing D/s roles, I would deliberately sabotage myself in Read More

04 Jun

Mistress brings me to my senses – the history

The story of how Mistress brought me to my senses; the history


What’s the greatest feeling in life?

What’s the thing you crave?

What is it that gets your mind whirring?

Do you know yourself well enough to be able to answer these questions?



I’ve had a pretty usual life, there’s one or two aggravating factors here and there but everyone has a story to tell don’t they; their own personal history; you’ll be relieved to read that this isn’t where I share mine.


Well, not all of it, I need to share some to convey to you, my dearest reader, the message I am trying to tell.


The Lady that society would have me call ‘my wife’ is, as I freely admit, a truly wonderful Woman, and it is much fairer to say that I am Her husband than She is my wife.


All through my life I’ve been a giver; bending to the needs Read More

01 Jun

Estim Clamps – ElectraStim Uni-Polar ElectraClamps

It’s an interesting development that what started as one of my kinks has swiftly become one of Mistress’.  This suits me just fine since it means it happens all the more often.  I am of course referring to a spot of cock and ball play.


It all started with the fact I like a tight grip during masturbation.  I don’t just mean tight like you’d hold on to the last piece of pizza, but the knuckle whitening death grip of a first time roller coaster rider.  This naturally led to experimenting with Read More

29 May

Waiting – Mistress’ Friend & Ally

Oh waiting how I lovehate thee. So simple in guise, so simple to use, yet nothing more effective has come to the fore.


Oh waiting how I lovehate thee.  Sometimes you are short sometimes you seemingly never end, Mistress’ friend, merely my acquaintance.


Oh waiting, how I lovehate thee.  Together with Mistress you taunt my mind, of possibilities yet to unfold.


Oh waiting, how I lovehate thee.  When I long for more Read More

19 May

Mistress wants to play a sexy game

Can you possibly imagine the delight I felt when Mistress tells me it’s time to play a sexy game.  Yeehaw, I think, my luck has finally come.


Let me rewind a little in the scene to paint you the picture.


It’s one of those rare occasions when the children are being housed all weekend at the in-laws, giving us some quality Mistress & sub time.  To make things extra special, we’ve been partaking in some tease and denial most evenings, so by the time the weekend actually arrives, my frustration levels are pretty high, and Mistress has the evil eye down to a Tee.  The rules are that if I can make it to Monday Read More

02 May

Mistress – my Queening

Since the birth of child number 2, our opportunity to indulge in BDSM has diminished.  The days or rather extended weekends of Domme/sub play have turned into little snippets when and where we can.


What this means though is that sometimes it comes at the most unexpected of times, and whereas in our relationship previously we kept the vanilla and the spice separate, today they live alongside each other.


Let me share with you an event from earlier this month.

Read More

03 Apr

life inside the hood

Most people have some experience of being blindfolded, deprivation of sight is the easiest sense to block in BDSM, and it can add an awful lot to an erotic massage, or general foreplay.  We have found that blindfolds can and will slip, either giving unwitting sight to the blinded, or necessitating a readjustment of the blindfold (which is of course, always my fault, for having such a stupidly shaped head).  We thought a bondage hood would help address this, and invested in a spandex one.


But what’s it like?

Read More

29 Mar

Zado flattened spike hand paddle

Can you imagine the delight on my little sub face when, under the Christmas tree was a small present, shaped like a thick CD box, neatly wrapped in red shiny paper, with a bow and a card proclaiming “to sub from Mistress”.

I took it over to Mistress, and asked if I could open it. “Not now” she said firmly.  So I put it back under the tree.

The present stayed under the tree for the rest of the day, it was permanently at the forefront of my mind, throughout cooking and eating the turkey, and family visits, and chocolates, there was one thing on my Read More

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