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nine ladies dancing – the 9th day of christmas

The ninth in an unrelated series of stories, inspired by the 12 days of Christmas; Day 9: Nine Ladies Dancing

On the ninth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, nine ladies dancing


It’s the new year. Like many people, I’d resolved to make changes.  My changes were fairly straight forward, spend less time worrying about work, and be more of a lover to my true love.

These were inspired by my true love.  I felt like I’d been letting him down over the past year, and I wanted to try to regain what we had once had.  In our early days together we’d been madly in love, doing everything together, sharing our experiences, our desires and our love of life.


But time passes and the flame dwindles.  It’s probably my fault – I spend much too long at work, and when I’m not there I worry about it all the time.  He had continued to be his devoted and loving self, supporting me every step of the way, never complaining, just loving.



He’d been up for an hour or so, most likely tidying away after the friends we’d had over to celebrate new years day over several bottles of wine and some fine cheese.  I was still in bed, a good lot of that wine having found its way down my throat, lolling in bed, hangover dwindling, my mind had turned to those resolutions.


It had taken the time off over Christmas to realise how fortunate I was to have my true love and that I’d let my love for him slip down my priorities. But no more!  I was seizing back control and it started now.



“Baaabe” I called out, really not wanting to get up out of the bed.

There was no answer.


“BAAAAABBBEEEEEE!”  I shouted, louder, he couldn’t possibly fail to hear that.


“Yes” came his response a moment later


“Can you come here please?”


He bounces up the stairs with his usual enthusiasm and enters the bedroom wearing only a pair of light grey trackpants.  I always delight in seeing his torso, I would hardly say it was defined, but it shows his manliness off well; a classic triangular shape topped by broad shoulders.  The dark dragon which curled around his ribs and abdomen, roaring across his chest brings out the blue of his eyes which captured me, as they always do, the second he entered the room.


“This last year babe, I know I’ve been a bit…” he interrupted me with a kiss, gently nuzzling into my face and sending sparks of cold shiver down my back.

I pushed him away, it was important that I finished what I wanted to say.

“I’ve been a bit neglectful of you, and that changes now.”


He lowered himself on to the bed next to me.

“It’s OK babe, I know how busy your work is…”

“It’s not OK” I cut him off; “you deserve some of me too”.

“I do miss that you’re always so busy” he replied, “but I understand”


This time it was I who kissed him, placing my hand on his knee, leaning in and pecking his lips to illicit a response.  He reciprocates by moving his head to return my kiss.  His lips warm and soft on mine, tantalising, teasing tongues exchanging tickles.


I suddenly become conscious of my morning-after breath, break off and run into the en-suite.


Whilst she’s out of the room, I make myself busy and sort through her lingerie drawer to find something I’d like to see her in.  There’s a lot of stuff in there, she used to like to wear confidence lingerie as she called it on a daily basis. Since her promotion last February, this has all lain unloved, as she chooses things she thinks I’ll find easier to wash and dry.


It’s been a while since we’ve had any quality time together, even when we go out it’s usually a work event for her.  I’m hoping the lingerie will help her remember what we used to before.


When she returns, a couple of minutes later, she’s clearly brushed her hair and washed her face too.  With the white bathroom robe loosely tied around her waist she looks over at me.  Her deep brown eyes have regained some of the sparkle that’s been missing for so long, her long brown hair, usually up in some form of bun or other now flung over one shoulder.


She spies the lingerie I’ve chosen and a smile crosses her lips.

He can be terribly predictable at times, I knew he’d have some lingerie waiting for me when I returned from the bathroom; it’s why I chose to brush my hair too – to give him a bit of time to choose.   The stockings I knew would be there, but his other choices have surprised me a little.


Not what I was expecting, but I can work with what he’s chosen.


“You want me to dress up?” I ask

“Only if you want babe – I thought it might help you find yourself again”


I pick up what he has chosen and place it on the dresser.

“I think I’d like to”

I lean back on the bed and watch as she slips the dressing gown down over her slender shoulders.  Facing away from me, she slowly reveals her back, her dark skin flawless, despite the stresses of her job and the last week of indulgence, her skin remains blemish free.  She slides the dressing gown further down, revealing more of her mocha-coloured skin.  Pausing above her waist, she looks back at me.


I suddenly feel a rush of wanton take over me.  She’s always been a beautiful woman, and that look; the playfulness belied in the corner of her smile, the twinkle has melted me on many occasion.  It’s recent absence making me succumb even harder and faster.


The dressing gown falls to the floor with a shimmy of her hips.  Revealing her rounded butt and slim but muscly legs.


She bends forward, still looking over at me.  Her hands on her knees, a large smile crosses her face and she begins to shake her ass; vigorously wobbling to the sound of a tune in her head.

She’s always had a great sense of humour, and the twerking ends with us both giggling.


“Don’t stop” I say, “I love to watch you jiggle”.

“I have something better in mind” she replies.


