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Electrastim Prestige Electraloops Adjustable Cock Rings Review

Electrastim Prestige Electraloops

Dearest reader, a question. Have you tried Electrastim yet? If you’re still umming and ahhing over whether or not, then with The Prestige Electraloops, Electrastim have the perfect accessory to sway the mind of penis owners.

Here at subsmissives, we love a spot of Electric-stimulation (and over-stimulation for that matter), and we positively leapt off of our seats at the chance to be an early-doors reviewer of Electrastim’s new Prestige Electraloops.

The Prestige Electraloops are a significant upgrade to the standard loops, offering greater surface area for contact, more flexibility, and looking a whole lot sexier. I surprised myself by turning down the silver ones, and going for red; the gold was never really an option for me.

Electrastim Prestige Electraloops

I must say that I think I made an awesome choice – the red of the anodised aluminium used in the Prestige Electraloops is deep in colour and really suits the blackness of the rubber loop. They are, without doubt a solid piece of kit, offering reassuring resistance in use.

Our test was with the EM60 Flick single output control unit.

Fitting the Prestige Electraloops is pretty straightforward, the rubber loop slides through the metal choke slowly, the resistance ensuring that the loops stay at your chosen size during use. Electrastim suggest 2 uses, both involve one loop at the head end of the penis; with the first suggesting being the other loop behind the balls, and the second having that loop in front of the balls.

Electrastim Prestige Electraloops

Regular readers will be familiar with my frankly planet-esque balls, so you won’t be surprised that despite a decent length to the rubber loop, we gave up trying to get it past my balls and just went for the in front of option.

So, with a generous helping of Electrastim’s Conductive Gel, I find myself with one loop positioned below my coronal ridge, and another at the base of my cock, in front of my balls. There’s a wire leading from my en-looped penis to the Flick unit, which sits in Ms hand.

Electrastim Prestige Electraloops

Original & Prestige Jumpleloops

She turns on the Flick. With the original Electraloops, we have found that turning it up to around 5/6 green lights is a good amount of stimulation, the Prestige Electraloops offer a comparable sensation at 3 lights. Electrastim claim that the Prestige Electraloops offer a more intense sensation, and I can certainly agree with that.

The sensation is immediate and intense, regardless of whether you are erect or flaccid, that electric stimulation is like nothing else. It works its way inside you; there’s no superficial buzz here, Electrastim brings new definition to intense. There is absolutely no shying away from the pulses that are burrowing deep into your erection.

The second that those pulses hit me, my breath was almost taken away, even with a vast experience of electric-stimulation I was taken by surprise, such is the improvement of the Prestige Electraloops. I knew instantly that a hands-free orgasm was a real possibility here.

Electrastim Prestige Electraloops

The prestige loops are a significant upgrade to the original loops

Of course, it was never going to be that simple with M.
The beauty of Electrastim, and in particular with the EM60 Flick, is that with quite literally a flick, the stimulation can go from all-consuming pleasure to body shaking over-stimulation. M delights in this; she loves to see me squirm and writhe, both in pleasure and in discomfort.
She seems to have a real knack for timing too, it’s almost like she’s inside my head, taking me to a point where the pleasurable sensations are ticking along nicely, leading me on the way to orgasmic pleasure, when suddenly she flicks a lightning storm down the cable and into my cock. Instantly grounding the rise of my orgasm. She sits and giggles at the twitching.

Electrastim Prestige Electraloops

The connectors of the Premium Electraloops

And so it was that our playtime with the Prestige Electraloops saw me taken to the edge of pleasure before crashing into shocking over-stimulation, and then being built up again.

The pulses from the Prestige Electraloops sit quite firmly at the glans-end. Probably since the skin towards my balls is thicker, and the glans is super-sensitive anyway. The rubber has a much more reliable connection with the skin than the original Electraloops; again supporting Electrastims claim of a more even stimulation.
The stimulation is a bit like the tingle of pins and needles, only nicer, much much nicer. It is nothing like any vibrating toy you’ve ever tried – it’s inside you. The tingle just does things to you that just defy explanation.

At the end of it all, M took me to that hands-free orgasm. With a steady 3 lights on the control unit, and time to concentrate, I could feel the tingle get deeper and deeper, could feel the orgasm creeping up on me. And as it got closer and closer, I found myself asking M to flick, craving those more intense pulses to help push me over the edge. When it came, boy did it come. A forceful ejaculation accompanied by a pillow-biting orgasmic verbal release. A truly wonderful experience.

Whether you like to dabble in tease and denial or whether you don’t, the Prestige Electraloops will provide you with an orgasm the likes of which you will never have known. We love them.


Go buy yours direct from Electrastim

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