29 May

Waiting – Mistress’ Friend & Ally

Oh waiting how I lovehate thee. So simple in guise, so simple to use, yet nothing more effective has come to the fore.


Oh waiting how I lovehate thee.  Sometimes you are short sometimes you seemingly never end, Mistress’ friend, merely my acquaintance.


Oh waiting, how I lovehate thee.  Together with Mistress you taunt my mind, of possibilities yet to unfold.


Oh waiting, how I lovehate thee.  When I long for more you appear, when I want for you, you are nowhere near.


Oh waiting, how I lovehate thee.  You give me time to reflect, for my senses to expand and anticipation to build.


The wait. Such a simple yet powerful tool in the hands of Mistress.


Mistress knows full well that my mind likes to dance off on kinky possibilities of what might be afoot.  She will pause mid-scene, or maybe keep me waiting for an age before anything even begins.  She knows my mind is my sanctuary, and that the wait lets me in.


I love the wait. It lets me find peace in the midst of a spanking.  I love the wait. It buys me respite when I am busy serving Her need.  I love the wait. I know it means She is preparing, She is thinking, and good things are yet to come. I love the wait.


I hate the wait.  I don’t want to stop.  I hate the wait.  I want more now.  I hate the wait. I long for feelings; I don’t care what they are I just want to feel.  I hate the wait. For fear of what might follow.  I hate the wait.


Where’s the wait in BDSM?  It’s everywhere.  Bondage – you must wait whilst being bound; the more you wait the more intense the bondage.  Domination – the Dominant is master not only of the sub but of the subs time; the wait is the Dominants ticking companion.  Sadism – the delight from causing pain is only heightened by the wait.  Masochism – the masochist must wait for what they crave; making its final receipt ever more impactful.


How do you work waiting into playtime…?



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