24 May

Fun Factory Bouncer – silicone dildo with added jiggle

It was a gloomy morning in February when my search for the best price on a Fun Factory Tiger dildo led me to Orgasmic.co.uk. Here was a site offering premium toys at rock bottom prices.  It almost seemed too good to be true.  So, I took to twitter to ask if anyone knew of them.   My fellow twittering sex toy nuts were soon abuzz with excitement about the prices.  Before long, Orgasmic themselves joined the conversation.  And so it was an order was placed; and review item agreed too.  And so it is I come to you, dearest reader with a review of the Fun Factory Bouncer.

fun factory bouncer

The Fun Factory Bouncer isn’t your usual dildo.  Whilst at first it’s 7inch length and (almost) 1.6inch diameter may seem almost run of the mill, but don’t be fooled!  The Bouncer hides a secret.  And I’m about to share with you what that secret is… it contains balls that jiggle as the dildo is moved.

fun factory bouncer

I know, right?  It sounds like a Christmas novelty, or a cat toy.  Well, I can reassure you that, made from smooth, medical grade silicon, you could probably use it for that, but since it ticks all the body-safe boxes, we’ll stick with the dildo use.  Although, I probably wouldn’t object if they made a Fun Factory Bouncer in a Christmas Tree colourway.


In my eyes, this dildo just pushes at the upper boundary of an average size for girth; so if you’re looking for a step up from average, then perhaps this ticks that box.  It’s not enormous by any means, I wouldn’t even say large, just marginally over average.

Asking for a surprise in terms of colour can be a lottery; we are reviewing the candy pink Fun Factory Bouncer, but I won’t hold that against it.


There’s very little taper to this dildo, you get a rounded head, but then it’s straight into the shaft.  No big deal, but worth knowing if you like or need gradual increases in girth.  On it’s way into your body, you encounter the nuanced undulations of the Fun Factory Bouncer.  There’s only a few of them and they are subtle, but there is some variation in girth offering slightly different sensation if that’s what you want.

Only, they might as well not be there, for us they made no difference to the feeling.  Well, at least I don’t think they did, since you can’t actually remove them it is difficult to say with certainty.  Let’s say that we couldn’t tell any difference.

I am wondering if perhaps their purpose is to aid with the jiggle of the balls inside the dildo.


What a neat little way to bring me to those balls.  If you give the dildo a shake, then yes you can definitely hear and feel that it has something within.  You can’t feel the balls themselves, but what you can feel is that there’s a delayed shift in the centre of gravity of the toy as you shake it.

It’s a great idea, but with very little benefit in our experience.  I make no secret of the fact that M is not the easiest to orgasm, and whilst we can feel a definite difference when holding and thrusting the dildo, it just doesn’t really make much difference.  It is true that the more vigorous you are the more you get out of the Fun Factory Bouncer, but in general use, it’s just a dildo, and not an especially interesting one at that.  Orgasms, yes, mind blowing, genre-redefining, no.


Another one for the probably never use again drawer.  But y’know, just cos it didn’t knock us off our feet, it might for you, and you can buy it from Orgasmic.

2 thoughts on “Fun Factory Bouncer – silicone dildo with added jiggle

  1. Love Orgasmic! I had had lots and lots of test items from them. Great company! Not tried the bouncer yet though!

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