29 Dec

five gold rings – the 5th day of Christmas

The fifth in an unrelated series of stories, inspired by the 12 days of Christmas; Day 5: Five gold rings

On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, five gold rings.

It’s Christmas, the time I am allowed to revert back to my childhood and get all excited for the week. A time to eat, drink and open presents.


Todays present was in a pretty small box, sure it was wrapped in the familiar red lustre paper with gold bow, but if I didn’t know better, that was about the size of a jewellery box.


I’m not really one for jewellery, sure I wear a ring from the day my true love and I were married, but that’s it.  I did have a sovereign, but couldn’t bear it, and my St Christopher lives in my wallet rather than round my neck.


After breakfast, bacon & eggs of course, my true love presents to me the present.  I eagerly unwrap, untying the bow, and ripping off the paper to reveal… a jewellery box.


Opening up the red box, I am met by not one, but five gold rings.

“They seem a bit large for my fingers” I say

“They’re not for your fingers” my true love replies. “pull down your trousers”.


I pull down my trousers, and my true love pulls my flaccid penis out of my boxers.  She takes the 5 rings and slides them on, three around the base, one around the bell-end, and the largest one over the whole package and behind the balls.


The larger ring holds my balls away from my body, bunching up the testicles, and pushing my penis forward more.  Whereas before my penis was hanging freely, the rings at the base are now making it point forward more.


It’s not erect, but the rings are holding the blood flow in my penis, making it swell up and appear a little larger than usual.  The ring around my glans is tight but not uncomfortable, again, making my glans swell.


My true love leans in and kisses me.  A quick peck followed by a longer lingering one.  She playfully bites my bottom lip.  I feel a minute movement in my groin.  She kisses again, softly pressing her lips against mine. She pulls in closer, kissing along my jawbone to my ear.

The movement in my groin is becoming greater, her gentle breath and the softness of her lips on my skin causing my heart to beat a little harder.


My cock starts to rise. She kisses more, nibbling my earlobe, breathing into my ear.

As my cock starts to swell the rings bite.  They restrict the blood flow, and I can feel them digging in around the base of my penis.  The tightness becoming slightly uncomfortable, I reach down to adjust.

My true love swipes my hand away, whispering “no touching” into my ear. Her hand, previously on my shoulder slides down my chest to my nipple.  She places her thumb and forefinger on the nipple, and pulls it, simultaneously biting on my ear.

The shock of sensation this causes ripples down my chest into my abdomen.  My cock swells further.  The pressure of blood flow overcoming the swell at the base of my cock, and flowing into the shaft.

The swollen shaft is throbbing.  Those rings are becoming increasingly uncomfortable, the blood that struggled to flow into my penis is now trapped and cannot flow back out.  I’m trying desperately not to flex my pelvic floor muscles for fear of the additional erection this will give me.

My true love’s hand moves further down, pausing on my pelvis, triggering in the involuntary tensing of my PC muscles.  Her kisses move back to my lips.

The swelling makes its way finally to the head of penis.  The ring around my glans pulling tight.  My erection is complete.

This is like no erection I’ve ever had before.  The discomfort from the rings is palpable, they were tight before excitement, they are now forcibly rubbing into my skin, my cock looking like a trussed up piece of meat.

The blood-filled tissue makes it look a deep red colour; it wants to break free from the rings, I feel as if I were to just give my pelvic floor another squeeze then the blood flow will break them.  So I squeeze.

I instantly wish I hadn’t as the tearing pain that follows makes me want to cower into a ball.  The rings are so tight, like a fist of steel around my manhood.   I break away from the contact with my true love “you’ve got to let me out, it hurts…”.


“I had planned for this”, she whispers.

Producing a small bullet vibe from her pocket, she presses the button on the base and presses it against the underside of my glans.

Immediately the vibrations find their way down the length of my shaft and into my balls.  After just a few seconds, my whole appendage is alive with a new sensation.  The swelling is throbbing in harmony with the vibe, the tightness of the rings still causing pain.  Pain and pleasure combine into a single heady blur of wave after wave of… feeling. So much going on that I can barely think.  The feeling is rising.  Throbbing.  Vibrating.  Stretching against the metal rings, my penis swells even further. The rattle of the vibe against the metal is a distant sound – the rush of blood and sound of neurons firing fills my head.  My eyes roll, the room spins.

And suddenly quiet.  Almost as if it has become too much and the conscious mind has slipped away.

And then in full glorious technicolour, it all comes flooding back.  Louder. Harder. More intense. One last throb beneath the metal rings as my penis chucks out a splosh of milky fluid across the carpet.  My cock bucks again as another spurt shoots out. Still swollen in the rings, another pulse sends yet another arc of cum on to the floor.  The tightness now waning, the cum slows to a trickle. The vibe ceases and the ring over my glans falls to the floor.

On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, five gold rings, four colly birds, three french hens, two turtle doves, and a partridge in a pear tree.

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