31 Dec

2016 Review

It seems that those with a blog are obliged to write a review of the year type blog post.  This I was not aware of, I must have missed that when reading the small print, so I don’t really have any notes to write my 2016 Review from, so in typically sporadic sub style, I present…

2016 Review – The personal shiz

I suppose the main news this year is that the baby goes from strength to strength, now discharged from 1 of the 3 specialist clinics they were under, and a second not wanting us to take them back until started at school, the main change 2016 saw was considerably fewer hospital trips than the previous 2 years.  We have been really lucky, some parents we met on our hospital merry-go-round have been considerably less lucky than us.

M seems to be recovering well from the trauma she suffered, and although it’s meant a change in career and a sizeable cut to our income, she is much happier than she been in a long time, and money isn’t everything, even if it does buy an awful lot.

My own health has been up down & round and round.  The big change is the diagnosis that I have a sleeping disorder, and the treatment I am now receiving which means I’m getting at least 6 hours decent sleep most nights – looking back, I had no idea how bloody knackered I was and no idea how on earth I kept going.

Ummm, there was pizza, some ice cream, some rants, some stuff about movember and a give away or two.

Pretty boring year really.

2016 review

2016 Review – Blogs & Flogs

2016 will always be the year I launched subsmissives.com, which was supposed to be, well actually I don’t know what it was supposed to be, and I don’t really know what it is nor what it will become.  What I can tell you is that it’s been bloody tricky – it has triggered some poor mental health for me, and I’ve almost quit a couple of times.  The fact is though, that I enjoy trying, typing and tweeting, so I’m going to carry on.  My friend LSB at littleswitchbitch.com has helped me through the worthless feelings, and thanks to companies like Knicker Rocker Glory, fellow blogger Ella, and my lovely twitter followers I’m beginning to believe I have worth as a writer.

I was pleased to make it into the kinkly sex blogging superheroes, but missing out on other lists was a bit gutting; I’m still confused about how I feel about such rankings.  There was much talk at the time, which I tried not to get involved in but umm yeah, moving on…


My most viewed post of the year is actually the Through the Curtains erotica, which caught me by surprise.  The most popular review has been the satisfyer, which I suppose is reflective of the innovations in the sextoy industry in 2016.  My personal favourite is the spank test – but then I have always been a fan of flogging, spanking and general hittiness.

Special thanks to MEO, Sextoys.co.uk and latex leather & lace for sending me awesome products this year; looking forward to working with you chaps some more in 2017.

Best of the best award goes to the Alpha Male 3, whilst the wooden spoon goes to Sqweel XT.

2016 Review – looking forward

I’m hoping for a bumper year ahead.  Certainly on the review front, things are looking promising, with toys from mystery vibe, we-vibe, tantus, loveyourselfonline, Velvet Fleurs, #teamamazeballs already sitting in my cupboard.  With luck, I should have something for you from The Slinky Minx, Desirables and Forbidden Pleasures too.

I’m hoping that as baby grows older we might have some in-depth FemDomme stories to share with you too, and having recently received a strap-on kit from an anonymous benefactor you should probably keep your eyes open for a pegging story at some point.

Fun Factory remain at the top of our wish list for 2017, Tiger & Bouncer dildos cause heart eye emoji.  The Squeeze Swan Curve from BMS, Jopen & Spiritus round off our new desires for 2017.  We want to try more materials – I’ve just bought a stone dildo, and hope to have some ceramic for you soon, and metal is always a wantwantwant – a hook is next on our must try list.

I’m quite enjoying writing erotic fiction, although I’m still very much finding my feet here, so there may be more if time allows.  The last thing I hope is that there might be more joint working and collaboration in 2017.


Thank you, dearest reader for your support in 2017.  Wishing you peace and good health for the new year.



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