18 Jul

Licx Closer Intimate Wipes

Licx are a young British company, aiming to take care of your sexual wellbeing needs.  They proudly proclaim to be a British company selling British made products, furthermore they love feedback! They recently sent me a package for review.  Licx Closer Intimate Wipes are the subject of my first review from the package.


The wipes come in a pack of ten, and, at a casual glance could easily be a pack of make-up remover wipes.  The packaging proclaims natural ingredients and British manufacturing.  Typical of many wipes, the colouring is pastel green and white.  Clearly we are being conditioned by the admen to associate these colours with cleanliness.

My advice to you with these wipes is to open the packet before you intend to use them.  I spent literally minutes trying to figure out how the packet opens.  There is a clearly visible sealed opening from which the wipes should be taken, but for the life of me I could not and still cannot figure out how it works.  So, I used a knife (and not just any knife – an 8-inch utility knife; if a job’s worth doing,  then it’s worth doing properly), and gouged out the oval covering.  Job done, wipes ready to rock n roll!

licx wipes (5)


The Closer Intimate Wipes are 20cm by 19cm according to my measurements, they are soft and thin but strong.  They have that aroma that is described as “fragrance free”, which I suppose must be the smell of the ingredients.  Whatever it is, and I suspect Aloe, it smells very similar to baby wipes!  The wipes are, in my opinion, the exact balance between wet and dry that such wipes should be.  Moist enough to leave one feeling refreshed, but not so saturated with moisture that they don’t mop up any excess fluid.  Nice job, British manufacturers.

licx wipes (2)

The Licx Closer Intimate Wipes leave you feeling refreshed, non-sticky, and most importantly, non-stinky.  I’m really impressed that although small, one wipe seems to be enough to mop up the aftermath of an orgasm, when coupled with a small amount of tissue.  Basically, cum, tissue, wipe, go.


The trouble is that I’m now left with a half packet of wipes and no sealable closure.  So I have instead opted to keep them in a sandwich bag.


licx wipes (3)

Ingredient Purpose Health Information
Aqua Moisture (it’s water!) -
Glycerin Stops the wipe drying out May be plant or animal derived
Sodium PCA Skin conditioner -
Phenoxyethanol Preservative Some reported skin sensitivity
Phenethyl Alcohol Preservative & aroma -
Caprylyl Glycol Skin conditioner & antimicrobial -
Aloe Barbadensis Aroma, Skin conditioner -
Citric Acid To balance the pH of the wipes -

This information is based on subsmissives own research, is provided in good faith and intended as a guide only. It is not endorsed by any healthcare professionals nor by Licx. If you are concerned about any of the ingredients, then please talk to a pharmacist, your doctor, or contact Licx.

Pay Licx a visit here

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