31 Jul

national orgasm day 2016

Pizza, Ice cream, Cake; all the finest things have their own national days, so it should come as no surprise that national orgasm day 2016 is a thing too.  And what’s more, it’s today!!

I love a bandwagon, so here I am hopping about the National orgasm day 2016 with my very own blog post.

My thoughts on orgasm are at two extremes of the orgasm spectrum.

You see, my devotion to M initially made me want to give her as many orgasms as possible.  This is how our journey down the sex toy route started off.  It became apparent over time that quantity is not everything, and so attention turned to quality.  That’s great since sextoys still play their part, but now a focus is much more on learning about M’s body, what she likes and what she doesn’t like.  I have learned to read her bodily movements, her changes in breathing, the little flickers of sinews in her extremities that tell me whether what I’m doing is right or wrong.  You see – sex toys don’t mean a loss of intimacy; they facilitate stronger relationships, and ultimately awesome orgasms.

Awesome orgasms have become a bit of an obsession.  What started off with a simple cock-ring to enhance penetrative sex became a rabbit for M to use. Then a vibrator, and then a dildo, and before long I’m this sex toy hoarding orgasm-junkie. And they’re not ven my orgasms!


Only I’m not.  I actually don’t orgasm that frequently, and this brings us to the opposite end of the spectrum i mentioned earlier.  What started out as a hygiene thing, and not wanting to have to clean up after my mess has become interest in chastity play, in tease and denial and in ruined orgasms.  But, you see, this way lies a bit of an epiphany.

Be under no illusion that I absolutely adore M being in control, and the teasing, and everything else too. It’s a happy coincidence that the greater the time between my orgasms, the stronger those orgasms become.  And therein is the eureka moment.  For us, it seems the longer between orgasms for me, the greater the orgasm, but the more frequently M orgasms, the better.   The fact that aligns with my kinks is all the better.


Through my teens and into my early twenties I had become pretty good at the quiet orgasm.  Not through want but through need – living first with my parents and then with peers.  Now, however, I am incapable of a quiet orgasm.  In our adventures together, M has figured out my body just the same way I have figured hers out.  I think it’s widely acknowledged that there are many female erogenous zones, but what of the male?

There is so much more to an orgasm than just concentrating on the sticky out bit.  Yes, some teasing, edging or denial will result in a more explosive orgasm, but why be satisfied with that?  Men have nipples – personally I like mine being bit, hard, but for others it might just be a gentle tweak.  I have a spot just above my pubic bone which when stimulated makes the testis on the opposite side jiggle about involuntarily.  It’s a pretty odd feeling, and one which M takes great delight in making happen.


So, my message to you, my dearest reader, for national orgasm day 2016, is it’s all about the orgasm but also not all about the orgasm.


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