26 Apr

Sqweel XT

Sqweel, M and myself have a long and complex history, which can basically be summed up into Sqweel 2 = meh and Sqweel go = meh, so interesting it was that I was chosen to review the male version of the toy, the Sqweel XT.

Quite what XT means is anyone’s guess, and my best guess is it’s the advertising department going ooooh we need a name that sounds mannish, like GTI, but y’know, sextoyier! Read More

10 Apr

Stainless Steel Nipple Pegs

What’s that cliché about not knowing what you’ve got until it’s gone?  That was so nearly me and chrome nipple pegs.

You see, for ages the chrome peg had sat on my wishlist at Lovehoney, but for some reason I had never purchased it. And then with abolition of free delivery it seemed it was destined never to be mine.  The final nail in the coffin it seems was its discontinuation.


But then, like a shining knight in kinky armour, Read More

09 Apr

Rev1000 Rotary Masturbator

The Lovehoney tester scheme has sent many many toys my way, and a fair few of them have been pretty good, the vast majority though, especially when it comes to male toys, have been a downright disappointment.

The Autoblow 2 was one such; a seriously bad toy that was reminiscent of a 1980s Thermos.  I kind of had similar expectations for the Rev1000 rotating male masturbator when I was chosen to review it. Read More

05 Apr

Lelo Hugo

The third of my promised top three reviews leads me to the toy that brought Lelo into my favour.  After less than successful experiences with the Tiani 2 and the Mia, the Lelo Hugo transformed my opinion of Lelo from overpriced disappointment to awesome orgasms.


The Lelo Hugo arrives in a sleek black box, stylish, understated, quality; choose your superlative, it is all of them.  The contents continue the theme; a soft and smooth black Hugo, matching control with shiny metallic Read More

03 Apr

life inside the hood

Most people have some experience of being blindfolded, deprivation of sight is the easiest sense to block in BDSM, and it can add an awful lot to an erotic massage, or general foreplay.  We have found that blindfolds can and will slip, either giving unwitting sight to the blinded, or necessitating a readjustment of the blindfold (which is of course, always my fault, for having such a stupidly shaped head).  We thought a bondage hood would help address this, and invested in a spandex one.


But what’s it like?

Read More

02 Apr

We Vibe Tango

If you are at all familiar with my blog, then you’ll have read about the we vibe Tango, for us it is ubiquitous – very rarely does any sort of playtime not involve the Tango.


In fact, it really is such an essential that we have 2, a MkI in purple and a MkII in pink.


It was a no-brainer really that this would be my second new review on subsmissives.


Much like the Doxy, which I wrote about yesterday, the we vibe Tango defines the genre, before we tried the Tango we had been through many many bullet vibes, some good, some not so good, I’m sure this happens up and down the country, in fact world-over.  So if you’ve tried Read More

01 Apr

exclusive lube review

Lube is one of those things that makes the difference between an OK sexual experience, and a WOW awesome experience, however, reviewing one is notoriously difficult.  I mean, what can you say beyond yes it’s slippy and long lasting?


Well, this new lubricant is about to change the whole perception of lubes, seeing a household brand stepping into the lubricant market, it’s sure to polarise opinion, as you will either love or hate it.

Read More

01 Apr

bondage tape

Although it took me a long time to tell my wife about my submissive tendencies, we have indulged in bondage for a much longer time, and bondage tape is one of our essentials.  It doesn’t matter if you are a novice or a bona-fide dungeon master, bondage tape is a must-have.


Mistress’ tape of choice is from Lovehoney and I’ve lost count of how many rolls we have got through.

The tape is magical stuff, it only sticks to itself, and is completely skin safe in my experience.  It is extremely easy to use, and remove, although it is also very tough and can withstand some struggling.

Read More

01 Apr

doxy extra powerful mains powered massager

I find myself sat on my sofa wondering how do you best relaunch a new blog?

And then it strikes me – new posts! Such a simple idea, but what do I post about.  I suppose the easy option is my favourite toy, so that’s where I am, but what’s my favourite, it’s so difficult to choose just 1 toy.

So, my dearest readers I spoil you with 3 new blog posts, and this the first is the benchmark by which all power is compared.  Yes, I do of course mean the Doxy wand.

doxy bells

When entering into the wonderful world of sex toys, it’s not long until someone tells you about mains powered wands, and there are many to choose from, I personally arrived at the Doxy via a lovehoney deluxe wand and a generous discount from bondara.

Let’s not beat about the bush here, if you are serious about sex toys, then a wand is an absolute must have, and why not just cut to the chase and buy the best one there is?


But why is it so great? Read More

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