31 Oct

Stockings and mind games

I’m not a hugely visual creature, if you’re a regular reader of subsmissives, you’ll know that already. By my own admission, I’m a relatively clever (and modest) chap, and a lot of what gets my motor running happens in my brain. However, I do have one weakness.  Stockings. Ok, it’s slightly more complex than that, because it’s stockings worn with a garter belt.


What is there to love about stockings?  Read More

30 Oct

Movember – Helping men live happier, healthier, longer lives

Movember and I have history.  We go way back, through the good times and the bad.  This will be my 5th year of having an itchy top lip and banging the Men’s Health drum.  Over those 5 years, I have raised several thousand pounds for the cause, and had countless conversations about the core Movember messages.  I have recruited dozens of fellow Mo-growers.  This year, I invite you, dearest reader to get involved. Read More

28 Oct

G-vibe 2 Anatomical Massager by FunToys

It’s strange sometimes how the universe works.  Chance encounters, brief glimpses and tenuous links conspire to shine fortune or failure upon us.  A recommendation from a fellow blogger brought myself and M and FunToys together and here you are reading the resultant review of the G-vibe 2.

It’s clear from the get-go that what we have here is something a little different.  Firstly, the G-vibe 2 is an anatomical massager; not a vibrator.  The packaging is not your standard box, but rather a quarter-size poster tube daubed with an arty flower not dissimilar to the anatomy it is designed to massage.


Cracking open the package Read More

26 Oct

Bound Nubuck Leather Heart Shaped Crop

I dunno about you, but I associate nubuck with my teen years, and that means the nineties (yes I am that old).  The Bound Nubuck Leather Heart Shaped Crop however is truly a fine piece of kit that my teen self would have had absolutely no clue over what it was.  We possess several crops already, but when sextoys.co.uk offered me this to review, I jumped at the chance.


My package from sextoys.co.uk arrived safely, discreetly and quickly.  I had to take my machete-like utility knife to get into the well-sealed bag, but when I finally did get through the packaging, I set eyes on the goodies within and immediately asked M to invoke the spank test.


“Tomorrow”, she said.


So when tomorrow came, and the kids were safely asleep in bed I whipped Read More

13 Oct

Anal Stretcher – Aluminium Alloy from MEO

I recently received a package from MEO for testing & reviewing for your reading pleasure.  The box was really heavy, which is proper exciting, it had my mind racing as to what delights might be inside.  Cracking it open, I was perhaps a little surprised to find a piece of black metal gleaming at me in the dimly lit hallway.  Taking it out of the box I was confronted by the MEO Anal Stretcher.


Regular readers of subsmissives will know that I am no stranger to the odd bit of anal play, and whilst I knew such things existed, I’d never Read More

09 Oct

Orgasm Control with Electrastim

Dearest reader, I want to introduce you to one of Mistress’ best friends.

It’s a sextoy like no other, but one which has featured in several places on the blog already.  Mistress likes it so much since it has an effect on me like nothing else.  It produces reactions that I just have no control over, and the sadistic streak in her likes the fact that she, ultimately, has caused that reaction.

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