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three french hens – the 3rd day of christmas

The third in an unrelated series of stories, inspired by the 12 days of Christmas; Day 3: Three French Hens

On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, three French hens.

It’s Christmas, the time I am allowed to revert back to my childhood and get all excited. A time to eat, drink and open presents.

But first, I was making dinner.


My true love had invited round 3 friends, although oddly they were ones I had never met before – but she’d started a new job earlier in the year so thought nothing of it.


I was looking for the potato peeler when my true love walked into the kitchen.  Accompanying her were her 3 friends.

“Hel..”  my voice got stuck as I turned and realised all 3 were stood in my kitchen in matching black and white outfits.  The outfits consisted of a frilly white blouse, low cut with a very risqué décolletage, a black micro skirt, below which one could see the top of black stockings.

Standing before me, they each tied a brief pinny around their waist.


“I’ve got some help in this year”, said my true love.

I just stood are stared, possibly with my mouth agog. I’ve always tried to keep my appreciation of the opposite sex on the downlow when I’m with my true love, but she was presenting 3 French Maids for Christmas.


The one nearest me took my arm and led me into the lounge.  Closely followed by the other 2 and my true love.

My true love sat on the sofa and motioned to me to join her.  The maids stood in a row in front of us, clasping their hands in front of their pinny, one foot slightly ahead of the other.

“Two of these lovely ladies are going to make our dinner.  The other is going to be busy with us in here” said my true love “which one do you want?”

I was still in a state of disbelief and shock, but my attention had been drawn by one of the three more than the others.

It was her hair that pulled my attention away from the other two.  They all had their hair up, but hers was a shock of ginger frizz.  I could see the wayward curls in the bunch at the back of her head, and I just wanted to see more of it.

Awkwardly, I half pointed, half beckoned “this one please, but could she let her down?”


The other two Maids left and headed for the kitchen.

The ginger girl tugged at the band in her hair.  Her hair tumbled down, a long mane of tight curls, the colour of an autumn sunset, falling around her shoulders; the colour a stark juxtaposition to the black and white of her outfit.


“This,” said my true love “is Sam”.

“Hi Sam” I said.  She smiled back at me.


“Right” said my true love, “here’s what’s going to happen.  You” she pointed at me “are going to fuck her, I’m going to fuck myself and then we’re all gonna fuck each other.”

As she’d been talking, she had walked over and was stood next to Sam.  She untied Sam’s apron, and ripped open her blouse.  Sam’s tits jiggled with the force, trying to break free from the black balconette bra that just about held them.

Sam took the tatters of her blouse off, and dropped to her knees in front of me.  Pushing me back into the sofa slightly she reached for the zip fly on my trousers, and, holding my eyes with hers, pushed the zip down.  She quickly released the button and spread open the waist to reveal my bulging trunks.

My true love leans forward, and placing her hand on my bulge whispers “Merry Christmas darling – enjoy it”.

Sam’s hand joins my true love’s in squeezing my bulge. My true love retreated, and I watched as she went to the dressed and pulled out a dildo and a few other bits.  My attention was drawn back to matters immediately in front of me as I felt coldness on my warm cock.


Sam had pulled down the waistband and had seized my cock with her left hand.  It sprung from the stripy material of my trunks and stood proudly between us.  She leaned forward, holding my gaze, her crimson painted lips pursed.

She rolled back my foreskin, exposing my moist glans to the slight December chill.  She kissed the tip of my cock, blowing warm air over the head.  A shiver of anticipation ran down my cock, through my balls and spread into my lower back; taking with it the warmth of her breath.


She pulled the foreskin back as far as she could, making my cock bend over slightly, and with a dip of her head, she took the head fully between those deep red lips.

The warmth of her breath had been only a precursor to the velvety comfort of her mouth.  I broke eye contact with her as I laid my head back, enjoying the warm soft feeling of her tongue tickling the frenulum and dancing along the corona of my penis.  The sensations were soft and delicate, teasing and tempting.


Suddenly she sucked long and hard on the head of my cock, the sensations that had previously been so soft had now become really intense.  My lower body rose in response, my glutes and thighs tensing, before she returned to the soft gentle tickles.


My true love, who was now sat next to me, bullet vibrator between her legs, reached over and placed her spare hand on Sam’s head.  I lifted my head to see what was going on.

I felt my hard cock slide into the back of Sam’s throat, my true love’s knuckles turning white under the pressure of pushing hard on Sam’s head.  I heard Sam making some grunting noises as she struggled with my girth.  I didn’t care though, the tightness, the naughtiness had made me giddy.

