31 Oct

Stockings and mind games

I’m not a hugely visual creature, if you’re a regular reader of subsmissives, you’ll know that already. By my own admission, I’m a relatively clever (and modest) chap, and a lot of what gets my motor running happens in my brain. However, I do have one weakness.  Stockings. Ok, it’s slightly more complex than that, because it’s stockings worn with a garter belt.


What is there to love about stockings?  Read More

31 Jul

national orgasm day 2016

Pizza, Ice cream, Cake; all the finest things have their own national days, so it should come as no surprise that national orgasm day 2016 is a thing too.  And what’s more, it’s today!!

I love a bandwagon, so here I am hopping about the National orgasm day 2016 with my very own blog post.

My thoughts on orgasm are at two extremes of the orgasm spectrum.

You see, my devotion to M initially made me want to give her as many orgasms as possible.  This is how our journey down the sex toy route started off.  It became apparent over time that quantity is not everything, and so attention turned to quality.  That’s great since sextoys still play their part, but now a focus is much more on learning about M’s body, what she likes and what she do Read More

29 May

Waiting – Mistress’ Friend & Ally

Oh waiting how I lovehate thee. So simple in guise, so simple to use, yet nothing more effective has come to the fore.


Oh waiting how I lovehate thee.  Sometimes you are short sometimes you seemingly never end, Mistress’ friend, merely my acquaintance.


Oh waiting, how I lovehate thee.  Together with Mistress you taunt my mind, of possibilities yet to unfold.


Oh waiting, how I lovehate thee.  When I long for more Read More

29 Mar

rant alert: normal ..?



What is normal?  The more time I spend reading and listening to others the more I become aware that people are concerned with what is normal.  Take my favourite online refuge, the lovehoney forum, some days the entire front page is people asking if they are normal.


When did people become so obsessed with the validation of others?  Why do people strive to be normal?

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28 Mar

bone biting (fetish)

When I talk about what turns me on, one of the things that gets the most reaction and follow up is what I call bone biting; a fetish if you will.

It all stems from my love of all things foot related.  I find the ankle bone so highly erotic that just writing the word ankle raises my pulse slightly.  I have spent many an hour stroking, holding, kissing and just looking Read More

28 Mar

first experience of subspace

I’ve heard of this thing called subspace.  I’ve read about it online, and to be honest it sounds like a load of bollocks.

How on earth is it possible to be so “out of it”, that you are not aware of what is going on, and that your Domme needs to be careful of what she does?

Only, now I’ve experienced subspace and my opinion has changed. Read More

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