19 May

Mistress wants to play a sexy game

Can you possibly imagine the delight I felt when Mistress tells me it’s time to play a sexy game.  Yeehaw, I think, my luck has finally come.


Let me rewind a little in the scene to paint you the picture.


It’s one of those rare occasions when the children are being housed all weekend at the in-laws, giving us some quality Mistress & sub time.  To make things extra special, we’ve been partaking in some tease and denial most evenings, so by the time the weekend actually arrives, my frustration levels are pretty high, and Mistress has the evil eye down to a Tee.  The rules are that if I can make it to Monday night having met all Her expectations, performed all tasks satisfactorily, taken any punishments quietly and with no spillage of that disgusting man fluid then She will allow me one crazy intense orgasm.


I’ve spent most of Saturday performing the tasks of a housemaid whilst Mistress sits in the early summer sun, trying to get some colour in Her milken legs; drinking tea and listening to music.  So it is with great eagerness that I ask for more details about the sexy game.


“Go to the living room, pull the blind, lay out the sheet by the sofa and take off your trousers.  Then wait.”, She playfully instructs.  “You will find out more in due course”, Her tone changes on the last two words to let me know I shouldn’t ask any more.  I do as instructed, and then wait.


Oh waiting, how I lovehate thee.  I just want to get on with the kink…!


After a couple of minutes, She enters the living room, and closes the door behind Her.  “What are you thinking about?”, She asks as She brushes past me.

“My Mistress” I answer.

“Good”, She says, now stood directly behind me.  “From now on you will talk only when I tell you to, as soon as I tell you to.  It will stay this way until I leave the room”.  Oh man I love it when She’s so… authoritarian.   Silence.


On silence how I lovehate thee.  I just want to get on with the kink…!


Suddenly a loud noise breaks the silence, well it’s not loud, just my heightened senses and anticipation have blown it all out of proportion.  What was it?  Sounded like something on skin.  But not my skin there’s no heat or stinging sensation anywhere.  It’s just Her games I tell myself, turning my head to look at Her.


There it is again; it definitely sounds like a spanking type noise, drawing my eyes down towards Her left hands, which I thought were clasped in front of Her, it immediately becomes obvious the sound I’ve just been hearing is latex gloves.


My realisation is confirmed as She places Her rubbery hands on either side of my head, “keep looking forward”.


She walks away from me, over to the sideboard, where She opens a cupboard, and takes something out, She walks back towards to me, past me, towards the bookshelf in the corner.  Another sound, a plug being inserted into a socket, my heightened senses tell me.


I stand, posterior poking out, expecting the gloves to be indicative of some sort of anal/medical role play.  She slaps my butt with Her gloved hand.


“Stand side on to the sofa” She instructs softly but firmly, each of words causing a tingle of anticipation in the bottom of my spine.  As I move, She gently tosses the doxy wand and a towel onto the sofa, this must be what She has plugged in.  She leans into my ear and whispers “hope that big brain in that big head of yours is ready for my little game”.

I let out a small feeble whimper as She brushes past me again as She makes Her way to sit on the sofa.


Sitting down on the towel, She says to me “what are your rules?”

“Please Mistress and no sperm allowed”.


“OK, now here’s the game, I’m going to ask you a question.  In between asking and you giving me an answer I am going to squeeze, rub and tease this…”  She swipes my alert cock with a deft flick of the wrist.  “No repetition, no stalling for time.  Remember those rules, do you understand?”

“uhhuh” I acknowledge.

“And speak clearly” She snaps back

“Yes Mistress”.


She leans forward slightly and takes my penis in Her latex encased right hand, and squeezes firmly.


“Are you ready to begin?” Her grip intensifies.

“yes Mistress”

“What do I have in my hand?” Her hand slowly moves towards my body, fully retracting my foreskin.  I feel the slight early summer chill on my wet glans.

“my penis, Mistress” I answer instantly.


“Good, now, what do I have in my hand?” as She strokes the foreskin back over the tip of my cock

“my penis” I reply, quietly content at my composure.


Her grip releases, She grabs the doxy turns on full power and shoves it into my balls.  “No repetition, idiot”.


The intense vibrations from the doxy are radiating through my sac and into the base of my penis, I can palpably feel the rush of blood as the stimulation really starts to take hold.  And then it stops.  Thankfully She has turned off the doxy.

“Try again, a different answer”, as She puts the doxy down and grabs my penis again, “what is in my hand”


“My cock Mistress” I reply almost before She had finished asking.


“Good. What is in my hand?”

“My dick, Mistress”

“What is in my hand?”

“My schlong, Mistress”

“What is in my hand?”

“My trouser snake, Mistress”

“What is in my hand?”  With each question, Her grip seems to tighten, or perhaps it’s my increased excitedness, and with each question Her hand travels the length of my cock.

“Erm” this must be what it’s like to be on a game show, everyone at home shouting various answers at the TV screen, but my mind is blank. “erm” I repeat.  Her hand has now stroked my penis back and forth twice this round. “My man handle”; I have no idea where this comes from, I’m just pleased that it buys me respite from the stroking.


“What is in my hand?” My penis is now extremely wet, and extremely hard, Her hand is gliding freely up and down my shaft.

“My shaft Mistress”

“What is in my hand?”

“My love pole Mistress”

“What is in my hand?”

“My magic stick Mistress”  I’m quite impressed with some of these answers I’m coming up with under such pressure.

Pressure! I suddenly realise that the pressure is building, and with each stroke pre-cum is splattering across the sheet Mistress asked me to lay with such foresight,


And that’s it, gone is my zen-like state where I’m pulling answers out of thin air.

“What is in my hand?

“oh er umm” the speed of Her strokes increases

MMMNNNNGGGRRRRRRRRRR  I hear the doxy fire up

“erm My willy, Mistress”; why on earth hadn’t I thought of that one before?

The doxy falls silent.

“What is in my hand?”

“Please don’t make me cum Mistress”

“What is in my hand? She repeats, firmly.

My gluteus muscles start to tighten, I rise slightly on to my tiptoes. I can almost feel the dreaded cum leave my balls and begin travelling towards my cock.   She lets go of my cock.

Not a moment too soon either, I wilt with relief.

“WHAT is in my hand?” The relief is short lived, Her fingers delicately playing with my moist head.

I give a look which I hope She reads as please stop but probably looks more like oh god help me.

“WHAT IS IT?” She repeats


Oh shit not the doxy again.

“It’s my wanger, Mistress”  I grimace at the absurdity of the word I’ve just said.

“Think, you idiot, it’s a game” She playfully teases me.

“What is in my hand?”

I close my eyes, concentrate, maybe I can get through this.  She is stroking my cock with one hand, and intensely flicking the tip with the finger of Her other hand.  I can’t get through this.

I almost resign myself to the inevitable whimpering mess I am destined to become, the sub who failed his Mistress.

Again, my muscles tighten, I let out a long moan, but suddenly She stops.

I look at Her, she laughs and starts stroking faster harder than before.

Suddenly it dawns me on what she wants to hear.

“It’s yours Mistress” I manage to squeak.

Everything stops.

“Go on”

“What’s in your hand is yours to do with as you please, Mistress”.


“Very good” She says, “now sit down, cross legs and keep your eyes on me”

The relief is huge, I’m so glad to be able to sit down, my throbbing penis reminding me of how close I nearly… came.  I fix my eyes on Mistress.


She moves forward on the sofa, hitches Her skirt up a little, hands between Her thighs.

“What is in my hand?”

“the Doxy, Mistress”


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