21 Jun

Tantus Curve G-spot & Prostate Dildo

The Tantus Curve is a beautiful piece of silicone.  Upon arrival, it sits in all its understated glory in the box and nonchalantly waits for you to set it free.


Proudly proclaiming to offer both G and P spot stimulation, the Tantus Curve is a real promising toy.


My Tantus Curve is black, I like black toys, I like black most things if I’m honest, other than Marmite, that’s just yuk.  Being black and silicone, the toy has a lovely soft matt appearance, is as firm as you might expect from a solid piece of silicone, and has a degree of flexibility.  In terms of overall size, I would describe it as fairly realistic – it’s around 6 inches in insertible length, and approx. 1 & 1/3 inches in diameter; perhaps slightly less girthy than myself in the height of horniness.  The Tantus Curve also has ridges on the top side for added sensation.

Tantus Curve (2)

The base is effectively just a lump of silicone, but would be perfect for an O-ring style strap-on harness.


Use as a vaginal dildo

Our first use of the Tantus Curve was on M, in a more vanilla setting.  Whilst she used a clit toy, I was in charge of internal stimulation!  With a generous helping of lube, there was absolutely no problem at all in penetration, which was pleasing.  However, there was also the absence of a gasp or intake of breath as there often is when I first insert a dildo.

My initial thoughts, as the third party to the whole dildo in vagina situation is that the mound of silicone at the base makes it extremely easy to hold.  The fact that the base also has a point showing you the top of the dildo also scores strongly for me, since it makes it easy to keep track as to whether the curve of the Tantus Curve is pointing the right way.  I found it to be extremely easy to use, have very little drag with the water based lube we use, and not to require continual reapplications of lube.

Tantus Curve (7)

Talking of that curve, and its destiny to find the G-spot; well for M that hasn’t quite happened.  In fact, she isn’t overly glowing at all about the Tantus Curve as a G-spot dildo.  For all its luxuriousness and loveliness, this dildo and M just aren’t compatible.

Firstly is that M finds the curve too shallow; it doesn’t curve enough to find that spot.  So, to counter this I take a sharper angle, pushing the base towards her bottom more, but this then means she doesn’t benefit from the ridges on the top of the curve, as the toy just lacks the girth to keep her feeling full.  This can to some extent be rectified with the use of a small butt plug; making her vaginal canal that little bit tighter, but M isn’t a great fan of anal penetration.  Even in self-use she doesn’t get a great deal of satisfaction from the Tantus curve.


So, as a toy for her, it falls just sort of the mark for us.  Not curved enough for G-spot stimulation, and lacking girth for use as a regular dildo.  Maybe the curve can redeem itself as a P-spot toy?

Tantus Curve (6)

Use as an anal dildo

Have you ever had anything in your bum that just kinda belongs there?

Ladies & Gentleman, I introduce the Tantus Curve, my bum’s happy piece!

Hallelujah!  I need to let everyone know, this dildo is absolutely awesome.

In all honesty, the Tantus Curve represented unknown anal ground for me.  I have had many many things up me bum, but never a silicone dildo.  At first I was apprehensive, I thought that since this dildo had been designed for both G and P spot play, it was going to represent a challenge too far for my tushy.  And perhaps at first, this fear was self-fulfilling as I struggled to get it past my little starfish.  But, with a bit of relaxation, a bit more lube and a gentle thrusting action it found its way in.

I am so glad I stuck with it, since it feels absolutely incredible.  Upon sliding it in, I instantly felt it hit my prostate, and a simple wiggle of the curve was enough to send shock waves through my nether regions and up towards my cock.  A few gentle thrusts and my cock sprung into a stiff state alert.  This is unusual for me, since prostate play usually leaves me flaccid but with some seriously intense waves of pleasure.

What else do you with a hard cock other than give it a bit of a rub.  So, with my right hand rubbing the Tantus Curve against my prostate and my left hand just teasing the shaft of my cock, I ummm set about enjoying myself.

Tantus Curve (8)

the ridges, – oh and it does gather dust rather easily!


I always feel slightly naughty when I do these things without M around, partly because I usually ask for permission before self pleasure and partly because well, she’s the boss.


It was soon clear that this experience wasn’t going to last long, so I just stopped; taking a leaf from M’s book, a spot of self denial.  When I recommenced, I decided to properly thrust with the dildo, and had myself a bit of a prostate bashing.  Nothing has ever made me want to be pegged quite so badly.  In fact I may be looking at harnesses right now.


The Tantus Curve is quite a tight fit in my bum, but that is just perfect, it means with each thrust I get to experience the full joy of each of those ridges, although I will warn you that a considerable amount more lube is required than vaginal use.

I eventually took myself all the way and had a pretty damn messy orgasm.  I felt refreshed yet breathless, and lay there for awhile feeling the joy of the curve in my bum.


A disappointment for us as a G-spot toy, but for P-spot play, it’s frigging awesome.  Seriously cannot wait to beg to be pegged now.

The Tantus Curve was supplied free of charge in exchange for this honest and unbiased review by the lovely people at Tantus.  You can buy yours by clicking on the banner below.  Alternatively, it is available at Lovehoney, Harmony or Lovers Boutique


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