17 Nov

EZ2Fuck Silicone Lubricant from MEO

First there was Fuckslut, then there was Mancunt, and now I present to you EZ2Fuck.  The chaps over at MEO certainly have a knack when it comes to developing names for lubricants.


The nature of the names isn’t the only consistent factor as regards MEO lubes – they all also come in a rather smart black bottle, and yep, EZ2Fuck is no exception.  One thing that is also for sure is that, thanks to MEO, I’m sorted for lube for a good while yet.


EZ2Fuck is a silicone based lube, and although it doesn’t list all the ingredients, the silicones it uses are very commonplace.  As with all silicone lubes, it is really really really runny.  First time out for this lube, I used it with a rather awesome steel dildo I’ll be reviewing very soon, and well, half of the lube ended up dripping down my arm.  It was my own fault really – I know exactly what to expect from silicone lubes, and now you do too.


The bottle claims that the lubricant is suitable for use with latex condoms.  I’m not able to verify this for you since we don’t use condoms as our method of contraception, and I also recently discovered latex + cock = itching and burning for sub.  So I guess we’ll have to take that at face value.


Silicone lubes work by coating everything in a lovely layer of silicone goodness, they don’t evaporate as quickly as water based lubes, and this is very true of the EZ2Fuck lube.  It leaves you skin feeling lovely and moisturised.  There is no stickiness, and no unpleasant smell, longevity is really rather impressive too. It is amazing how it leaves your skin feeling lubricated yet dry – almost spooky!


Just remember to wash your hands before picking anything smooth and heavy up (oh, like a steel dildo), since it may just slip out of your hands.


Below is a list of ingredients & guidance on those ingredients.

This information is based on my own research, is provided in good faith and intended as a guide only. It is not endorsed by any healthcare professionals nor by MEO. In the event of any doubt, please contact MEO.



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