11 Jun

Royal Wand Review – Mains Powered Wand

Yes! Another wand to test and review.  This time it’s the Royal Wand, available from Pink Bob.  To us English folk, this is an unusual branding proposition, but I’m guessing it works over the pond!  Anyway, on with the review.

Royal Wand is a mains powered wand, which puts it in with some pretty serious competition.  Our love of the Doxy is well documented.

royal wand

The Royal Wand is simply packaged – a blue and white striped box, royal blue possibly.  The simplicity and lack of excess packaging is something I like.  Ripping open the box, the contents are simply the wand in a plastic bag, a USB cable and plug adapter plus instructions booklet.


What is different about this wand is that the power cable is actually removable.  At first I thought I had a rechargeable wand, but I was wrong!  The power cable plugs in the base of the wand, and the other end is either able to plug directly into a USB plug, or using the adaptor into US style mains sockets.

royal wand

The cable is plenty long enough at over 2.5 metres.  We keep power sockets and extension leads near our bed for mobile phone charging (and maybe other things too), so we haven’t needed the full cable length.  The wand is also pretty light for a mains powered one, weighing 320 grams.  The hard white plastic that is made from is clearly one of little weight.  I am supposing that most of those 320g comes from the motor, since the head end is where it’s at.


Let’s talk about the control panel for a second.  The Royal Wand features three buttons, in an “on”, “function”, “power” type arrangement.  Simples.

royal wand

On to the usage. Pressing the bower on button brings the Royal Wand into life.  It’s a fairly understated experience, being surprisingly lower in noise generation that I was expecting.  Understated is cool though, I like understated – I’m not one of those singing from the rooftops kind of people.  I’m the sit quietly, observe, formulate and eat pizza sorta person.

Continuing my observations, and to our enormous surprise, the royal wand was able to deliver an orgasm, through clothing to M.  This is an achievement not to be sniffed at, since many toys have failed in this particular test.  It was neither painstaking nor lengthy to achieve, so well done Royal Wand.

I’m afraid it’s time.  There’s a bit of an elephant in the room.  And it comes in a white dome shaped piece of something that surrounds the head of the Royal Wand.  The blurb around the Royal Wand claims a silicone headpiece, and this is something I have double checked with them and they have confirmed a silicone head cover.

Only I really don’t believe it.  We have tried so many different silicone toys in the course of our sexual hedonism journey, and none of the silicones are anything like this.  It’s almost polystyreney, not PVC, not rubber per se, but a strong hint of single use vending machine cup about it.  My best guess is that its a silicone mix of somekind.  As with all things here at subsmissives, this is my opinion.

But does it matter?  I really want to stand back and say no it doesn’t because this is not an insertable toy; you’re only ever gonna safely use the Royal Wand externally.  And actually, you can buy a separate head cover or attachment.  But the truth is that it does matter.  Because I want to recommend the Royal Wand to you, it’s light, effective and generally pretty decent.


Fancy one?  Get a Royal Wand here.

The Royal Wand was sent to me by Pink Bob in exchange for the impartial and honest review you’ve just read.

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