29 Jun

tantus plunge silicone paddle

Where do I start with the Tantus Plunge?  This is a paddle I have wanted for what can only be described as fages.  The trouble when you’ve wanted something for so long is that a pedestal begins to form, and sometimes the toy just doesn’t live up to those expectations.


So I’ve decided to begin by asking, how do you like your spanking? 

Is it hard?

Is it gently?

Perhaps noisily? Read More

26 Jun

Satisfyer Pro 2 Clitoral Stimulator

It’s not been so long since I eulogised over the womanizer, a toy I yearned for for what seems likes forever!  So, seeing pictures of a new similar toy, the Satisfyer Pro 2 doing the rounds on twitter, I just had to get me one of those.


You may recall that we found the womanizer somewhat awesome but that its design was a little… crass. It would somehow manipulate M to multiple orgasms within just a few seconds, but you’d soon want to put it back in the box.


We feel completely the opposite about the Satisfyer; M loves its vintage rose gold colour and the almost art nouveau curvature Read More

21 Jun

Tantus Curve G-spot & Prostate Dildo

The Tantus Curve is a beautiful piece of silicone.  Upon arrival, it sits in all its understated glory in the box and nonchalantly waits for you to set it free.


Proudly proclaiming to offer both G and P spot stimulation, the Tantus Curve is a real promising toy.


My Tantus Curve is black, I like black toys, I like black most things if I’m honest, other than Marmite, that’s just yuk.  Being black and silicone, the toy has a lovely soft matt appearance, is as firm as you might expect from a Read More

15 Jun

hot wax play

Pizza.  I would imagine that if asked what does sub like most (after Mistress), you’d say Pizza. Well, you’d be wrong.  The thing I love, absolutely adore above anything else is a spot of hot wax play.


You see, it just incorporates so many facets of BDSM play that it is so incredibly good.  Firstly, it requires submission – to submit to Mistress so she might splash the wax on me.  It involves restraint; OK, it doesn’t need to, but it’s so much better if it does.  It involves anticipation, oh my, the wait for the splash, it is oh so incredible.  It can be arty, it can be conformist or it can be radical and haphazard. And, perhaps most importantly for me, it involves sensation.


Oh yes, that sensation.  I have not yet experienced something quite as satisfying as the sensation of hot wax.

Read More

13 Jun

Classic Leather Tawse for SH!

The Classic Leather Tawse is my first delivery from Sh! Womenstore, so it was a lovely surprise to find, within the plain jiffybag, a beautifully wrapped package.  Well, this is what Mistress has said anyway; I just wanted to see the Tawse!


Within our beautifully wrapped package was the red version, in all its resplendent leather and suede and shiny stainless steelness. Read More

05 Jun

Mistress brings me to my senses – the craving

The story of how Mistress brought me to my senses; the craving

If you made it through the waffle of part 1, I sincerely thank you for sticking with me, and welcome to part 2; the craving.



I suppose for many people, spanking is part-and-parcel of BDSM or submission, or whatever you fancy calling it.  It doesn’t have to be, but that’s an individual choice.  For a while, I thought spanking was what I craved, and when we were playing D/s roles, I would deliberately sabotage myself in Read More

04 Jun

Mistress brings me to my senses – the history

The story of how Mistress brought me to my senses; the history


What’s the greatest feeling in life?

What’s the thing you crave?

What is it that gets your mind whirring?

Do you know yourself well enough to be able to answer these questions?



I’ve had a pretty usual life, there’s one or two aggravating factors here and there but everyone has a story to tell don’t they; their own personal history; you’ll be relieved to read that this isn’t where I share mine.


Well, not all of it, I need to share some to convey to you, my dearest reader, the message I am trying to tell.


The Lady that society would have me call ‘my wife’ is, as I freely admit, a truly wonderful Woman, and it is much fairer to say that I am Her husband than She is my wife.


All through my life I’ve been a giver; bending to the needs Read More

01 Jun

Estim Clamps – ElectraStim Uni-Polar ElectraClamps

It’s an interesting development that what started as one of my kinks has swiftly become one of Mistress’.  This suits me just fine since it means it happens all the more often.  I am of course referring to a spot of cock and ball play.


It all started with the fact I like a tight grip during masturbation.  I don’t just mean tight like you’d hold on to the last piece of pizza, but the knuckle whitening death grip of a first time roller coaster rider.  This naturally led to experimenting with Read More

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