02 May

Mistress – my Queening

Since the birth of child number 2, our opportunity to indulge in BDSM has diminished.  The days or rather extended weekends of Domme/sub play have turned into little snippets when and where we can.


What this means though is that sometimes it comes at the most unexpected of times, and whereas in our relationship previously we kept the vanilla and the spice separate, today they live alongside each other.


Let me share with you an event from earlier this month.

Having got the children in bed on time, and having also managed to eat dinner early we showered and made our way to the bedroom, door shut.  You know how it goes, chatting, laughing, touching, I won’t bore you with the details.


Let me skip on about an hour, where we are both unclothed, Mistress has a glint in her eye, her naked breast pressed against my side as she lay with the doxy humming between the top of her thighs.  I am laying on my front; Mistress likes me like this recently, since it means any excitement I may experience is bounded by the mattress, and my bottom is freely available for her whimsied strike.  The cable of the doxy is across my back.  Her breasts press into me even more as her back arches as she reaches a multiple climax with the doxy.  She removes the wand and plonks it on my back, I take this as a sign she has finished, wipe down the doxy and return it to its storage.


I roll over, expecting the usual post orgasm cuddle, and to learn whether she’ll give me the option of an orgasm or not, only to see that look still in her eyes.  “On your back” she instructs as she steps from the bed.


My mind starts whirring; earlier in the evening we had spoken about many things we’d have to do sometime soon; from a sensual massage to heavy spanking; what was it to be, clearly my luck was in, but to what extent…?


I lay on my back, on my side of the bed.  “Not there”, she beckons me to lie across the bed, I duly do as instructed.  Mistress approaches the side of the bed where my head is.  Looking up at her from my prone position, I can see that her nipples are still erect and that her skin has that post orgasm rouge that brings real colour to her otherwise delicately pale skin.


She leans forward and moves my arms so my hands are positioned on the bed either side of my head, and gently climbs on the bed beside me.  “Don’t think you’ll be needing that” she playfully snaps as she swipes my erect penis with the palm of her hand.  This just hardens my erection and it springs back upright.  Mistress springs off of the bed and goes to the cupboard, returning with a short silicone butterfly crop, “I have a feeling I may need this”.  As she gets back on the bed she moves deftly so she is sitting on my chest, her bum cheeks just nestling against my chin.  She slaps my cock twice with the crop, “this needs to go away before we go any further”.


It’s been such a long time since I had to exercise any sort of mind control over my penis, I’m really not sure I can do this.  I try and remember where my place of sanctuary is, I can’t.  Mistress’ bottom brushes against my chin as she flicks the crop again.  “2 minutes and I go”.   I start to panic, I have no idea what she has planned but I want it, oh man I want it. So much.


“Oh come on babe, give me…” I start to say.  “NO” she interrupts, “I am not your babe, now shut up and make it go away”.


More by luck than judgement, I can feel the intensity of my erection wane; sometimes stress can be your friend.  “Good boy” she says after a moment or two, patting me on the thigh.  I feel a stirring in my balls, ignore it ignore it ignore it I say to myself.


Mistress leans forward, moves her legs back so that her shins are over my forearms, her breasts rub against the lower part of my torso, I raise my head to look at her.  I see her vulva.  It’s getting ever closer, her plump lips glistening with the juices from her time with the wand.  “You want this?”.   I look, and notice her labia are swollen, the vulva seems fuller than usual too, redder too.


I stammer. “emrmrmm”.

“Well” she says firmly, “do you want it?”

“y..yy…yes” I manage.

She lowers herself slowly over my head, which is still raised.  She brushes her labia over my nose before moving away again.  “Ask nicely then” she says.  I can feel the moisture she has left behind on my nose begin to itch, damn my fucking nose I think to myself.  Still, small mercies, this preoccupying thought detracts my attention from what might be happening between my legs.


“Please Mistress”; Again she dips her hips so that my nose gets wet.

“Better, try again”

“Please Mistress, be my Queen”.


“Mmmmm” she says as she sits upright, my face buried in her vulva.  “Here you go then”, as she pushes down on my face, and wiggles her hips.





Oh my god, she’s sitting on my face, I actually can’t believe my luck.

My brain is overwhelmed with the sudden change and sensory overload.

Suddenly I realise. Lack of air. I try to breathe out, I can’t, she’s pushing down on my face too much.  I try to pull my head back, I can’t; the mattress is below me.  I try to turn my face to the side, I can’t, she squeezes my head by moving her thigh closer.  I try and rock my head back and forth to free some air, but the moisture of her previous orgasms have formed an air tight lock around my face. And then she leans forward, I gasp for air.


“Lick me”.

I raise my head and nuzzle into her, feeling my way around her moist warmness with my nose.  I find her clit and flick my tongue over it.  She bears down on me again.  My nose going into her vagina, my mouth full with her pubic mound.  She rocks back and forth on my face, letting out little groans and sighs as she enjoys riding on top of my face.  She moves her arms so that they are resting on my hips, pushing down on my midriff helps to raise my face into her.


Suddenly she grabs my cock and frantically strokes up and down until hard.  She flicks it with her hand.  I am taken by so much surprise that I almost forget I’m running out of air again.  Forget that is until I involuntarily take a sharp breath in.  Or at least I try, my nose is blocked and my mouth is full.  All this serves to do is give a sudden jolt to Mistress’ pleasure.  This has the desired effect of breaking the seal around my nose and letting me breathe.  Mistress is not pleased.  She slaps my cock with real force, I feel the precum splatter over my hip and upper leg, she leans over and grabs the crop again, smattering my groin and thighs with short sharp slaps.


“Stick out your tongue” she says.


She moves further down over my head, and lowers herself onto my face again, ensuring my tongue enters her vagina.  “Stick it out further”.  I push my tongue out as far as I can, feeling the frenulum in my mouth stretching.  “Raise your knees” she says.  She grabs hold of my knees, moving her own position so she can spring on her knees easier, and starts rocking back and forth slowly on my tongue.


With every downward motion my face is squashed; before she pulls on my knees to lift up slightly, and the warm stale air hits my face again, she begins to speed up.  My tongue being forced ever deeper inside her vagina, my nose taking a battering.


This new position means my hands are now free, and as I position them under my neck to support her weight on my face Mistress says “Tango – under the pillow”.


I reach over and sure enough the tango is hiding her pillow, I know what she wants, so waste no time in turning it on, and finding a way between my chest and her thigh to her clit.  I hold it as best I can against her clit, and notice that the rhythm of her bouncing on my face is both increasingly erratic and frantic…

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