11 Jul


/ gnom /
adjective (onomatopoeic)

(Of or pertaining to) the extreme enjoyment of the thought of eating any given culinary delight. Most frequently associated with ice cream, pizza, cake.
gnom, gnomness, gnomability, gnomage

Primarily in electronic media, to convey one’s appreciation of the food under discussion.

Original poster: I have pizza
Respondent 1: Gnom
Respondent 2: GNOM
Original poster: Muhahahahahah

The use of capitals is optional and indicates an increase in the degree of gnomability of the item.

Readers should be aware of common misspellings; nom; omnom; nommy.

For millenia upon millenia man has uttered guttural sounds in the throes of gastronomic glee, Gnom is the most advanced of these. First appearing early in the 21st century, as a short but effective way of agreeing with someone’s choice of dinner. It has no precedent.

synonyms spicy, sweet, tasty, yummy

antonyms ickht, yukky, marmite


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