04 Jan

Eleven pipers piping – the 11th day of Christmas

The penultimate, and eleventh in an unrelated series of stories, inspired by the 12 days of Christmas; Day 11: Eleven Pipers Piping

On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, eleven pipers piping


My true love has always had pretty decent organisational skills, but even I was surprised just how quickly he’d managed to organise this one.

From a semi drunken conversation on new year’s eve, here we are just 3 days later welcoming a bunch of his mates into our home.


As they arrive, I rush round getting everyone drinks.  It’s only mid-afternoon, but most of them want lager.  Honestly, what is it with blokes and lager?


When all 10 of his mates have arrived, and drinks have been provided, we indulge in some awkward chit-chat.  Everyone knows why we’re here, and I think we all just want to get down to business.


From my position in the doorway, I capture my true love’s eyes across the room.  I try to give him a discreet signal that I’m ready.


“OK lads, let’s get down to this shall we?”  the low mumble of male voices ceases in an instant.

He reaches behind the sofa, “Here’s how it is going to work, Noelle is gonna lie, sit, whatever, on this beanbag, and well, we’ll just do our stuff.”



With that he lays out our massive garden slouch pillow and plonks it in the middle of the room.  “come on then Noelle”.


I break free from the cover of the doorway, trying to walk seductively across the short space to the beanbag.  Inside the butterflies are lifting my stomach into my throat and I feel like I’m walking on jelly. Somehow I make it to the centre of the room, and the men form a loose a circle around me.


My true love puts his hand on my back and releases the button and zip from my dress.  I help him remove it with a shrug of the shoulders.  I stand, hands around my waist, trying to shrink into as small a space as possible, nerves and excitement baying for top spot in my emotions.

I feel my true love pulling at the top of my tights, looking for the slit I’d made as agreed.  He found it and tore the tights from me with a forceful tug which made my body shake.


My breasts jiggled a little, drawing attention to the fact that my nipples were enjoying either the forthcoming excitement, or the early January chill.


Now down to just my boyshorts, I sat on the beanbag.  “come on then guys”.

They needed no further invitation, closing a circle around me, some of them begin to unbutton their jeans, other’s just pull their trousers straight down.  Soon I am surrounded by cocks, all pointed at me.


Some of the men are already hard, others not so much.  I reached for 2 of the guys whose cocks are still flaccid and squeeze my hand around them, to my delight they instantly sprung to attention.  Trying my best to coordinate rubbing 2 cocks, I looked around at the other guys, a few were just stood there like rabbits caught in headlights.

“Come on, give me your cum” I encouraged.

“Don’t be worried chaps” my true love reiterated.


Now that everyone has their cock out, I lay back and enjoy the view, watching the swollen purple heads disappear within a fisted grip, before reappearing again.  Some of the stroking long and slow, other’s frantically rubbing their cock hard.  Beyond the cocks are the faces of the men, they all blur into one, as I feast my eyes on the juiciness before me.

I take one of my tit in my left hand, and start to massage it, pulling the nipple, making it stand up even more.

The previous silence is now interrupted by various manly grunts; some of the men more vocal than others.  Some of them muttering “slut” and “whore” under their breath,


“Am I your dirty little cumslut?” I tease, breaking the deep-toned grunts with my playful light tone.  “I want your cum – all of you”.


With that, one guy to my left grunts out “YYEEeessssss”, and the first spatter of cum hits my leg.  The warmth surprising me, lifting me, and for the first time I feel a need to be touched.

This first lot of cum has cut through the nerves and made me aware of my own body; the sight and though of those cocks all here for me sparking shivers of excitement. Starting with those butterflies that still flutter in my chest, over my stomach and into my groin.  I follow their path with my hand, slowly, wanting to make sure all the men see what I’m doing.


My hand reaches the delicate lace of my boyshorts, and I lift it with my middle finger, sliding my hand inside my pants.


My fingers reach my slit, and furrow gently inside, to find the warmth and moisture of excitement.  I tentatively touch my swollen clit, and let out an audible gasp as further ripples of excitement course back up my body.


This is the final straw for two of the guys as they simultaneously empty their load across my chest, the hot cum running over my tits towards my neck.

“YES!” I encourage, “I want more”.

Still rubbing my clit I place my other hand in their cum, and massage it in into my tit.  I feel more and more hot cum raining down over my stomach, and onto my arms and as a few more of the guys cum onto me.  Like warm gooey rain, the cum beats down on my skin, “yes, more!” each time a new spurt my body, feeling the warmth radiate towards my pussy. I let the cum trickle over my body, I watch to see where it runs, over my tits, my stomach, down my arms.


Feeling more need, more desire, I push my hand further into my pants, feeling my pussy lips throbbing with want.


I look up and see that there are 4 guys, including my true love, still ardently masturbating their cocks.  Removing my hand from my pants, I grab the two cocks nearest to me and rub them hard and fast, pulling them closer to me.  I pull the cocks towards my face, rubbing them hard and fast, until first the right hand releases, spurting his load into my hair, and then the left hand moments later, hitting my cheek, a drop of cum rebounding into my eyelash.


Another guy cums over my tits again, the hot juice mixing with what’s already there.  Just my true love remains now, his cock purple, wet and throbbing above my head.


He moves round so he is between my legs, and pulls down my cum soaked boyshorts.  Lifting my hips up and resting my ankles up on his shoulders, he places his throbbing cock against my pulsating vulva and thrusts hard inside me.


Feeling his hardness enter me so forcefully sends waves of pleasure through my spine, tingling across my shoulders and up to my neck.  He thrusts hard, my tits jiggle and cum starts to spatter me the face.  His mates looking on, some with renewed hardness, other hanging limply.


He thrusts faster, his large cock hitting the wall of my cervix, I try to bear down on him, taking him as deep as I can.  Feeling his length filling me up.  He pulls on my legs as he thrusts into me, and throws his head back as his hips buck his cum into me.  The noisy grunt of his orgasm hits me right in my pussy, his pleasure becoming my pleasure as the tingles take over my body and I let out a primal scream as my own orgasm wracks through my body.


He withdraws, and lets me collapse into the beanbag, cum dripping from my torso, my face and now my pussy.

On the Eleventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, Eleven Pipers Piping, Ten Lords A-Leaping, Nine Ladies Dancing, Eight Maids A-Milking, Seven Swans A-Swimming, Six Geese A-Laying, Five Gold Rings, Four Colly Birds, Three French Hens, Two Turtle Doves & A Partridge in a Pear Tree


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