Standing facing me in nothing, I let my eyes wander over her body.  Her long dark hair still over one shoulder, curving round her amble breast and hiding the nipple from view.  The other nipple though, excited and erect, proudly sticking out from her chocolate coloured areola.

Below her breasts are the shadows of her ribs framing her stomach and the belly bar she discreetly wears beneath her suit.  The pink crystal in her belly bar glinting in the light making its way through the curtain.


The light also picks out her bushy pubic hair, sitting at the top of those muscly legs, which part as my gaze falls, over her shapely thighs to the sharp angle of her shin and the delicate ankles.


A slight movement takes my eye, and my gaze moves upwards again.  She is gently swaying her hips, her big brown eyes staring at me, breasts beginning to sway too.


I enjoy looking at him as his eyes wander over my naked body, the control I have over his attention giving me a little thrill.

Lost in my wondering mind, I suddenly realise that I’m rocking from side to side.  My tits beginning to take over, so I turn it into a dance.



Trying to be all sexy, I turn my swaying into a gyrating hip action, running my hands up from my hips to grab my hair and hold it in a bunch, letting my tits jiggle just how he likes.  I add a bit of extra shake in with my shoulders.


I don’t feel especially sexy, but the rising in his trousers tells me I’m doing something right.


I feel a stirring in my pants as I watch her tits bounce about, I mean who could fail to be turned on by such a beautiful sight.  The stirring becomes more of a movement as my cock unfurls itself from laying on my leg and begins the steady rise to attention.


She is dancing with freedom now, to music only she can hear.  It’s great to see her so free and alive.  She picks up the long-line bra I’ve set out, pulls it round her back and seductively jiggles her boobs into the cups.  Continuing her dance, hips gyrating, she fastens the hooks at the front of the bra.


The cups lift her breasts, and the long line accentuates the curve of her waist.

With the final clasp fastened, she places her hands over her breasts and pushes them together.  This is all I need to complete my erection, my grey tracksuit stretching out like a big top.


With one leg seemingly stationary, she dances a half circle so her back is to me, and begins to shimmy her arse.


I feel another urge, a twitching in my balls.  I ping back the waistband on my trousers, and let my erection out into the open.  Taking into my right hand, I grip just below the glans and begin to slowly rub it up and down.


She bends forward, less of a dance now, more of a tease.  Her legs slightly parted, as she bends, her pussy comes into view, her labia a similar chocolate colour to her nipples.


Her hand appears between her legs, the red of her long fingernails pulling at those labia.

The speed of my stroking speeds up, the head of my cock now moistened with excitement, each downwards stroke pulling the foreskin further back, almost but not entirely exposing the glans.


Her fingers tease over her pussy lips, before eventually she separates them and shoes me the glistening pink within; a stark juxtaposition to her skin, the sight again causes me to up tempo my stroking.


My hand is now masturbating the full length of my cock, my fingers playing over the tip, massaging it in my own juices between thumb and forefinger, whilst my palm wanks the shaft.


The desired effect achieved, she stands upright and flicks the thong I’d sorted out onto the floor.  Gracefully she steps into it, and, again showing me her pussy, bends and slides the thong up her legs, pinging the string between her cheeks.  In the black lingerie she looks like an Amazonian goddess, the power and confidence she carries fills the room.


She dances her way across the room to where I lie, cock hard, covered in pre-cum and standing tall for her.  She bends forward, removing my cock from grip as she does so.


She stops as her tits touch my cock.  Taking it one hand, she buries the head between her breasts and starts to masturbate it with them.  I look on, my ironlike erection between two beautiful mounds.

She rubs the base of my cock with her hand, the jiggle of her tits stimulating the head.  I watch as her bright red nails become a flurry of movement as she expertly jerks my cock in and out from between her tits.


The feeling is so intense, I lay my head back on the pillow, every flick between her boobs causing a flinch of pleasure, each flick out a corresponding jerk of enjoyment.


The sensations work there down my cock, travelling deep into my balls, they respond by releasing warmth, which I can feel tracking its way back towards my cock, travelling through the core.  Every touch of cock on tit bringing the surge closer.


My hips rise as I feel the inevitable release coming closer and closer.  She slows down the speed with which she is wanking my cock with her tits, but each iteration becomes harder, pressing firmer.  My cock bending under the weight of her tits, flicking out, spraying the pre-cum over my chest. Back between her warm boobs, and then out into the colder air with a twang, and again. Again, again.


The warmth inside my cock is travelling that last inch, my hips rise further, and she presses down even more, my cock burying into her bra, and then it comes.  I jerk and let out a loud moan as my warm pearlescent cum erupts from my cock, covering her chest in its sheeny glaze.  Another spurt hits her bra, and another landing near my navel.


She collapses on top of me, my cock still between her tits, twitching, the last drops of warm cum dribbling into her bra.


“happy new year babe”.


On the Ninth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, Nine Ladies Dancing, Eight Maids A-Milking, Seven Swans A-Swimming, Six Geese A-Laying, Five Gold Rings, Four Colly Birds, Three French Hens, Two Turtle Doves & A Partridge in a Pear Tree

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