11 Oct

Make a move

Introducing some guest erotica…

He saw her dancing with a friend, her ass shaking so nicely in blue jeans that seems to hug her curvy hips just right.  Her hand raised up and her top edged up just enough that he saw a quick glimpse of black lace thong peeking just above her waist band.  He knew he needed to see the rest.

The eyes of so many men were on her, but it was a corporate sponsored function and still early so people were playing it polite and cool.  The party was winding down, and while it was out of character of him to be so forward he approached her friend and invited them to join him at different club to keep the dancing going.

They were tipsy and agreed as he lead them down to the hotel lobby and had valet retrieve the two-seater convertible sports car he rented… for a moment he questioned how this was going to pan out with two of them?  They squeezed into the front seating giggling and he sped off and revved the engine a bit to show off.

They were to the next club within minutes, his large cash tip coupled with the two hot women easily got them into the club without a wait.  The music pounding, he got a round of drinks to further lubricate them as they all hit the dance floor and he tried to play it cool.  After a couple more rounds no one was feeling any pain and her friend decided to head back on her own, with an early flight she was ready to call it a night.

He now had her to himself and danced close behind her wrapping his hand around her waist, her perfect ass rocking and shaking into him.  He knew she could feel his semi-erect cock as his hands grasping her waist as he grinded into her hard on the dance floor.  He loved the feel of her bare skin as his hands raised up the hem of her top again to see even more of what promised to be some sexy underwear.

The scene was getting too crowded and distracting with other men approaching her to dance so he suggested a drive in the city downtown in the convertible to cool down.  She agreed and headed to the ladies room and promised to meet him a few minutes later at the valet stand to leave the club.

So now they were alone in his car he played the radio low to avoid an awkward silence with just the two of them. His mind was racing with the hum of the engine… how was he going to make his move?

Then the music on the radio turned to a sexy song… the lyrics cutting over the night wind I am not your brother, I am not your father.”  He turned to her with a hungry look and she smiled and sang along for a line and then stated it was the perfect sound to masturbate to!  Somehow his mouth managed to get the words his cock wanted him to say “show me how you touch yourself!”

His eyes grew wide and he held his breath as the sounds of the city and the engine purring was all silent to him as she slid her hand down into her waist band.  He could see the fabric crotch of her jeans expand as she moved her fingers around and sighed when she found her clit.  She kept her eyes locked with his as she rocked her hips with the chorus of “I want your sex” still playing on the radio.  The light changed and he regretfully had to bring his eyes a bit forward and drive slowly into the crowded and popular downtown.  She threw her head back, shifted a foot to the dashboard and laughed daring people to look closer.

He could barely control his eyes to check the road as she unzipped her pants to get better access to herself.  She took her pants down below her hips as he gasped in shock.  Pushing down the black lace thong her pussy was completely bare and her slit was open just a bit.  She was already so wet he could see the lights of the city reflecting off her juices.   He heard her moan as she placed her fingers deep inside and worked her clit with her thumb, the sound somehow brought his mind back to driving the car a bit away from the crowd on the sidewalks.

The next light went red so he could watch her closely as she stroked and fingered her pussy.  He then decided to drive a longer route than necessary to give her more time.  She moved her other hand up inside her top and squeezed her tit as she looked and him and asked, “You like watching?”

He could only nod as the light changed green and his foot hit the gas to catch some speed on a side street and get the air hitting them as he drove a bit reckless into the night.  She laid her head back, raised up her top, pulled down her lace sheer bra to fully expose her breasts.  As they approached the next light she pulled it back down while his mouth watering wanting to see her beautiful tits longer.

He gulped as at the next red light as she braced both feet on the dash, spread her legs further open while bucking her hips into her hand in rhythm to the current song on the radio “Hotel Room”.  Her bare ass sliding so easily on the leather seat while she thrust her fingers even deeper inside her pussy.  It was like she was still dancing the way her body moved with her probing fingers as she cried out above the roar of the wind to cum.

The following silence while some silly commercial rang out over the radio did not feel unnatural as she laid back in the seat with her feet back on the floor board but her legs spread open, hand still on her sex and her thighs visibly wet.  Her, head thrown back and eyes closed; he wondering what to say next or how to get her back in the moment with him.  He wasn’t exactly Pit Bull, but he longed to ask her to come to his hotel room.

He slowed down as they approached the original hotel valet stand.  The change of the engine pace brought her eyes open in shock as she quickly pulled up her jeans and zipped the fly.  He put the car in park to fully face her and leaned in for a first kiss.  But instead of meeting his lips she laughed, so he opened his eyes to see her slowly licking her fingers clean.

Too quickly, the valet opened her door as she walked toward the hotel entrance. He handed off the keys but needed to provide his info to the attendant to park the car.  When he turned around to find her in the crowded entrance and called out “hey…. “ he then realize he did not even know her name!  He ran inside the lobby his eyes searching to not be able to find her wishing he had made a better move.


Submitted by Ms. Vanessa


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