31 Dec

seven swans a-swimming – the seventh day of christmas

It is my pleasure and honour to announce the first guest post on subsmissives, for the seventh day in the 12 days of Christmas, I present Seven Swans a-swimming by an anonymous author.

“Seven Swans a-Swimming”


Checking e-mails on a Monday morning could feel a little like Russian roulette after a relaxing weekend.

Fifty-four, how in only two days could her inbox have fifty-four messages?! Memos, updates, course dates… as her get up and go was about to do just that, she noticed something interesting, a school reunion invitation for early January.

Life at the girls’ school was great for Lucy, her friends were just like her, fun loving, book worms. It was only at the annual ball with the adjoining boys school that they ever felt out of place. Lucy and her friends were more geek than chic, the evening would be spent sat in a corner chatting as they watched the popular girls dance and laugh with the boys.

After checking she had that date free Lucy text her friends to see if they wanted to go too, and a few of them did so the date was set.

On the evening of the reunion seven girls made it including Lucy and oh my word had they changed!

Lucy, Amber, Charlotte, Sophie, Grace, Emma and Jane, awkward signets to beautiful swans, the girls were finally swimming, not drowning.
Lucy still had her bright ginger hair and glasses but her hair flowed softly on her milky pale skin, and the gangly figure she had at school had rounded off in to feminine curves, her career as an accountant didn’t lend itself to getting in the sun, but that was a blessing because singed lobster colouring didn’t suit her!
Amber was a tall blonde and her fitness addiction showed, muscles on muscles from her personal training business, she was strong in personality too but men fell at her feet and were always flitting around to please her.

Charlotte, the doll of the group, petite and so pretty, freckles and long blonde hair draping lightly over her tiny figure, she was a teacher and we always teased that she was like a little Chihuahua, cute and fluffy, with a sharp nip!

Sophie had short, dark hazelnut coloured, ruffled hair, she was slim but had beautifully rounded hips and butt, her face was like one you’d known your whole life, warm and comforting, but captivating. She was a teen counsellor and you could tell, she was always the one to offer a hug and a bit of advice, she had an inner calm that was contagious.

Grace was Sophie’s twin though not quite identical, she had the same face but her hair was mad curls, she was far more ditsy and erratic than Sophie but that lead to so much of the fun that her hugs repaired. Grace was strict at work, in data analysis she had to focus so on her time off she was our lovable live-wire.

Emma, the ballsy one of the group, tattoos and piercings were her thing, her silvery purple hair was always immaculate in a 50’s tuck, an artist at heart but tied to her research post in a pharmaceutical company.

Jane, how she ever survived us lot I don’t know. Quiet and shy, being a scientist suited her, she could hide in the lab and thrive in her own space. Jane had always been pretty but hid it behind her long, glossy black hair.

The evening went well and all had an incredible time, finally secure in who they were, independent successful women.

The guys from the boys school were all in awe of the girls, and one in particular had Lucy’s attention that evening.

Mark was so much fun, he sparkled with mischief as they talked about anything and everything. Lucy couldn’t help but eye up his wide shoulders and strong arms, he wasn’t a gym addict though, he had the body of a mature rugby player, the type to rest quietly against as gentle kisses turn passionate.

She quickly realised her mind had been wondering a little too far and she’d missed the last sentence, he was gazing at her awaiting her answer, but she didn’t know what the question was! Ok, only one thing for it, she’d have to admit she was distracted “I’m so sorry, but your scent, I was just trying to place it…” she leaned a little closer, her chest balancing in her dress was impossible for him to ignore now, his hand moved to the small of her back and she delicately breathed him in. Trying to compose herself was not an option now, a small moan escaped and she bit her lip to contain it but he caught her, his face showed obvious desire and he leaned in for a kiss. His lips meeting hers, teasingly soft at first but the passion soon flowed between them.

Suddenly remembering they were still at the party they broke the kiss and sat back. Wow, Lucy could feel the throbbing between her thighs and Marks trousers were doing nothing to disguise his arousal. They had to get out of there and finish what they started.

Outside the cold air did nothing to quench their heat. Taking a walk along the lakeside they came across the hut that hired out pedalo swans, a heated look between the pair was all it took, Mark moved swiftly and held Lucy firmly by the throat against the door as he once again kissed her hard. Her chest rising and falling, heavy with the gasps of breath between kisses, their tongues stroking and nudging each other’s lips and mouths. Her legs felt weak as her weight sank into him, consumed completely.

