15 Mar

Fun Factory ShareVibe Strapless Strap-On

I’ve spent not an inconsiderable amount of time lusting after some Fun Factory toys, and I never for a moment thought that the first toy of theirs I would own would be the strapless strap-on Fun Factory ShareVibe.  The opportunity came about thanks to Sh! Womenstore.

This is a really rather exciting development since the Fun Factory ShareVibe represents our first strapless strap-on too.


Strapless strap-ons, genius idea, but given the differences of every body, difficult to pull off, one would imagine.  The idea of having a strap on which pleasures both parties is a very appealing one.

Fun Factory ShareVibe

The Fun Factory Share Vibe’s solution is to have a really rather large bulbous end for the “wearer”.  The penetrative end for the “receiver” is altogether more subtle; smooth sleek and perhaps on the slim side of average girth.


The whole toy is made from a rather pleasant silicone, purple in our case, it’s a solid lump of silicone too, weighing in at 430g.  The silicone is of the mega-dust attracting type, and it’s a real disappointment that the Fun Factory ShareVibe doesn’t come with a storage bag.  On the plus side though, the magnetic charger is one of the most reliable connections we’ve experienced.

Fun Factory ShareVibe

reliable magnetic charger (plus a bit of dust!)

Let’s talk some more about the wearable end for a moment.  It takes the form of a disfigured C-shape, and in my eyes is a compromise between trying to provide stimulation and also trying to provide stability.

The top of the C is actually quite long, and really does double back on itself, more-so than any G-spot seeking toy I’ve seen.  There is also a wee mound on the external part, which is intended to stimulate the clitoral area.  The C-shape of the Fun Factory Sharevibe very nearly completes into an ‘O’, with these two elements – perhaps as an attempt to grip the pubic bone.

Firstly, lets deal with the wearing bit, although it seems an unusual shape, it is pretty flexible and is easy enough to insert into the vagina.  You’ll likely need some lube, but try not to go too over board since the aim here is for it to stay in place.

Fun Factory ShareVibe

the “wearable” end

Once inserted, what you’ll notice is pressure on the front wall of your vagina.  What this means for you will very definitely be an individual one.  For M, it’s no big issue.  I don’t want to use the word cavernous, but perhaps due to childbirth, M feels like she has quite a deep cervix and the front wall especially seems lengthy.  However, if you think you have a short vagina, then perhaps this might be a little on the uncomfortable side.  My advice really would be to make sure you’re rather excited before using; that way the pressure and possible prodding will be nice rather than annoying.

Fun Factory ShareVibe

On to the Fun Factory ShareVibe mound – the bit for stimulating the clit.  Now, the vibrations here come from a bullet vibe that’s wedged into the base of the ShareVibe, a vibe solution we’re not overly fond of in all honesty, and one that regular readers of subsmissives will know.  The ShareVibe, however, is good!  Clearly it’s never going to be like having an actual bullet vibe on the clit, but, perhaps due to the density of the silicone, the vibes travel well and do a good job of stimulating the whole clitoral area, and to some extent the vagina too.


Let us move on to the shaft – that smooth silicone, curved shaft.

For the avoidance of doubt, dearest reader, we’ve used this anally, and I fricking love it.

Fun Factory ShareVibe


The silicone has a small amount of drag, but nothing that a decent water based lube can’t overcome.  It’s just so easy!  With very little need for prior warm up, it penetrates your butt with such delight.  I expected to be less that enthusiastic about it, given its lack of texture, but I was wrong.  Very very wrong.


Feeling it slide in and out of your butt is only a small fragment of the fun, what’s great is that it’s attached to your partner, and they have full control over it, and you can feel their body against yours – it’s a heck of a lot more involved than dildo alone penetration.  Even greater still is the bullet vibe, and what that brings to the party.  The second we turned it on, I almost exploded there and then.  Those vibrations travel through your bum muscles and get the whole of your groin buzzing with excitement.  Add that to the curvature seeking out the prostate rather neatly, and this is one awesome toy.

the bullet is removeable

Yes it is awesome, when used in the right position.  Yes, much like you or I, the Fun Factory ShareVibe has favourite positions.  Those favourite positions are generally linked to gravity – if you want to do regular doggy style for example, then the wearer of the Fun Factory ShareVibe needs to have some pretty good PC muscle (kegel) control.  Unfortunately, there is a tendency for the vibe to slip or fall out in such circumstances.  More suited are man-on top in a cowboy style, or spoons, or you could always try to hold it in.  The point is, you need to know that if you wanna do standing up sex, then either get kegel training, or keep your legs together.   That point aside, we love the Fun Factory ShareVibe, me especially so.

The Fun Factory Sharevibe was sent to me by Sh! Womenstore for impartial & honest review, and you can buy yours by following this link.



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