29 Mar

rant alert: normal ..?



What is normal?  The more time I spend reading and listening to others the more I become aware that people are concerned with what is normal.  Take my favourite online refuge, the lovehoney forum, some days the entire front page is people asking if they are normal.


When did people become so obsessed with the validation of others?  Why do people strive to be normal?

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29 Mar

exploring my kinky self

My earliest memory of anything kinky is from when I was about 11 or 12, when I started to be interested in women. I’m not sure if this is early, late or average since it’s never been the kind of thing I talk about with friends.

I used to raid my mums underwear drawer and wear whatever I found. This gave me funny feelings I’d never felt before, feelings I now recognise as arousal.  What it felt like at the time was that I needed a wee. I remember going to the bathroom to use the toilet, wearing a bra and panties, with my pyjamas on over the top, because I thought I needed a wee.

There was one occasion when my Mum was in the bath, Read More

29 Mar

hosiery school

One my most favourite things in the whole entire world is hosiery.


I love the feel of nylon over skin, and I think this all stems back to an experience I had as a frustrated teenager.  I must have been 14 I think, and it was Christmas at school, and it was carol concert day.

What happened at my school was that only a limited number of kids could go to the carol concert, and the rest would stay in school and do something the teachers thought that the kids would think was fun, but in actual fact was basically more learning.

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29 Mar

Zado flattened spike hand paddle

Can you imagine the delight on my little sub face when, under the Christmas tree was a small present, shaped like a thick CD box, neatly wrapped in red shiny paper, with a bow and a card proclaiming “to sub from Mistress”.

I took it over to Mistress, and asked if I could open it. “Not now” she said firmly.  So I put it back under the tree.

The present stayed under the tree for the rest of the day, it was permanently at the forefront of my mind, throughout cooking and eating the turkey, and family visits, and chocolates, there was one thing on my Read More

29 Mar

Metalworx Curve

I’m a big fan of anal play, and when Mistress allows me to indulge in solo pleasure, some form of anal penetration is usually involved.

I’ve tried many textures and when I saw the metalworx curve on sale at £20 on simply pleasures website, I really couldn’t resist.

This isn’t the first metalworx kit I own, but still I was pleased at the sturdy flight-case like storage box it arrives in.

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28 Mar

bone biting (fetish)

When I talk about what turns me on, one of the things that gets the most reaction and follow up is what I call bone biting; a fetish if you will.

It all stems from my love of all things foot related.  I find the ankle bone so highly erotic that just writing the word ankle raises my pulse slightly.  I have spent many an hour stroking, holding, kissing and just looking Read More

28 Mar

first experience of subspace

I’ve heard of this thing called subspace.  I’ve read about it online, and to be honest it sounds like a load of bollocks.

How on earth is it possible to be so “out of it”, that you are not aware of what is going on, and that your Domme needs to be careful of what she does?

Only, now I’ve experienced subspace and my opinion has changed. Read More

28 Mar

a luncheon with Mistress

Let me take you back to the halcyon days of late summer of 2013.

Do you remember it?  Here in the London area we had had a pretty poor start to August, with lots of rain, although it wasn’t especially cold, it was wet.  Then, mid-way through the month the weather changed and we had some gloriously sunny weather blown in from the continent.  As is usual for the UK, this brought about a frenzy of short skirts, summer dresses and topless gents.

It was during this time that we were fortunate enough to persuade family to take our child on their holiday, and we had some quality 24/7 D/s time, which suited me to a tee.  I am not a fan of hot weather, and during D/s play, we tend Read More

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