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Motorhead Bomber Black & Gold Glass Massager

Glass, you say?  Black Glass, you say? Iconic rock band, you say?  I will absolutely test the Motorhead Bomber Black Glass massager for you.  Not exactly verbatim, but pretty much my thoughts when the Lovehoney Tester scheme sent this sleek anal probe my way.


Presented in a stylish black and gold box with viewing window. the Motorhead Bomber certainly looks and feels like a premium piece of pleasure apparatus.  Clearly much thought has been put into the design, since you even get a little silicone stand to proudly display your glassware.  This stand also gives it that final appearance of a bomb.  And it is entirely feasible that this could just be a Motorhead souvenir.



Removing the probe from its stand is slightly less than easy – it is a reassuringly snug fit, and requires quite a tug to get it out.  Once you have the black beauty in your hands, the glass probe is 7 inches long and weighs an impressive 230g The supplied storage bag is easily big enough to fit the Motorhead Bomber and a bottle of lube if you so desire.


Being bomb-shaped makes this an absolutely ideal shape for a spot of anal probing.  It has a nice taper, leading to a maximum girth of 4.75 inches before slimming back down again.  To anal purists, there is a reason for caution – there’s no flared base.  However, don’t let that put you off.



The reason the lack of a flared base isn’t an issue for the Motorhead Bomber is the way you use it.  A flared base is important to prevent unwanted travel in a toy you might wear during penetrative sex, or during BDSM play, or for long term wear.  That’s not what this is for.  You’re not going to be sticking the Motorhead Bomber up your bum and then going and cleaning the bathroom.

What you are going to be doing is having an awesome time using this as either an anal dildo or a probe.  And, in thus guise, it’s a bloody piece of genius.

That taper is ideal for anal use, it isn’t the thinnest tip, but I found the gradual increase in girth just ideal for my own tastes.  With that 4.75in max girth, it’s not for beginners, or is it…?


What about that smaller end, the end that goes in the stand?

YES!!  Well almost, there’s less graduation in the girth – it’s more immediate, but the size is altogether more beginner suitable.




I’ve recently seen discussion that glass toys don’t require lube – NO!  Yes, lube makes it a little slippy, but erm, that’s the point.

Anyway, using some lube, and actually I like silicone lube with glass used anally, insertion is really rather pleasant.  Pushing slowly, feeling the cold of the glass against my bum, it’s a highly sensual experience.  Feeling the increasing girth stretch me open is exhilarating, and taking it slowly just prolongs that joy.

Once it’s inserted, and the thinnest part is at your sphincter, it’s actually really comfortable.  The 5 inches insertible length is entirely accommodatable, with no discomfort at all.  It is absolutely great to use a preparatory anal toy, either for something larger or for penetrative anal sex.

What I really enjoy though, is using it more dildo-like.  Pulling that bomb-shape out and then reinserting it is just incredible, feeling the size increase and then decrease again, and the change in stretch really gets me going.

Some anal dildos offer less difference in girth along it’s length, and it’s quite refreshing to try one that can be bother narrow and medium girth in one thrust.  Maybe you like more texture to your anal dildo?  Granted the Motorhead Bomber doesn’t offer that, but this change in girth satisfies a very similar need.

Those readers familiar with glass might be wondering about temperature play, one of the many joys of glass sex toys.   Yes, the Motorhead Bomber offers this functionality.  What you need to be aware of though is that this is a hefty piece of glass, and as such will need longer to cool or heat if you want it to hold that temperature.  If you afford it enough time though, it does stay cooler/warmer longer than your average piece of glass


So, all in all, an awesome piece of glass, with excellent skills in preparatory anal use.


And, you know what?  That silicone base – it’s a pretty snug fit, so maybe, just maybe that could act as a flared base if you really did want to “wear” the Motorhead Bomber.


One final note, when Lovehoney sent me this to review, I was advised it was an anal toy, but I now see on their website it’s under the dildo category.  Seems a bit pointy for vaginal use is our opinion on this, and M is not interested in trying it because of that.



The motorhead bomber was sent to me by lovehoney, for the honest and unbiased review you’ve just read.  It’s also available in Clear & Black


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