Trying the door, they found it had been left unlocked so they tumbled into the darkness, continuing to steal kisses as they went. The light from outside filtered a little through the window, but not enough so Mark set the torch on his phone and propped it up on a shelf. Lucy looked so beautiful, her hair slightly ruffled now, lips full and red and her pale cheeks flushed. He traced his finger along her collar bone and slipped the dress strap from her shoulder, unable to resist taking a firm bite as he went, her gasp urged him on, his fingers not losing contact with her skin, now drifted over the top of her full breast and dipped into the dress. Slipping her out from the top of the dress, he admired her creamy pink nipples, his cool hands giving her goose bumps and making her nipple stand firm. His breath caught and he took another kiss from her before his warm lips enveloped her exposed nipple, her head rolled back and she let out blissful sigh. His mouth was magic, his tongue lips and teeth teasing her nipple, making her clit tingle.

She couldn’t take anymore and begged him to fuck her, how could he refuse?! He lifted her onto the counter top and parted her thighs around him, shifting her dress up he discovered she hadn’t been wearing underwear and her soaking wet cunt had made a mess onto the tops of her legs. His hands moved slowly up, over her stockings, pausing to run his thumb over the lace top before continuing up, stopping just short of the place she wanted to feel him the most. Her lip between her teeth and heavy breaths, she was desperate to feel him. He unzipped his trousers and freed his hard, thick cock, but rather than enter her he stepped forward and kissed her, the pressure of his cock rubbing and nudging at her soft wet clit. She was out of control with desire as his hips thrust in rhythm with his kiss, her breaths getting quicker, more urgent, sighs getting louder, it crashed over her as she felt her orgasm hit. She threw her head back and moaned, her body tightened and pulsed, it was then that he slid his length into her, filling her as she pulsated around him. Thrusting hard and deep, her orgasm prolonged until she couldn’t take, her hand on his chest she gave him a firm nudge and wriggled from off the counter, on to her knees.

She took him into her mouth, licking and tasting herself from him. Her tongue swirled around his tip, her breath cool, before swooping down his shaft, taking him into her tight warm throat, gagging slightly as she chose him over air. Her big hazel eyes looking up to his, clearly enjoying the weight of his cock pressing her tongue down. Her plump lips softly parting down over him, the firm pressure as she sucked at his stiffness. Lucy’s hands stroking his thighs and cupping and kneading his balls. She felt him start to tense, his breath catching, hands tangled in her hair pulling her onto him more urgently as his hot silky cum gushed and flowed into her mouth and down her throat. Finally the hut fell quiet as they collapsed into each other’s arms, out of breath but warm and satisfied.

Back at the party the other six girls hadn’t failed to notice Lucy and Mark’s swift departure after the intensity of the kiss and it had left their imaginations on fire.

Sophie was the first to make her excuses but rather than leave altogether she couldn’t wait to satisfy her need and found herself in the ladies W.C. frantically undoing her jeans and lifting her delicate sequined top up, her fingers slid down to her fluffy mound and soon played delicately in her wet slit. Aware of where she was Sophie needed to be quick and quiet.

Suddenly the door went, “crap!” she thought, she stayed really still in the cubicle, listening, waiting for them to leave, except they didn’t. She soon realised it was Jane and Charlotte, but it wasn’t their normal chatter it was soft sweet moans and the quiet apologies of bumped teeth and bitten lips. Sophie found herself unable to control it, she was suddenly soaked and had to continue playing with her needy clit. Biting her lip hard to stifle her moans and breathing, she felt the bump of the girls falling against the wall in the next cubicle.

Charlotte breathlessly told Jane to place her foot on the seat on the toilet. Sophie quietly crouched to be able to see the position of the girls feet. Only three visible now, she could see Charlotte had also crouched down but her attention was otherwise occupied. Her dress had draped back, knees were open and pussy was fully visible, shaved or waxed it was totally smooth and very excited by the unfolding situation. Engrossed in the view Sophie nearly came, stopping herself just in time, her clit felt like electricity was thrumming through it. Her imagination was running wild at hearing Jane’s gasps and moans, occasionally Charlotte’s hand would drop into view and stroke and finger her own pussy before moving back up to Jane’s leg.

It wasn’t long before Jane’s moans got louder and more intense as she came hard. A breathless pause, then Charlotte rose to her feet and Sophie could hear them kissing again. Jane asked Charlotte to swap places and Sophie could see their feet twist and shuffle past each other. Charlotte’s silver glitter stilettos now wide across the cubicle and Jane’s pretty black ballet flats stood between them. Charlotte whispered “touch me” and Sophie could only imagine Jane had obliged, her own clit no longer able to be ignored, her hands wondered as her ears strained to hear Jane’s hushed comments about the fullness of Charlotte’s breasts and softness of her nipples. Sophie’s breathing started to get faster just as Charlotte’s did, she was still managing to stay fairly quiet but her own orgasm was building in time with Charlotte’s, just the other side of the door. One more stroke over her clit and she felt the familiar rush, her legs tightened together and she could hear Charlotte was there too, though thinking they were alone she had been less restrained and far more vocal in her praise of Jane. Her heart beating a loud rhythm in her ears, her body pulsating and throbbing, she struggled to calm her breathing before it alerted them to her presence.

