23 Mar

my nose

I have a really sensitive nose, really really sensitive.  The very act of scratching my nose makes me sneeze.  If I have the shower on too hot my nose goes red-sore.

This evening Mistress has used this knowledge against me.

I’ve been subservient to her today, and I may have got one or two things wrong, like forgetting to put ice in her pepsi and assuming the popcorn was for sharing, so I knew a punishment was on its way.

So when she went to bed, I followed her, and rubbed some moisturising creme into her back, helped her into her night clothes, and lay next to her.   She rolls over to face me, lays across my chest and leans in to kiss me…

I pucker up in anticipation of reward for all the things I have got right today, but instead she licks my nose.  Then she pokes it, and squeezes it and prods it.

This continues for 5 minutes, with extra prods every time I flinch, which I do because it’s uncomfortable.  When she’s finished she rolls over, and tells me to tickle her back until she falls asleep.

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