My true love wrapped her hand in Sam’s luscious red curls and pulled her head up, Sam gulped in air, before my true love again shoved her head down onto my cock.  She repeated this a few times, although Sam hardly resisted, it was such a turn on seeing my true love fuck my cock with someone else’s throat.

I think my true love was loving it too; I watched as she squirmed her way through an orgasm, the bullet vibrated pressed firmly on her clit, her upper body shaking slightly as the orgasm rippled through her.

I always love to know she is having fun, and seeing her orgasm just made my erection harder.  The blood was coursing through it now, the head positively throbbing.


“I wanna see you two fuck now”, she said.

Sam stood up, her eyes a little watery from having had my cock forced into her throat, and her hair even more wild than it had been before.  She pulled off her knickers and threw them aside, she has a full but neatly trimmed shock of orange hair, with darker flecks where her own wetness is showing she moves towards me.


Putting her hand round my cock, she expertly slides a condom on to it.  Keeping hold of the base of my penis she half turns to be side-on.  Sticking her bottom out, I place my hands on her pale skin, expecting it to be cold, I am surprised by the heat it radiates.  Guiding her derriere towards besheathed cock, I glimpse over at my true love again.  She is still holding that bullet vibe on her clit, and is now tugging at her nipples.

Returning to the task in hand, Sam is now wiggling her butt in front of me, her pussy lips teasingly close to my cock.  I grab her hips, and simultaneously pull her onto me whilst thrusting upwards.  Her pussy feels different to my true love’s that I have been accustomed to, or maybe it’s the condom.  I’m not sure, but I like it.

With her maze of hair rubbing my chest, Sam slowly moves up and down on my cock, taking the full length inside her, before slowly rising until just the head is inside her, the bell shape of glans stretching at her lips.  She speeds up, and I can feel the tip of my cock hitting against the side of her vagina.  I keep my hands on my hips, enjoying the curve up to her waist.


My true love, still beside me, gets up, and kneels in front of Sam and I.  A moment later, I feel her tongue on my balls, she bites at them gently, the added sensation making me buck a little, disrupting Sam’s rhythm.  The nibble is fleeting and soon passes, to be replaced by gentle rubbing.

It’s her chin.  My true love’s chin is knocking against my balls as she licks Sam’s clit.  This isn’t quite how I expected Christmas to go this year.

I let go of Sam’s hips, place my arms between hers, reach and grab her ample tits.  Her nipples are hard, her tits swinging, I squeeze them, before pinching the nipples.  This seems to spur Sam on, and she bounces on my cock faster.  I’m so turned on I’m sure I’d have cum by now if it weren’t for the condom.  Feeling her tits bounce beneath my hand is making my mind race, and I really want to see them.

Placing my hands back on her hips, I slow her down, before pushing her off me.  My true love looks at me, slightly confused.  I sit on the floor, and pull Sam over, into my lap.  She slips down my thighs, before again taking my cock into her pussy.  Closer to her face, I now she her bright blue eyes.


She pushes me back, until I’m hunched on my elbows, looking up at Sam as she towers above me, her breasts almost obscuring her face.  She rocks back on my cock, grinding her clit onto my pelvis.  My true love is on the sofa, watching Sam and I, her legs wide open, thrusting her dildo into her pussy.

As Sam sways on my cock, her tits pendulum, I watch, transfixed as they sway, they are so much larger than my true love’s.  I feel the swell rising in my groin, and I lift my hips up for Sam to ride.  She speeds up, her tits jiggling and bouncing uncontrollably.

I’m vaguely aware that the light has changed, and I realise that my true love is now staring down at me.

Sam’s tits disappear from my view and are replaced my true love’s vulva as it approaches my face.  She presses her hairless mound into my face, her pussy juices running down my cheek into my beard.  She continues to push into my face as I lower my head onto the ground.

Her thighs either side of my head, my breathing compromised.  I turn to the side, take a deep breath and bury my head into her.  Sicking my tongue as far as I can into her pussy, my neck muscles straining against her.  Sam continues to ride my cock, and the strain from my neck is replicated with strain in my penis.  I feel my balls tighten, a surge of heat moving from my balls into the base of my cock.

I turn and take another breath, before again nuzzling into my true love’s crack.


The heat rises up the length of my cock, pent up energy awaiting its release. I feel it approaching the opening of my urethra.  My true love grinds down into my face just as the cum explodes into the condom.  My body tries to bend in half from the release of the orgasm, but is pinned to the floor by the two bodies above me.

It passes and I go limp.  The two ladies get up off of me, leaving me to lie on the floor.

My true love locks limbs with Sam, as they begin to eat each other’s pussy.

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On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, three french hens, two turtle doves, and a partridge in a pear tree.

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