Charlotte and Jane kissed a while longer before giggling and straightening themselves out and returning to the party. Sophie emerged from the cubicle a little surprised, feeling guilty and incredibly naughty.

As the evening moved on Amber had had her usual share of conversation with the muscle guys she knew from the gym and the girls who couldn’t resist trying to get her professional advice without actually paying for it.

Somewhat irked she’d made her excuses from the group, moved to the bar and ordered a stiff drink. She was the only one of the group that was already in a relationship. Her boyfriend owned the gym she was based at, he was kind and loving, completely devoted to her in every way, he was hers in more than just the traditional sense though, she owned him. Owen was her sub and was currently in chastity, the key to his cage was on her necklace but no body suspected a thing. Sending messages to him throughout the evening, knowing she was making his cock twitch and he was powerless to act. He had made it this far, 85 days into the target of 90. She saw it as a challenge, she wanted to see him fail, to see his cum drool through the cage, losing control because of his desire for her. She had plans for her return home and was thoroughly enjoying telling him in explicit detail.

While the others were busy Grace and Emma had been setting up their own evening’s entertainment. They had seen three guys from the boys school that had sparked their curiosity. Dancing seductively and giving them eye contact, the men were soon just as curious and had moved over for a closer look. As the girls left the dance-floor giggling they were swiftly approached with the offer of a drink, however, as the most reckless of the group they’d only accept if it was back in one of the rooms.

Up in the room they’d discovered the men were called Gary, Matt and Tom. All three in suits, it looked like a scene from a James Bond film but the girls were very ready to get to what was underneath. Grabbing him by the tie Grace pulled Tom into the wetroom and kicked the door shut. Turning on the shower, and not stopping to remove her clothes, Grace stepped under the stream of water, her black dress looked like leather as it soaked through. She thrived under the scrutiny of Toms gaze and her hands wondered over her body. Wriggling slowly she smoothed up her dress and removed her black lace thong. Tom couldn’t believe his luck, caught between shock and seduction, he couldn’t stop watching! Her hard nipples clearly visible through the wet fabric.

Emma went to the bed and tried to stifle a laugh as she saw the nervous looks between Gary and Matt. Garry was the shy one of the two and she was like a cat drawn to a mouse, locking looks with him, she patted the bed next to her to invite him to sit by her. Matt, clearly wounded by being the last to be chosen, looked confused but could see Emma was in control and was curious to see what she was going to do next. The running water in the wet room was distracting, Grace was gorgeous and he had never been more desperate to be a fly on the wall.

Emma whispered the instruction to wait in Gary’s ear as she removed his tie and moved back over to deal with Matt. This wasn’t the attention Matt craved though as she quickly had his hands bound to the end of the bed, panic hit but all she did was place her finger to her bright red lips and tell him to shhh!

With Matt restrained, Emma crawled over the bed and on to Gary. She paused to give him a quick kiss on the cheek before moving higher up, her hands on the head of the bed she lowered her plump clit onto Gary’s waiting tongue. Emma wasn’t patient, she knew what she wanted and wasn’t going to have any problem taking it, spurred on by Matts watchful eyes behind her she rode Gary’s face hard. Her lower legs pinning his arms, he couldn’t move and could only breathe in the heavy scent of her arousal. Her hips moving faster and harder, Gary’s cock straining hard in his tight trousers, he felt her thighs start to tremble before she let out a primal roar and squirted her juices over him.

Grace had been fingering her tight cunt in the flow of the water and heard Emma cum in the other room, within seconds her own orgasm was there shuddering her body with its intensity. Tom stood unable to take his eyes of the scene in front of him. With her wickedly cheeky smile, Grace shifted her dress back down and moved across the room, giving Tom a long passionate kiss, she opened the door. “Well come on then Em, our taxi will be here any minute” and with that the girls left. Matt still tied to the bed, Gary lying on the soaked sheets and Tom gobsmacked in the door way.

On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, Seven Swans A-Swimming, Six Geese A-Laying, Five Gold Rings, Four Colly Birds, Three French Hens, Two Turtle Doves & A Partridge in a Pear Tree

My heartfelt thanks to the author of the seven swans a-swimming instalment of the 12 days of christmas erotica, who wishes to stay anonymous.

If you’d like to write a guest post on subsmissives, or work with us in any other way, please do get in touch.


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