28 Mar


Mistress continually surprises me with her inventiveness, and new ways of ensuring I remain a good sub.

The latest of these is a simple hairband.

This serves several purposes, firstly when I am wearing it, it helps to remind me that I am sub, much like a collar, but more subtle.  Secondly, Read More

28 Mar

buttplug challenge #1

Several months ago I bought a Diogol Anni from Pabo.com – they had a good deal on Groupon, and it gave me a way of acquiring a metal butt plug at very little cost

Diogol Anni

I’m not sure why I spent so long swooning over owning a jewelled plug, part of it I think is the humiliation of being a male wearing a jewelled plug, and I think the other part is the weight, and the challenge that represents.

The plug arrives in a minimalist small white plastic box, featuring a clear lid so you can view it in all its beauty.

This plug is tiny, I think Read More

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