16 May

fuckslut silicone lubricant

FUCKSLUT the bottle proudly proclaims.  From Anal Virgin to Butt Slut in Seconds it continues.

It’s pretty clear this lube isn’t your regular lube that’s trying to look innocently like any other cosmetic sitting on your shelf.  Black bottle, modern bold lettering, no this bottle is bucking the trend.  It’s for no-nonsense kinksters who want what it says on the label.


What’s not so clear is that this is a silicone based lube; it is there for all to see in the minute small print on the back, but it isn’t immediately obvious.


The bottle comes sealed in a tear-off plastic shrink-wrap, which in a change for its type, I actually had zero problem finding the end of.  Flick up the lid, and you’re ready to rock (or FUCK!)


What should you expect from a silicone lube? Most silicone lube I’ve tried is thin and runny, moisturising and long lasting. FUCKSLUT is no different.

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Even though I was ready for its runniness I was still almost caught out as you don’t even need to squeeze the bottle to make the lube come out.  So I ended up with a small trickle of lube running towards my elbow, whilst the rest pooled into my hand.  I massaged into my hard cock and had a few strokes, it was good, not just the wanking, but the lube too.

Unlike waterbased lubes, silicone lubes don’t evaporate nor absorb quite so readily, meaning they last for ages, and even after they dry out they leave the skin feeling super soft and smooth – literally coated in a superthin layer of silicone.


even though I made a nice zig-zag, by the time I’d picked the camera up, the zigs had merged with the zags

I had my favourite dildo to hand, a shiny metal piece which has an awesome effect on my prostate.  I added some lube to the bulbous end, and massaged some into my butt hole too.  With so much silicone lube flying about the place, I was actually struggling to grip the dildo sufficiently to overcome the resistance of the sphincter, so I reached for a sock and wiped my dildo hand dry.  Great!  It slipped in with ease.  Left hand lubed up on my cock, right hand thrusting the dildo against my prostate I was soon into a heavenly place, after which all I could do was lay and pant.

This leads me to the last great thing about silicone lube – it’s not sticky in any way; so whilst a water based lube would have been going sticky-crispy in the air, the FUCKSLUT lube wasn’t.  In fact, it leaves your skin feeling so lovely that you almost don’t want to wash it off.


And this leads me nicely to its name; in the right hands, all you need is a one dollop of lube and you’re left free to fuck your slut.


My bottle of FUCKSLUT was sent to me in exchange for this unbiased review by the guys at MEO.  Buy yours here.
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