28 Mar

bone biting (fetish)

When I talk about what turns me on, one of the things that gets the most reaction and follow up is what I call bone biting; a fetish if you will.

It all stems from my love of all things foot related.  I find the ankle bone so highly erotic that just writing the word ankle raises my pulse slightly.  I have spent many an hour stroking, holding, kissing and just looking at Mistress’ ankle bone, that it was only natural that I wanted to bite it.

The first time I did it was when I was instructed to kiss Mistress from head to toe whilst my hands were tied behind my back.  As I was unable to feel her ankle with my hands and I wanted to so badly to have more experience of her than just my lips that I put my whole mouth around her ankle bone and dragged my teeth over the delicate bone.  She nearly hit the roof such did it tickle, and my behind was struck for going against her orders.    Her reaction just made me want to do it again, so I did, and so began a short period of my biting followed by her striking, until I was sent to the contemplate my solitude in the corner.


And so began my fetish, nah my obsession with bone biting.    Well It’s not so much biting as grating my teeth along the bone, taking the bone between my teeth as I kiss and gently nibbling the skin around the bone.

Mistress now uses it as a reward for when I have been good, since I enjoy it so much.  I also now enjoy the same on her knees, and her elbows, although the divinity of her toes still haven’t been betwixt my teeth.  Oh how I long for that thrill.


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